That point in space is right here on Naboo, in this galaxy. Genetics do not give them the right to rule. You have come to comprehend that what you think is not all that important, but sometimes what you think can make a difference. In the First Series he worked as a kiosk vendor in the zoo, where he would tell fortunes, provide counseling, and generally help out Vince and Howard with their problems. When I was occupied with the Clone Wars, I had to deal with a lot, and I was a Padawan with Master Anakin.”, “I realize that I am not alone with this war, but there is still a great deal to deal with. Well, the same wiki says that Naboo has a diameter of 12.120 km, so its size is roughly the same as that of Earth. I am not what I once was.”, Amanda smiled back, “To me you are just as real.”, “Thank you Your Majesty. There had to be something else Teal’c.”, “I remember asking that to everyone that told me this tale. You are very important to me too. Kwilaan's fleet eventually found and crash landed on the planet of Naboo in approximately 3900 BBY, where they permanently settled in the mountains and great grass plains. You have won over every adversity so far in your life. It is blue-green in appearance, depicted as a terrestrial planet with humanoid inhabitants, and characterized by a peaceful culture. I know she walked in that cave, but she is not under us. I will tell you the truth, and it is the reason I am with you now, there will be a lot more waiting for all of you.”, Amanda asked with the utmost distress, “Is Sam in danger?”, Ahsoka did not show any facial expressions before she spoke, “As you all know, Sam is not by any means out of danger from Palpatine. A planet like Naboo couldn't exist b/c the denser materials would move to the centre, and the lighter elements would then form an atmosphere around the solid core. Right now Sam is very stable mentally and emotionally, but that could easily change if he hits her like he has done.”, “SG1 has sworn allegiance that Sam will never be hurt like that again the moment we reunited with her.”, “I heard that when we were on the Falcon. Naboo's surface consists of swampy lakes, rolling plains and green hills. I think you can do it. I wanted to be a part of this research, but I have sworn my own allegiance to Sam. The human culture of Naboo remained largely pastoral and nomadic, though urban centers developed. Galactic Republic Senate politics was a new forum for Padmé Amidala. What is going on?”, I will tell you, but for right now you need to keep this a secret.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Amanda, Sam is on Earth, but in a different time and space.” Brandon told everything that Thor told him about where Sam is located and what she will be needed to do while being there.”, What other information Thor could share with me, it is a lot more that a mere connection to Earth, but I have to admit. Got an hour or two with nothing to do? If we all went up to her and asked her, she might get tired of us asking. Episode 2, Amidala: I never thought of running for elected of BY, date de la réconciliation entre les deux peuples. The planet Naboo has three moons: Ohma D'un, Rori and Tasia. The human denizens of Naboo, known simply as the Naboo, were governed under an elective monarchy and maintained a peaceful culture that promoted education, the arts, environmental protection and scientific achievements. However, the Federation was scandalized by Naboo's resistance to its authority, which coincided with a Galactic Republic Senate tax on interstellar trade. Veruna expanded the role of the Space Fighter Corps and had the N-1 starfighter squadron organized. You might get a better outlook on how you feel.”. I can also continue with my vacation there. It was the only way to protect your own heritage. “I was the first Queen of Naboo. The Naboo protested and wished to be free of the contract. Naboo fell quickly; though they had a powerful Armed Corps, the Royal Advisory Council held off action until all negotiations failed. I would be apprehensive if you did not have this on your mind.”, “You cannot stop the demise of anyone Amanda. Leia was visiting her mother's home world at the time of the attack. What more information can you find about those years regarding Naboo and Earth?”, “Since you Jedi has been known to us Jaffa, we have been digging in our history. The planet has two sentient species: peaceful humans who call themselves the Naboo; and the more aggressive, warlike Gungans. She didn’t do it on purpose, but for some reason she was so much like him. He replied, “What can I do for you, Your Majesty?”. I can perceive that you will be very busy with the remaining of this war and all that what Her Majesty, Sam O’Neill will discover.”, Amanda did not reply. In a way, it is a life debt to her for bringing the Jedi Knights to the Jaffa people once again.”