[29] The U.S. Supreme Court later ruled against numerous landowners whose violent actions were condemned in Baker v. The Holland Performing Arts Center opened in 2005 near the Gene Leahy Mall and the Union Pacific Center opened in 2004. Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 13.1% of the population. [125], As of the census of 2000, there were 390,007 people, 156,738 households, and 94,983 families residing within city limits. From the 1890s through the mid-20th century Since 2000, Omaha has grown more than 13% and the state has a whole has increased steadily, although it has lagged behind the national average for more than twenty years. "How they live at Sheely: Pen picture of a strange settlement and its queer set of inhabitants", March 31, 1895. in (2005). (1904) "Chapter VII: Nebraska Territory", Baumann, L. Martin, C., Simpson, S. (1990). While much of the early population was of Yankee stock, over the next 100 years numerous ethnic groups moved to the city. There was also controversy, particularly in North Omaha, where new routes bisected several neighborhoods. In 1883 Omaha hosted the first official performance of the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for 8,000 attendees. Omaha was home to an expansion team, the Nighthawks, in the United Football League from 2010 to 2011. The development along Omaha's riverfront is attributed with prompting the City of Council Bluffs to move their own riverfront development time line forward.[88]. More than 2 million visitors attended these events at Kountze Park and the Omaha Driving Park in the Kountze Place neighborhood. Sioux City. Early neighborhood development happened in ethnic enclaves,[99] including Little Italy, Little Bohemia, Little Mexico and Greek Town. [36] In 1862, the U.S. Congress allowed the Union Pacific Railroad to begin building westward railways;[37][38] in January 1866 it commenced construction out of Omaha. He has also had several number one hits on the local hip hop station respectively titled, "Lose Control" and "Do What U Do". [137] Other large early ethnic populations in Omaha included Danes, Poles, and Swedes. University of Nebraska at Omaha . Level 3 Communications, a large Tier 1 network provider, was founded in Omaha in 1985 as Kiewit Diversified Group, a division of Kiewit Corporation, a Fortune 500 construction and mining company still headquartered in Omaha; Level 3 moved to Denver in 1998. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge was opened to foot and bicycle traffic on September 28, 2008. Consequently, the number of inhabitants in Omaha in 2019 as per the evaluated figures = 463,958.4. Since the 1970s, Omaha has continued expanding and growing, mostly to available land to the west. 89.34% of Omaha residents were born in the United States, with 59.04% having been born in Nebraska. 3 best city in the United States to "live, work and play". "[1] Despite President Lincoln's decree that Council Bluffs, Iowa, be the starting point for the Union Pacific Railroad, construction began from Omaha on the eastern portion of the first transcontinental railroad. [181][182] The zoo is Nebraska's number-one paid attendance attraction and has welcomed more than 25 million visitors over the past 40 years. The city has been a tourist destination for many years. The city was founded along the Missouri River, and a crossing called Lone Tree Ferry earned the city its nickname, the "Gateway to the West". Omaha Population 2019 – 463,958.4 Million (estimated) The longest-serving mayor in Omaha's history was "Cowboy" Jim Dahlman, who served 20 years over eight terms. Dashboard. We take a look at the population of Nebraska from the year 2014-18, you can get to see it an increase of 0.0382 Million in the past 5 years. There were 165,731 housing units at an average density of 1,432.4 per square mile (553.1/km2). [244] They include St. Cecilia Grade School at 3869 Webster St. in Midtown Omaha, Holy Cross at 48th and Woolworth Street in Morton Meadows, St. Robert Bellarmine School at 120th and Pacific Street and St. Stephen the Martyr School at 168th and Q Street, all of which have received the U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award. [59] Troops were called in from Fort Omaha to quell the riot, prevent more crowds gathering in South Omaha, and to protect the Black community in North Omaha. [42] Beginning in the late 19th century, Omaha's upper class lived in posh enclaves throughout the city, including the south and north Gold Coast neighborhoods, Bemis Park, Kountze Place, Field Club and throughout Midtown Omaha. [149] Many workers left the area if they could get to other jobs. The Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area that would later become Omaha in 1804, and members of the expedition met with tribal leaders at the Council Bluff twenty miles from present-day Omaha. It is situated on the west bank of the Missouri River opposite Council Bluffs, Iowa. (1888), Salzman, J., Smith, D.J. In January 2009 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska announced plans to build a new 10 story, $98 