. Regular blueprints, not Ivy’s detailed ones. Later that night, a sound wakes Jane, pulls her out of a dream about Baby Leo Panzavecchia. “It’s sealed, so the art is protected from sawdust, and the glass is a fancy kind that shields it from outside light.”, “Yeah,” says Ivy, understanding. “Should I take a picture?”. “Forgive me,” he says. She looks like the sea. He’s a fine art dealer. “It’s near Ravi.”, “Well,” says Mrs. Vanders with a sudden softening of expression, “we still have sleeping bags if you want to have sleepovers. Stop it, or I won’t take any more pictures of you with the umbrellas!”, “Oh, hell,” Ravi says, “a weirdo. She leans over the railing, smiling. It’s probably on the weekend.”. “Well then,” says Phoebe. “Kiran?” says Jane. He’s hard not to smile at. “Jasper! She wants to know more about Charlotte, sure. She’s as relieved as she is ashamed of herself. If she’s nineteen, will she go to college? “Who doesn’t like a mystery holiday in a room with no windows?”. Just as her feet touch the hall’s checkerboard floor, Ravi appears at the very top of the stairs. She’s an asskicker.”, “Were you going to say something about the house?” says Ivy. It’s a reference to the TV show Doctor Who. Should I have my whole life plotted out?”. She reaches into her hoodie pocket, pulls out a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, and sticks them on her face. Maybe he can do everything. “I guess my aunt Magnolia must have gotten used to it,” says Jane. She glances at it, then scowls. Cook calls him our earthbound misfit. “Your brother himself has made no appearance,” says Mrs. Vanders significantly. All these people at this table know the Panzavecchias? “When did you last work on an umbrella?”. Pointing his pen at the exit, he practically commands, “Talk to Mrs. Vanders!”. Amazon.in - Buy The Sea Gate book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. She has thirty-seven completed umbrellas. How does that fit in? Heels strike on the wooden floor and Kiran strides into the room. Octavian won’t mind. You’re a creature of the night.”, “Not an excuse for you to stumble in drunk and raving.”, “I’m not drunk,” Ravi says distinctly. “Do you have everything you need?” she asks Jane. “It would just be nice for you to have something to do.”. “I forgot I’d told you about that. Jane is free now to examine her rooms without needing to hide her amazement. . The little girl shifts her position and the sensation fades. “Knock it off, screwball!” She starts down the next flight of steps, but he makes an urgent yipping noise behind her. Jane had dropped out of school. Does she get to travel to New York like Kiran does? I’m sorry. “Nothing,” says Jane, biting back frustration. No new news about the Panzavecchias,” Colin says, turning another page in his newspaper. “Come have breakfast, then come visit Mum with me.”, “I’m not in the mood for her various realities,” says Kiran. You owe Cook, young man.”, “How about I pay him back by cooking breakfast this morning,” says Patrick sourly. “Nice to meet you,” she says. And Octavian has more money than God.”. Jane and Jasper follow Ivy into a long room with two distinct realms: the bed realm, near the door, and the computer realm, which takes up most of the rest of the space. Here. “‘You return.’”, “Exactly, darling,” Aunt Magnolia had said. What if that girl really is Grace Panzavecchia? “Strange dreams,” she’d said. And umbrellas were all she could face, almost as if one perfect umbrella might make Aunt Magnolia come back. “What’s Colin like?”, “He’s an art dealer,” Kiran says, not directly answering Jane’s question. Sometimes, if Aunt Magnolia was tired, she and Jane would read silently, wedged together. “This is a house of serious art lovers. Find Ravi!”. Pulling latex gloves from his hands and shoving them into his pockets, he walks across the room toward them both. You should be content with your bedroom, Jane, and the common rooms of the ground floor.”, “Vanny,” says Kiran calmly, “stop being an ogre.”. “That is gorgeous,” she says. “My parents died in a plane crash when I was one. Through her bedroom window, the moon gleams low in the sky, a slice of orange. You and Ravi and Patrick liked to do that when you were young and Ivy was just a baby, remember? Tell me if you want me to show you the changing rooms and stuff. “My parents died when I was too young to remember them. “Off at the moment.”, “Oh,” says Jane, confused that this information pleases her. The Panzavecchias, also missing, and the sculpture missing too. “Yeah. Jasper’s got nothing on these people. There’d been a moment when Jane had wanted to break the whole damn thing over her knee. “You remember your old writing tutor?” Aunt Magnolia had said. Wrinkling her nose, Jane makes a path around it, then rubs her ears again, trying to dislodge a noise. “Mr. “Ravi,” he says, holding out a hand. She puts her ear to the door she knows is Ivy’s. Either something else we haven’t thought of is going on, or they both inhaled some toxic gas in that lab of theirs and flipped out.”. “Hmmm, how about zeppelins?”, “Then that should make you more comfortable.”. “Yes,” Jane says. Right?”, “Or a famous Monet,” says Jane, “or a Van Gogh or Michelangelo’s David. Jane, unsure if she’s meant to follow, takes a step, but Kiran puts a hand out to stop her. Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh set out to sea once in an umbrella, Jane remembers. “Why?”, “That sounds disconcerting,” says Ivy. “I mean, they love each other. “You made all these umbrellas?”, “Well, how does one build an umbrella? “Stay out of the servants’ quarters. “Enough!” she whispers. Jane studiously pretends to look elsewhere for a moment, then, as soon as Patrick looks away, returns to watching them. “Don’t tell anyone,” he says, “but sometimes Lucy has to go undercover into the drug world.”