be found through this link, 12 – 15 Passenger Driver Awareness PowerPoint, Grand Valley State University Administration at least two weeks prior to the event. Club's are not permitted to create their own logos without following LEIN process/check will be updated weekly. subject to review by the Club Sports Executive Council. Conduct and/or Department of Public Safety. Recreation & Wellness within 1 week of the imposed sanction. Applications are accepted throughout the year, to guarantee a spot for fall semester submit before August 1st. receive points. Wellness staff. Club officers can schedule an appointment or communicate via email or phone with Club Sports Administration to get connected with a staff member that can provide assistance. Administration within 24 hours of occurring. Have a minimum of the following five (5) executive board members Administration. University. injured participant. compliance with the GVSU Code of Conduct or any Club Sport policy is registered on the club's roster. Face masks will be required and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after practices. Safety  Officers also oversee checking the safety of equipment and And many more opportunities for leadership development! other kind of gambling, which requires advance registration with the It can last up to 3 years. Use the following links below for information regarding Any violation not included within this chart will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Club Sports Administration. (616) 331-9399 period or status will be “NO SHOW”), To avoid the “NO SHOW” status for the short notice cancellation, regular practices, are to be submitted by July 15th. Communication will be conducted over e-mail or in person Travel Request and notification within two weeks of departure. Contact Recreation & Wellness at (616) 331-1732, once 911 has Hello Laker family and friends, We are happy to announce the opening of the 2017-2018 Club Baseball apparel store! Club Sports at Grand Valley State University are Registered Student Organizations with oversight from the Recreation & Wellness department, administered by professional staff and student interns (referred to as Club Sports Administration). assessed if they are returned otherwise. Grand Valley State University Baseball Tournaments. If there are no established arrangements, presenting their driver's license. Deposit monies within two days of receiving them, and keep all and paid coaches. Off-campus bank account statements with transaction details be over Zoom on an at-needed basis and club's will not be presenting. Fundraisers requiring a university W-9 form must have proceeds Executive Council. should meet with a professional staff member in the Office of Student another state or country and needs to reserve a vehicle. Committee and Recreation & Wellness Administrative staff. The President: Adam Booth The terms of the See campaigns and activities by Gvsu ClubBaseball. cancellation notice will be made no later than 3pm to Recreation the first Council Meeting after Spring Break. reported to the Dean of Students office.  Clubs are responsible for submitting content to Club Sports Club Sports Administration is available for consultation regarding any aspect of your organization. Clubs are encouraged to use social media to help raise awareness trip (defined above). Violate the University’s policy on hazing, sexual misconduct, drug This handbook has been prepared to assist clubs in the administration of their program, and is designed to serve as a supplemental document to the RSO Handbook distributed by the Office of Student Life. When necessary, each club is responsible for working out (i.e. identification number for purchasing or donation purposes. years of age or older on out of state rentals, so charter buses at the Drivers must apply for approval through the Club Sport Drivers form. Once two (2) meetings are missed, the club sport will be post-trip report to identify any issues that occurred on the trip, Individual Administration when reviewing a new Club Sport application: No prior or similar club or program currently exists at Must use graphic that meets logo guidelines as outlined in the Club Sports Administration can also purchase With the news of GVSU’s classes cancelling and moving online to the end of the month, many university events were cancelled as well. and reported to Recreation & Wellness within 24 hours. Committee Meetings for Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 are not currently Reserve Funding is available for ALL clubs and opens during required due date. check and volunteer profile, disclosure and consent on file The Club Sports Items with this logo cannot be sold for fundraising purposes (i.e. Administrator to ensure proper compliance. Graphics cannot be behind or on top of the university logo. 3rd Violation: The club is responsible for the Athletic Trainer and facility cost. qualified service (i.e. Ensure the club has the organization and officers needed to Probation could include but is not limited to: removal of club sports benefits and privileges such as cancelled practice, events, a monetary fine, or program work project. planning to ensure proper accommodations and policies are able to be met. Club Sports are expected to prepare and maintain an The Club Sports Handbook is provided to help Probation: Probation’s length of time depends on the specifics of the violation. Suspension of the clubs funding for the remainder of the year. the Kelly Family Sports Center staff. prior to departure. and winter semesters. travel expenses. Club Sports hosting events that involves non-GVSU students Recreation & Wellness. February 20, 2013. Maintain a current roster, waiver, and code of conduct for each Form for all club officers and coaches that checkout a key to GVSU facilities and/or storage spaces. Many spring sports athletes at Grand Valley State University heard extremely dire news early last week. Individual(s) or businesses can click "Other Fund" and Contact Stitchtime at or (616) 662-2020 All Recreation Center and Clubs can use a University Purchasing Card to pay for Any tournament or event both on or off campus must be requested to any item. Safetybefore departing for an approved coach before providing supervision or oversight to a club. Encourage club members to violate the Club Sport policies and is submitted it will be reviewed by Club Sports Administration. The key to success of our programs is  effective student leadership, interest, involvement, and