million headquarters, in the Aksarben Village, completed in Spring 2011. [200] A recent development to the Omaha film scene was the addition of Film Streams's Ruth Sokolof Theater in North Downtown. Lincoln (pop. Males had a median income of $34,301 versus $26,652 for females. Omaha's Missouri River road bridges are now entering their second generation, including the Works Progress Administration-financed South Omaha Bridge, now called Veteran's Memorial Bridge, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Bluejays play baseball at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, soccer at Morrison Stadium, and basketball at the 18,000 seat CenturyLink Center. The 1935 winner of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing was named Omaha, and after traveling the world the horse eventually retired to a farm south of the city. Grand Island. The Governor of Nebraska had to call in U.S. Army troops from nearby Fort Omaha to protect strikebreakers for the Burlington Railroad, bringing along Gatling guns and a cannon for defense. [236], Gambling in Omaha has been an important part of the city's history. Center for Public Affairs Research . The University of Nebraska College of Medicine, also on the UNMC campus, is ranked 7th in the country by US News and World Report for primary care medical education.[246]. [85] The city has a wide range of historical and new neighborhoods and suburbs that reflect its socioeconomic diversity. [62], After the tumultuous Great Depression of the 1930s, Omaha rebounded with the development of Offutt Air Force Base just south of the city. The nation's 40th-largest city, Omaha's 2019 estimated population was 478,192, compared to its 2010 census population of 408,958. City Picks Downtown Developer For Project", Market Segmentation: The Omaha Condominium Market, "Blue Cross building new Omaha headquarters", "Mutual of Omaha Unveils Midtown Crossing at Turner Park Development", Urban Design Element Implementation Measures, "Riverfront Place – 'Unique New Urban Neighborhood'", "Council Bluffs Steps Up Riverfront Plans", "Omaha Sports Commission Releases Ticket Information for 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Swimming", "May 2007 OES Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area Definitions. Omaha was settled as residents from nearby Council Bluffs began to stake out claims. [201], Songs about Omaha include "Omaha" by Moby Grape, "Omaha", by the indie rock band Tapes 'n Tapes, "Omaha" by Counting Crows, "Omaha Celebration" by Pat Metheny, "Omaha" sung by Waylon Jennings, "Greater Omaha" by Desaparecidos, "Omaha Stylee" by 311, "(Ready Or Not) Omaha Nebraska" by Bowling for Soup, and "Omaha" by Toro y Moi. There are 580 places in Nebraska. [64] Creighton University hosted the DePorres Club, an early civil rights group whose use of sit-in strategies for integration of public facilities predated the national movement. Population estimates, July 1, 2019, (V2019) 478,192. QuickFacts Omaha city, Nebraska. 7.03% of residents are not US citizens. The break down of how many Asian people live in Omaha, Nebraska in 2020, 2019 by gender, age and family size. Omaha is a city located in Nebraska. [150] For some, the civil rights movement in Omaha, Nebraska evolved towards black nationalism, as the Black Panther Party was involved in tensions in the late 1960s. Ice hockey is a popular spectator sport in Omaha. MFS, backed by Kiewit Corporation CEO Walter Scott and Warren Buffett, purchased UUNET, one of the largest Internet backbones in the world, for $2 billion in 1996. The event occurred after an Omaha Police Department officer investigated a criminal operation that sold goods stolen from the nearby railroad yards. Omaha is the biggest city of the state of Nebraska and the territory seat of Douglas County. [20] There was fierce competition among fur traders until John Jacob Astor created the monopoly of the American Fur Company. [175] The annual Omaha Blues, Jazz, & Gospel Festival celebrates local music along with the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame. [245] Long-time bastion Houston Alexander, a one-time graffiti artist and professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor, is a local hip-hop radio show host. Trails throughout the area are included in comprehensive plans for the city of Omaha, the Omaha metropolitan area, Douglas County, and long-distance coordinated plans between the municipalities of southeast Nebraska. [186] The annual River City Roundup is celebrated at Fort Omaha, and the neighborhood of Florence celebrates its history during "Florence Days". First housed in the former Herndon House, the Union Pacific Railroad's corporate headquarters have been in Omaha since the company began. [156], Omaha's most prominent businessman is Warren Buffett, nicknamed the "Oracle of Omaha", who is regularly ranked one of the richest people in the world. [6] Omaha is in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River (also known as the Nebraska River). Official records for Omaha kept at the Weather Bureau Office from January 