. They thought it was hilarious, because Kiran’s half British, and in the U.K., pants means underpants. Jane Doe: A Novel (A Jane Doe Thriller) - Kindle edition by Stone, Victoria Helen. Jane turns up the steps, wondering if maybe he’s returned to the third floor. “Hi,” she says. “It makes it harder for me to hate this place.”. “Variety!” says Jane as Lucy claps her mouth shut and sits there looking startled and stung. “No one would believe the truth about my mother.”, “Mm-hm,” says Jane. “Who comes to these parties?” Jane asks. “Thanks,” Jane says again, hoping Ivy won’t ask her what she needs them for. Has Ravi met you yet?” Colin asks Jane, transitioning subjects abruptly. Jane is boggled at the notion of Ravi bicycling from Providence to the Hamptons. “Oh,” she says, meaning to call out to him. “Good is such an enigmatic word,” says Ivy. “Did you design it?”. Is Kiran my friend? Does Jane recognize her? Kiran backtracks through the receiving hall and takes the east staircase on their left. “Patrick and I share a bathroom in the hall,” she says. But the sight of Kiran Thrash brought Jane instantly to the strange promise Aunt Magnolia had extracted from her before she’d gone away on that last photography expedition. My boyfriend is there; you can meet him. “I only reject that the Panzavecchias chose an affiliation with organized crime. “That means you.”. “It gives me hope for the world,” she’d said. Charlotte went away unexpectedly about a month ago. And he’s not into incest,” Ivy says. “Ignore Jasper,” Kiran says. “Where’s Philip this morning, Phoebe?”. It’s weird. Kiran’s boyfriend. Ivy snorts. It’s a glass-ceilinged atrium, stretching fully up the building’s three stories, with walls of pale pink stone and, in the center, a forest of slender white trees; tiny terraced flower gardens; and a small waterfall shooting from the mouth of a fish. Aunt Magnolia had been tall, like Jane, and Jane had always fit well against her. The courtyard has its own matching interior staircases, on the east and west sides, that rise to the top floor. It’s healthy to get away from home.”. Well, Jane and the mud-soaked child digging holes with a trowel in the garden below, short hair dripping with rain. And youthful.”. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore (2018, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! Aunt Magnolia had given her an old scuba helmet to wear inside her umbrella fort, so that her own breathing sounded strange. “G’night,” she responds, as much to Captain Polepants as to Ravi, who’s already gone. “Badly,” Phoebe says as a flash of some feeling—unhappiness, or worry—crosses her face. The storm is over. “Kiran never mentioned there’d be so many kids here,” Jane says, remembering the little girl digging in the rain outside her window. “Colin!” says Kiran with sudden indignation. I mean, it’d be one thing if he were the only doctor in the world who could attach someone’s brain back to their spinal cord, but lots of people are GPs.”, “My husband is very devoted to his patients,” says Phoebe. Kiran’s invitation brought Aunt Magnolia near in a way that nothing else had in the four months since. It was hard to move around without poking herself on ribs. She has no idea where anyone fits in here. Messy ones.”, “Okay,” said Kiran, “whatever. When she pushes herself back toward the nice, solid wall, Jasper trots around behind her and begins to head-butt her calves over and over. “Do you need to go outside, Jasper?” she whispers, going with him, beginning to follow him down the stairs. Tasteful stuff. “Okay,” she says. No restrictions. Together, Jane and Ravi walk on. Mushrooms, lampshades, jellyfish. Ravi scrunches his nose. “I’m just sorry there isn’t another doctor who can fill in for him while he’s on vacation. The balconies might serve as minstrels’ galleries, but they also serve as bridges connecting the east and west sides of the house. The strangeness, the harshness, the sense of isolation. Kiran looks as if she might throw the salt at his face. “Say hi to your fancy boyfriend for me,” he says. She hands it to him silently. I hope you’re thinking about ways to differentiate yourself from everyone else. He has dark hair and East Asian features and wears a navy blue suit and orange Chuck Taylors. It’s kind of impressive. She’d balanced her hip on the edge of Aunt Magnolia’s stool so she could lean against her aunt’s side, close her eyes, and pretend she was still asleep. “My last bedroom was about the size of that bed,” Jane says, pointing to it. Vanders, Ravi, Phoebe, Colin—provoke her most sardonic but also her most honest self. Patrick’s jaw, Jane notices, is strong and elegant. Feeling a bit more courageous, but with fists clenched tight, she heads down to the banquet hall. “Leave your stuff,” she says to Jane dismissively. For the next couple of hours, he alternates sleeping on her sofa with waking grouchily to the noises of her saws and asking intelligent questions about umbrella-making. She passes out of sight. “I want to hear more of your Scrabble words.”, Ivy shoots her a grateful grin. “Rich New Yorkers?”, Colin looks up from his newspaper. Someone’ll bring it to you later.”. “Come get drinks.”. “It’s family stuff,” he says with a benevolent expression. Jane’s traveling companion, Kiran, lies on her back in the lounge’s long window seat, her eyes closed. Ravi looms in the morning room doorway, wearing black silk pajama bottoms and nothing else. Cashore is one of the rare novelists who do both." Click Download or Read Online button to get jane unlimited book now. “She makes my head spin.”, “You can’t avoid her forever,” says Ravi. There’s something preposterous about a ship carrying three stories of empty space around the Italian peninsula, through the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic.

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