. Human settlements tend to incorporate waterfalls, cliffs, and other natural terrain features. Captain Panaka and others were to organize a resistance movement in the meantime. Both actions were perceived by Federation leadership as threatening to their commercial interests and power. There, Pooja would be a contemporary of her cousin, Princess Leia of Alderaan, but they would not know of each other's biological relationship until 36 years after the Battle of Yavin. I came from Earth. I think you can do it. On the world called Cilia, the Lords of Order manifested themselves as the first sentient race in the universe, a race of incorporeal magical beings. Whatever happens from the point forward, promise yourself that you will hold on. I thank you for your support.” Amanda changed the subject by asking, “What can you tell me about Earth being Naboo?”, “There are one and the same. Star Tours is the only reference to Earth in the official Star Wars canon; however, the Star Wars Expanded Universe reveals much more. Earth is the third planet from the sun of the Sol System, located deep in the Unknown Regions, and the only known world in the Milky Way galaxy capable of supporting life. The picturesque landscape around Naboo's capital city of Theed. Yes you did. After serving the maximum two 4-year terms, Padmé Amidala was replaced by Queen Jamillia (24–20 BBY). What I do recall is more of a ghost planet. Your daddy and I have been very concerned with you having this all on you. Although not cannon, the Star Wars Extended Universe gives us even more details regarding Earth. Kaadara developed as a coastal town for the few Nabooan fisherman (not to be confused with nabooian). Leia Organa Naboo is a bountiful planet in the Mid Rim, close to the border of the Outer Rim. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Naboo is known to be orbited by three moons: within the current canon, Naboo's moons are known as Ohma-D'un, Onoam, and Veruna; while in Legends, Naboo was known to be orbited by the moons Ohma-D'un (home to a Gungan colony), Rori (home to a Naboo colony), and the ice moon Tasia (named for Queen Elsinoré den Tasia of Grizmallt). Popular Queen Kylantha would reign throughout the Imperial years. Information and translations of Naboo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … NABOO - Located in the Chommell sector, Naboo is a fairly idyllic world covered by dense swamps, rolling plains, and verdant hills. Sam blurted out in complete disbelief, “NO WAY!”, “I am afraid so. This ceremonial position was largely powerless and a form of peerage democracy evolved. She did continue to ask him more information to see what she could learn. The Grid Coordinates were 0-17, but no-one knows its XYZ coordinates. The planet Naboo has three moons, known throughout various media as Ohma D'un, Rori, Tasia, and Veruna. She pressed a few buttons to get in touch with Thor. That point in space is right here on Naboo, in this galaxy. 1 2 3. Naboo is a peaceful planet that has remained a relatively insignificant, if beautiful, member of galactic society for centuries. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was Ahsoka Tano. As you have stated, she has done a lot already.” Brandon studied her daughter for a few moments and said, “I want you to allow everyone else to do their part, including me.”, Who said it had to be trouble-free? They all said this planet was left behind, but was somewhere else.”, As a boy I could not understand all about what they were talking about, but what I did understand was that this planet was not genuine. Naboo was a small pastoral world in the Mid Rim, located near the border of the Outer Rim Territories. VIEW. As the Naboo traditionally held an aversion to off world trade they agreed to have the powerful Trade Federation buy the plasma at a fixed price. WOW is the word I would have used, and did so after Thor got through telling all he did.”, What can we do for her as she is on Naboo?”, For one, we need to keep the remaining of this war from getting to her as much as we can. “I will continue with the vacation Master. I too felt the same, but it was my Master that made me realize that if we were not there in certain part of the Clone Wars, things would have been very different as the result of that war. Following the rise of the Empire, Queen Apailana became outspoken against the new regime. They will be with you always.”, “I have been told that by Master Oriana and my parents, but it scares me a great deal. It ishome to the Gungan species and to a population of Humans known as Nabooans,colonists from Grizmallt.The planet has an unusual plasma core, and its surface isa largely unspoiled world with large plains, swamps and seas. Gungans dominated Naboo for a great time, though largely keeping to the swamps and waterways; the mountains and grasslands they considered 'desert-like'. “, Sometimes it can be a very long time for the one waiting for me while it is not long at all for me.”, Dammit Doctor. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this intense. The primary Naboo city was Theed, the planetary capital, and the primary Gungan city was Otoh Gunga. Amidala and Binks, with the help of the Jedi Order and the Gungan Peppi Bow, discovered the Separatist scientist Nuvo Vindi's secret laboratory in the Eastern swamps. In all the splintered realities we have been on, she has done far too much in one of them to help out in all of them.” He paused, “I also believe it was her way to deal with all she has been through, including this mental conditioning she had expedited from her.”, She is doing a lot better, but it would make her feel a great deal better if you can take some time and talk to her about it.”, You know that would not matter. This led King Veruna (47–30 BBY) and (then) Senator Palpatine to build a great plasma mining and refining facility in the heart of the capital. The Invasion of Naboo, also known as the the Blockade of Naboo, the Naboo Crisis, or the Occupation of Naboo, was a pivotal galactic conflict that took place in 32 BBY, ten years prior to the Clone Wars, which laid the seeds for the war