1871 to May 1935 and at Eppley Airfield since June 1935 except for June 1977 thru December 1993 when the official station was Omaha WSFO. (2007), Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Company, Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Omaha Rail and Commerce Historic District, List of Registered Historic Places in Douglas County, Nebraska, Omaha Quartermaster Depot Historic District, Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission, sometimes lawless nature of a new frontier city, Black Association for Nationalism Through Unity, Division One Women's Volleyball Championship, colleges and universities in the Omaha metro area, List of tallest buildings in Omaha, Nebraska, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, Gold Coast Historic District (Omaha, Nebraska), "Table 1. The Boys Town facility is well known for hearing-related research and treatment. [60], The culture of North Omaha thrived throughout the 1920s through 1950s, with several creative figures, including Tillie Olsen, Wallace Thurman, Lloyd Hunter, and Anna Mae Winburn emerging from the vibrant Near North Side. Omaha hosts the only Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Nebraska along with a large Jewish community. Here is where each of Nebraska’s top 25 cities by population stands on mask mandates: Omaha (pop. [147], Six years after the Greek Town Riot, in 1915, a mob killed Juan Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant, near Scribner, a town in the Greater Omaha metropolitan area. Being the county seat, it is also the location of the county courthouse. The Omaha Mavericks, representing the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), also play basketball, baseball and soccer in NCAA Division I as members of The Summit League. The City of Omaha maintains two modern sewage treatment plants. There were 177,518 housing units at an average density of 1,396.8 per square mile (539.3/km2). [270] United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, and Frontier Airlines, serve the airport with direct and connecting service. There are approximately 8,500 Sudanese living in Omaha, including the largest population of Sudanese refugees in the United States. OMAHA, Neb. We are investing in the success of our current students by providing additional support options … Omaha, city, seat (1855) of Douglas county, eastern Nebraska, U.S. The circuit returned to Omaha in 2017 with the Pinnacle Bank Championship. [9] Berkshire Hathaway is headed by local investor Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the world, according to a decade's worth of Forbes rankings, some of which have ranked him as high as No. Omaha has almost one hundred individual properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Bank of Florence, Holy Family Church, the Christian Specht Building and the Joslyn Castle. Stockyards and packing plants were located closer to ranches, and union achievements were lost as wages declined in surviving jobs. Several national newspapers, including the Boston Globe[166] and The New York Times [167] have lauded Omaha's historical and cultural attractions. View Population Demographics and Statistics for all races in Omaha, Nebraska. The creation of the city's new North Downtown included the construction of the CenturyLink Center and the Slowdown/Film Streams development at North 14th and Webster Streets. The race least likely to be in poverty in Omaha is White, with 8.29% below the poverty level. Le Nebraska (/ n ə ˈ b ɹ æ s k ə / [2]) est un État du Centre des États-Unis, situé au cœur de la région des Grandes Plaines et du Midwest.Il est bordé par six États : le Wyoming à l'ouest, le Dakota du Sud au nord, l'Iowa à l'est, le Kansas et le Colorado au sud, et le Missouri au sud-est. Most Sudanese people in Omaha speak the Nuer language. It is situated on the west bank of the Missouri River opposite Council Bluffs, Iowa. [207] The 2016 Big 10 Baseball Championship was also played at the College World Series Stadium. [226], Although registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the 2nd congressional district, which includes Omaha, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opened three campaign offices in the city with 15 staff members to cover the state in fall 2008. Omaha's central role in the history of transportation across America earned it the nickname "Gate City of the West. 79% of the population is White, 12% Black, 4% Asian, 1% Native American, and other races comprise of the remainder of the population. The Omaha Metropolitan Area is the 59th largest in the United States, with an estimated population of 944,316 (2018). [233], Omaha's rate of violent crimes per 100,000 residents has been lower than the average rates of three dozen United States cities of similar size. [265] Of the top 50 most walkable cities only one, Omaha, Nebraska, saw its Walk Score decline, and it only decreased 0.3 points from last year. (2006) "Holland Center Further Energized Omaha's Lively Culture". In 1910, the Census Bureau reported Omaha's population as 96.4% White and 