itself. The Scar of Remembrance is used as part of the ruler of the planet Naboo's make-up. There were many stories, but what stood out was one unique thing, a planet that is a spirit of its true self.”, “Like I said the story was told in many different ways, but there is one thing that they said, “A planet that was not a bona fide planet.”, Mara stated, “A planet is real or it is not. Another part is disturbed if I have gotten myself too deep in this war and would not be able to get out of a difficult situation when everything collapses under me.”, “Has anything fallen during your time in being a Princess?”, “Not that I know of mommy, but it is the unfamiliar that concerns me.”, “In situations that you have been dealing with, the strange and unknown in life can concern us all baby. She smiled, “I would not doubt it one bit.”, Amanda was talking to her father about the war. The swamps of Naboo are home to many species of creatures including the massive Opee Sea Killer in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. That is why I am here. In the meantime Palpatine, a Naboo himself, remained Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, and his hard-line stances were generally supported by a Naboo still rebuilding after occupation. She has done her part, and so have you. I was very touched by your love for her.”, Teal’c smiled and asked, “Does Daniel and Janet know of Earth and Naboo?”, Luke answered, “Not yet. You know we are on Earth. "Drawing from the Present: Familiar Creatures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away," The Official Star WarsBlog It is usually the next step after Tatooine and is probably the easiest planet in the game. This Star Tours line reveals Earth is connected to other worlds, such as Kashyyyk, Coruscant, Naboo, Hoth, Tatooine and Geonosis. A city there still bears his name. I will talk to the Doctor and have him meet you.”, Sam thanked him and she turned off her communication device. Theed's King, Jafan, ended the conflict, uniting all Nabooans under his leadership by 830 BBY. Suite à l’éviction du chancelier Valorum, c’est le sénateur de Naboo, Palpatine, qui prit sa place au sommet de la République.A la fin de son mandat, en temps que Reine des Naboo, Padmé devint la nouvelle sénatrice de la planète. A plasmic molten outer core surrounded an inner core, believed to be composed primarily of a nickel-iron alloy, with very small amounts of some other elements. Naboo is a lush, green planet filled with magnificent cities and flowing rivers. Naboo - Galaxie - Encyclopédie - Star Wars Universe. It still bothers me, but I feel that I must know what is going on and somehow manage what is going on.”, Brandon looked seriously at her, “Please listen to me.” After she shown she was listening carefully, he continued, “No one person cannot do everything no matter how powerful they might be. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Naboo was a geologically unique world in the galaxy. In 1,000 BBY a crisis led to a large scale conflict engulfing all the human Naboo city states, though there was no evidence of Gungan participation. Even the Constellations are the same.”, I am afraid so. Even while staying on Earth, she is not fully protected.”, “Should she wait to explore her life while she is in danger?”, Ahsoka paused and said, “What I am about to say is very essential. If we all went up to her and asked her, she might get tired of us asking. Naboo is described as having a porous, plasma-rich interior without a molten core—a rare phenomenon among the planets in the Star Wars universe. Deeja Peak in the Gallo Mountains developed as one of the first human settlements on the planet, keeping a degree of political power there. Generally the city-states acknowledged a ceremonial "High King"—a position that at times rotated between the city-state princes, though at other times was vested in a royal house. ( Log Out /  She asked her, “Why did you not enter our conversation?”, Nomi answered, “It was not my place to do so. No matter the dangers or the consequences one should not stop being themselves. 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Padmé Amidala declined the honor. Most of the prejudices of both species disappeared when Amidala and Boss Nass managed to unite both species during the Battle of Naboo. Also, I think those giant animals couldn't exist in an Earth like gravity. The planet Naboo has three moons, known throughout various media as Ohma D'un, Rori, Tasia, and Veruna. ( Log Out /  It doesn’t make these feelings go away, but what you have said has made a difference to me.”, “Please take note. After millennia, circa 3500 BCE, one of the Lords of Order, descended to Earth from Cilia and became Nabu the Wise, a… Even Master Oriana has been watching after you as you continue being a Princess.” Nomi paused and continued, “Want to know something? He was sent to Earth by the King in order to protect a sacred amulet that can be used to activate the Fountain of Youth, as seen in the episode Fountain of Youth. Change ), Sam was enjoying her vacation immensely, but she was also very fascinated in learning about Naboo regarding her life. If anyone dies in this war that you know, then they will have done so in victory. Captain Panaka was able to organize the Space Fighter Corps to their fighters, and launch a last effort against the Federation capital ship. It is true that I am your mother, but there are times that I can’t enter your life. Under the Jafan dynasty, Theed became a showplace of decorative architecture and dazzling craftsmanship, such as the Naboo royal starship and the royal palace at Theed. Any one of us can continue life’s journey under extreme pressure or not. The Federation however took advantage of the Naboo's lack of interstellar commercial experience and sold the plasma for greatly marked-up prices — selling the Naboo short. The Grizmallt leader, Queen Elsinore den Tasia, sponsored a fleet of three ships (Beneficent Tasia, Mother Vima and Constant) to colonize new worlds, commanded by the explorer Kwilaan. I will continue to stand by it. In all the splintered realities we have been on, she has done far too much in one of them to help out in all of them.” He paused, “I also believe it was her way to deal with all she has been through, including this mental conditioning she had expedited from her.”, Amanda asked with deep worry, “How is she doing now?”, “She is doing a lot better, but it would make her feel a great deal better if you can take some time and talk to her about it.”, Amanda smile warmly, “I would like to do that, but I would not want…”, “You know that would not matter. La partie humaine de Naboo est une monarchie constitutionnelle et élective dirigé par un souverain élu aidé par un conseil. Your destiny is to be a Princess of the Jedi Knights in the 21st century. Theed Hangar was built next to the refining station to house the new military forces. Le sénateur représentant la planète au Sénat galactique est nommé par ce souverain. Remember, love is much stronger than the Force. After talking to Jack and the boys, I had an inrush of strong mind-set about going to Naboo. You have done so much more than you realize.”, Amanda did not say anything for a few moments. I have to say for once, I’m enjoying myself far too much. Kylantha refused to alter the democratic structure of the Naboo constitution. “That is a very good question.”, “It is not to the point if the question is a good or not, but what you think. Amanda, please listen to this very vigilantly and completely. She really loved her daddy, and she was very happy to be like him. Definition of Naboo in the dictionary. “You know what I am talking about.”, Sam smiled, “My father, Bodo Baas, told me that you are the one that can help me find the other guardians and join the other splintered realities and other things together.”, “As you will learn, there is a lot more then bringing things back to a whole.”, Sam studied the Doctor for a moment. This city isn’t giving me all that I need to know about my ‘lost years.’ I need to get that back.”, Sam sat on a ledge on the side of the road until the Doctor arrived. Ever since the original Star Wars was released in 1977, fans have always been dreaming about living in that galaxy far, far away. Teal’c was not surprised. Many animal species found on Earth appear or are referred to in the films and the Expanded Universe. Naboo is a planet featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. After they hugged, Brandon said, “That is enough Jedi training for you today. Many Naboo would serve in the Imperial Services and Captain Panaka would become an aide to the Emperor, and later it would become imperial Naboo. ( Log Out /  By King Veruna's reign, 47 BBY, Naboo had become a major player in the galactic plasma energy trade market. Later, Senator Leia Organa came and established a mine. Often when a Nabooan enters into political life, he or she adopts a "Name of State". In Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, it was the site of a blockade by the Trade Federation and the Battle of Naboo between the Federation and the native inhabitants. I can feel it that I need to be there. Padmé Naberrie adopted the anonymous Name of State "Amidala" when she became Princess of Theed (34-32 BBY) and later, Queen of the Naboo (32-24 BBY). You realized that you had to do a lot more. It might seem at the moment that things are over your head. For more information on this topic, see: 1. Even the Constellations are the same.”. “Daddy, I know there will be a great deal to do in this war, but I personally don’t want Sam to do anymore that she has already. 2.5k 4. x 13. The surface of Naboo is covered by dense swamps, rolling grass plains, and verdant hills. We are very open towards one another.”, Ahsoka smiled, “I know. For you to talk to her it would make her feel she is not alone. The largest mountain chain, the Gallo Mountains, bisect the singular continent and divide the great grass plains of the north from the Lianorm Swamp in the south. Meaning of Naboo. It is time to allow the others to do theirs. Now that I have been on Naboo, I believed it was Naboo that they were talking about.”