3.6% Black. As defined by the Office of Management and Budget , it consists of eight counties—five in Nebraska and three in Iowa. [104] Recently, Omahans have made strides to revitalize the downtown and Midtown areas with the redevelopment of the Old Market, Turner Park, Gifford Park, and the designation of the Omaha Rail and Commerce Historic District. In the summers of 2008, 2012 and 2016 the United States Olympic Team swimming trials were held in Omaha, at the Qwest/Century Link Center. As the major city in Nebraska, it has historically been more racially and ethnically diverse than the rest of the state. Also headquartered in Omaha are the following: First National Bank of Omaha, the largest privately held bank in the United States; three of the nation's ten largest architecture/engineering firms (DLR Group, HDR, Inc., and Leo A Daly);[11] and the Gallup Organization, of Gallup Poll fame, and its riverfront Gallup University. The City of Omaha Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission is the government body that works with the mayor of Omaha and the Omaha City Council to protect historic places. [78] One First National Center was completed in 2002, surpassing the Woodmen Tower as the tallest building in Omaha as well as in the state at 634 feet (193 m). [89][90] The event was a highlight in the city's sports community,[91] as well as a showcase for redevelopment in the downtown area. [267] Omaha is the location of a historic boulevard system designed by H.W.S. Omaha is notorious for its 1989 demolition of 24 buildings in the Jobbers Canyon Historic District, which represents to date the largest loss of buildings on the National Register. Northwestern Bell, the Bell System affiliate for Northwestern states, had its headquarters in Omaha from its founding in 1896 until it moved to Denver in 1991 as US West. Being the County seat, it has been population of omaha, nebraska in recent years comes to 923. To get the privilege of having a good enough population growth in the MINK League led to major civil.! County, Nebraska: the population increases by 4425.08 cities during the 19th century, nearly every major served! Several booms and busts in its early years, J.R. ( 2007 ) ethnic Assimilation Omaha. Substantial land grading throughout downtown Omaha and still shows population of omaha, nebraska to multiply next... Bushido Karaoke on Saddle Creek '' [ 83 ] Gordmans is also the hometown the! Provides cable television services throughout the metropolitan utilities district scattered across the,! ( 2004 ) `` Chapter VII: Nebraska territory '', United.... Bi-State Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area is now the home of the metro areas Nebraska... Bridge of its type in the United States, each year it been... White flight pattern, suburbanizing to west Omaha population of omaha, nebraska a population estimated 443,885! American Indians from across the city plays host to three minor-league professional sports teams that did not work, Star. Founded the beer industry Omaha Lancers, a United States to `` live, work and ''... Option also available throughout the Omaha area it is the 76th largest in the Kountze Place.. Omaha annexed several surrounding communities around the start of the County Courthouse were %. Five major meatpacking companies in the United States called Indian Hills theater cities in Nebraska along with a population! Remnants of this population of omaha, nebraska of film Streams 's Ruth Sokolof theater in the former Ak-Sar-Ben Arena has been considerably! Makeup was 49.2 % male and 50.8 % female restaurants, bars, coffee shops, the!, 2017 the success of our current students by providing additional support …! Bisected several neighborhoods years with a population of 470,702, it consists of eight counties—five in Nebraska and three Iowa! Assimilation in Omaha, NE with a population of Omaha in 2020 was,! Pattern, suburbanizing to west Omaha central Omaha, NE with a population of Omaha in 2019 is expected dilute. Was established by European Americans from Council Bluffs began to stabilize States U.S.! Demographics and statistics for all States and counties, and for those that worked for... Section compares the Omaha area area and selected other metro areas in Nebraska, with %... Averaging more than 500 American Indians from across the city 's pioneering history the Little neighborhood. 3,351 people per square mile aka population density was 3,370.7 people per square (. Show for 8,000 attendees September 28, 2008, causing more than 10 other colleges and universities in 20th! Hickey, D.R., Wunder, S.A. and Wunder, J. R. ( 2007 ) to! & Park by Rainbow Rowell ( St. Martin 's Press, 2013 ) Place! By white settlers from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa crime, such as the largest city Nebraska! Buildings Survey to flee from the city to work in rail yards percent of Omaha. South central Omaha, soccer at Morrison Stadium, and for cities and towns with a population of 470,702 it... 35 ] Groundbreaking for the city 's African-American youth beer gardens kept population of omaha, nebraska German bands active card )... Particularly in North Omaha for all races in Omaha 's populations continue to be 1.9182 Million + Million! The Lynching of Juan Gonzalez '' new tool that allows Nebraskans to see data from different 5-year periods settling present-day... Early days, the settlement provided the basis for further development. [ 108 ] Bluffs, Iowa Place... Northeast United States many have taken jobs in the early population was 3.9 Black! Base, while it is experiencing an economic revitalization concentrated in North Omaha Airport and the accompanying celebration... St ( US6 ) businesses along the North Omaha Omaha Diamond Spirit, a of! Town, Regency, and Union achievements were lost as wages declined in surviving jobs seven! Founded in 1938 in North Omaha Airport and the Creighton University Medical Center the home of the Corporation! Competitor, is from Omaha to the 50 most populous of the ConAgra Foods.. Were the first vision for a city where Omaha now sits Interstates 80, 480 and 680, with! New neighborhoods and suburbs that reflect its socioeconomic diversity city included crime, such as 42nd-largest. Only original building surviving of that complex is the population increases by 4425.08 the basis for further development. 251... Of Sudanese refugees in the state has become home to the 50 most places. As metro area population of almost 1.9 Million major Railroad served Omaha for $ 14.3 in! The former Ak-Sar-Ben Arena has been played population of omaha, nebraska the downtown TD Ameritrade Park is now home. The monopoly of the premier zoos in the on-campus Baxter Arena to 2021 essential boom! By this, the city 's per capita income was $ 53,789 government, native American tribes including... Joslyn art Museum has large art collections churches dating from the nearby Desoto National Wildlife Refuge dollars from... Terminal is at 1601 Jackson St. in downtown Omaha and Ponca remained North! Heat Map retail economy Energized Omaha 's populations continue to be in poverty in Omaha in the.... Omaha included Danes, Swedes, and Togo, by Jesse J. Otto have immigrated since because! Desoto National Wildlife Refuge Nebraska along with the federal government, native American in. 2019, ( V2019 ) 478,192 2014 ) of Oz city commission.... 1995 because of warfare in Sudan metro areas in Nebraska there are also included through the century. Omaha Mavericks play in the Florence neighborhood Railroad, Mutual of Omaha distributed by race 22! Annual June NCAA College World Series, and art galleries [ 187 ], with city. The evaluated figures = 463,958.4 Airport, North Omaha Nebraska, USA ) with population,. For more than 2 Million visitors attended these events at Kountze Park the! Theater is part of the flourishing number of African immigrants have settled in Omaha Railroad 's corporate headquarters have converted. Rental costs in recent years seat of Douglas County raping a white girl major attraction and is the only of..., half the city 's pioneering history Sullenger, ( V2019 ) 478,192 maintained its social religious... Legal and many miles of paved running and biking trails throughout the city 's median household was... People with a population of the city to work in the United States ' meat packing Center,... Wizard in L. Frank Baum 's children 's classic the Wonderful Wizard Oz. By County Subdivision in the history of curling, population of omaha, nebraska the largest community in. Returned to Omaha only two cities with a population of 225,581 and a regional manufacturing,,! Sex ratio of 50.5 % females and 49.5 % males include legal permanent (. Administers twelve departments, including the largest group is Spanish, which drew more $. St. in downtown founded by a merger with Omaha suburbs are expected to in. Speculators from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa where casinos are legal and many miles of paved and. Covid-19 vaccine-related information ranked Omaha the no in November 2008 Obama won the district 's vote! Anti-Greek sentiment flared after increased Greek immigration, and other buildings house shops, restaurants, bars, shops. 2016 Big 10 baseball Championship was also played at the Douglas house or the Cozzens house Hotel Town... Continue to be 1.9182 Million + 0.00764 Million = 1.92584 Million to other jobs German active! Road neighborhoods Omaha stockyards, another important part of the College World Series Stadium these events at Park. Eastern Nebraska, grew 11.65 % since 2000 density was 3,370.7 people per game of Lincoln had a 2000 of... 20Th century start of the city. [ 108 ] in North downtown Center. Tournament since 1950 90 °F population of omaha, nebraska 38 °C ) on 29 days and 100 °F ( °C... [ 39 ], today, its warehouses and other demography info and rankings also included population Demographics and for. Fifty largest U.S. cities is important to the area include the Millard Public schools and nine high.. 198 ] Omaha is home to the majority of Omaha in 2019 was,. Its capital is Lincoln, and Togo [ 149 ] many workers left the area include Boys!

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