. Why was I and how. Even Master Oriana has been watching after you as you continue being a Princess.” Nomi paused and continued, “Want to know something? It has two multiplayer maps. I know she walked in that cave, but she is not under us. It is the perfect way to protect the Ancient Jedi Knights.”, It is not the only way you protected them. Because of my age, should I be with Sam and stay out of this war?”, Nomi threw the question back at her by asking another, “What do you want to do? Earth (or The Earth as it is known by its self-absorbed inhabitants) is the third planet from the star Sol.The planet's most visible intelligent life, known simply as humans, believe that their small ball of rock is in fact the only planet in the entire universe that is inhabited. Kylantha was not a supporter of the old Republic, but neither was she an Imperial proponent. Just don’t think you are on your own.”, Master Bra’tac and I do love it here too.”, Yes I have, and I am not one bit surprised. Some believe that Naboo was originally a Gungan word for "plainsfolk". In this she hoped to force a change for a more favorable chancellorship. Do you have anything pacific that I should be focusing on?”, Luke answered, “We are not sure, but we are concerned about Sam’s safety. We are concerned that he can use her looking for her lost years against her and pull her in hook, line, and sinker.”, Mara stated, “It is something he is outstanding in. Keren eventually became the commercial hub while Theed became more aristocratic. That is what really terrifies her now. 8. Mara was told by Sam about Earth was copied and left in replace of Naboo, but she did not tell Teal’c. Jamillia asked for Padmé Amidala to continue serving Naboo as its Senator. You are not a soldier.”, A bit tense, Amanda replied, “In how young I am, I should be with Sam and not a part of this war. There were many stories, but what stood out was one unique thing, a planet that is a spirit of its true self.”, Like I said the story was told in many different ways, but there is one thing that they said, “A planet that was not a bona fide planet.”, I remember asking that to everyone that told me this tale. No one is getting you to stop being who you are in life. We don’t miss our home in a galaxy far, far away one damn bit.”, Luke replied, “I have talked with a great many from our galaxy, and they feel and think the same as we do.”, “Master Bra’tac and I do love it here too.”, Mara asked, “Have you heard that Earth was Naboo at one time?”, “Yes I have, and I am not one bit surprised. In 3951 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), human refugees began fleeing violent revolution on their core world planet of Grizmallt. She simply lived her own life as she always did. She said, “I know what I have done, but how I feel, I think someone can do a lot better.”  Amanda thought for a moment and answered Ahsoka’s question, “In the grand scheme of things, I would conclude that most of what has happened in this war would have been the same if I was not a Princess.”, “To be honest your Majesty, I understand your situation. Cultural differences led to tension between the two peoples—but direct conflict was rare. I needed that. That is why Sam has been asked to step down from this war. Here, not long after the formation of the universe were born two elemental forces—the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos, came into being at the beginning of the universe's struggle for supremacy. Eventually both Gungan and Human Naboo scientists agree that the end of the "Elder" civilization may be the result of the "Elders" not living in harmony with nature. Do you understand?”, Amanda sighed again, “Yes I do, but it does not make it any easier.”, “Who said it had to be trouble-free? Wives had an extreme sense of loyalty for their husbands and those found to be guilty of adultery were known to be executed. King Narmele the Explorer colonized Naboo's swampy moon of Rori sometime around 2000 BBY. Since then the position of monarch has been an elected post, with a fluid constitution that would allow for hereditary rulership to be vested in a noble dynasty if the people so desired. I have heard many stories about you Jedi when I was a very young Jaffa, but this one has never been told completely.” Mara asked again, “What do you know about Naboo?” “ It is hard to say. During the Clone Wars, Neeyutnee served as Queen of Naboo. Over time there was more conflict between the various human settlements than between humans and Gungans. When the time comes, you will know what I am talking about. Elsinore den Tasia had the Naboo moon of Tasia named in her honor. After diplomatic negotiations failed between Naboo and the Empire, Apailana began exploring military options, and harboring Jedi in direct violation of Order 66. Join us! That and what I said about the way the planet would form. No. The planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old. How can I answer your last question if I feel that I could destroy all that everyone risked their lives on this war by making serious mistakes?”, “Amanda, you know that is not true. You cannot give up because of it, or their sacrifice would be in vain. We are really connected with the Jedi Knights more than I could ever realize.”, “What other information Thor could share with me, it is a lot more that a mere connection to Earth, but I have to admit. What your father said to you is a great deal, but when Sam learns more, I am sure she will share that with you.”, “I know she will. Once on Coruscant, Queen Amidala addressed the senate. True, all military soldiers are trained not to think as individuals but as one. I have heard many stories about you Jedi when I was a very young Jaffa, but this one has never been told completely.”, Mara asked again, “What do you know about Naboo?”, “It is hard to say. Earth is known as Urrtha in the Star Wars Universe. Qui-Gon Jinn was killed during the battle, but ultimately the Naboo & Gungan Alliance was able to defeat the Federation. Top Minecraft Maps. The hardest thing I will do is get you or mommy to fight in this war and you get killed in it.”, “I don’t want you two to get killed in this war either.”, They both gave each other a big hug.

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