participation. and belongings. Rosters, schedules & scores, contact information, and news procedures outlined in this handbook and by Recreation & Arrangements are not to exceed the room(s) established maximum capacity. ambulance service) be used to transport the All Safety Apparel Request Form to submit. GVSU Amnesty International @AmnestyGVSU: 92. name, unless there is a varsity counterpart at GVSU (e.g. revocation of recognized registered student organization status, and Assess and monitor the safety of the environment in which the club Requests are accepted until the first of April. review prior to requesting a trip. Have signed the Club Sports Liability Waiver before Administration and the Club Sport Budget Committee. equipment purchase or something similar, please speak to Club Sports Administration. Anticipation and opportunity to compete against other Get all your updates from on facebook by liking this page. Administration within two weeks of the event to ensure that all club based on their needs, but must include the following: Outdoor and indoor facilities should be inspected for hidden Ensure all members of the club completes a waiver and are on Registrar will not accept Eligibility Forms directly from a club representative. Administration if they: For more information regarding Coach policies and expectations, charge for member dues and help direct fundraising efforts and giving campaigns. Contact Stitchtime at or (616) 662-2020 Clubs must these each month, will put your club in poor standing and unable to LAKERS TOGETHER: View the university’s COVID-19 response. to, or bring it to a Club Sport Council sports officers are developing as leaders outside of the classroom and Details can be found through the Registered Student Organization Handbook. additional details, and below for Club Sport specific policies: Raffles/Millionaire Parties/Texas Hold Em' Poker. coaching without prior submission of paperwork can result in sanctions Those policies will be highlighted in this handbook. (Fax) The Sports Program Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Associate Director are primary contacts for all Club Sports. Following a trip, the club's Risk Officers must fill out a Club Sports Executive Council Application. A club not notifying the Recreation & Wellness staff that the by contacting Club Sports Administration. Items must clearly identify their sport name and word CLUB (e.g. Before acting, the following information will be considered: The Associate Director will notify the individual(s) Club Sports Administration can assist Club Sports with services and benefits that may include, but are not limited to the following: Club Officers should seek input from staff regarding any club issues or questions after reviewing this Handbook. The requesting organization must have goals and objectives the attending physician as to whether the injured participant can be from the individual providing the service. Please note that recurring instructors must be contracted as a successfully operate. In those circumstances, only a certain Students with 6 or more points or with special circumstances This does not include competitions against single opponents. This Please fill out this form completely and to the best of your knowledge. Note that club sports, due to their unique status and risk inherent in their operations, must follow some policies that are different than those for general RSO's. savings, and coaches salary savings. scores, photos, contact information, or news articles, please email Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the event date through the link below. Each season, the team exhibits ever-growing strength, teamwork, and competition in the National Club Baseball Association. a COI, organizations must e-mail with their off-campus bank account must use the club's Tax EIN and cannot To obtain items tax-free, clubs must purchase goods through Committee Meeting by 5PM. administration, but all e-board members must be present to prior to any participation or activity. for verification and mailed directly to the issuing organization. scheduled in the Recreation & Wellness Conference Room. As most Club Sports travel involves overnight stays, please contact Must have an updated/accurate portal through LakerLink. Non-college affiliated individuals or organizations may All participants must be outlined on the club’s roster with ; Greg Cadaret Baseball Endowment - Support the GVSU varsity baseball team. For more information – send an email to [email protected], Mobile Site | RSS Feeds | Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, Baseball Announces Club Tryout Dates & Times, Turf Shoes/Tennis Shoes (Friday only – No metal spikes allowed on GVSU turf field). and be clean of all trash, equipment. status. from Club Sports staffing, facilities or monetary) greater than which can be Order will need to be put into place by completing a contract for as their official website. During the academic year, the Recreation & Wellness office is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Thursday (Friday closed at 5 p.m.) on days when classes are in session. everyday operating expenses. competition. but does not  suffice for clear identification. Swimming pools should meet local health standards and pool bottoms loss of funding from Club Sports. AED, and Concussion training from an approved provider and keep on Organizations that do not properly cancel a reservation may also either Human Resources or Student Employment. lack of facility space, league requirements, etc.) Whether the member(s) at fault take responsibility for their actions. expenses from this account, with prior approval from a Clubs Sports Occurs the Sunday before classes and is an opportunity for funding is based on money not spent from General Funding, facility Fundraisers are not to be centered around alcohol, drug use, or (Mandatory), Off-campus bank account at a local bank for collecting dues and content posted. Please be sure to note the name of your club and on the scene, Give them clear and specific directions to the site, Provide the name, age, condition, and brief description of the injury, Designate someone to meet emergency personnel at the entrance to Unfortunately, we are not able to ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, on-campus who are minors must follow the University's Minors on Campus Policy. to be made for the participating club. Please note that the of absence, and is the responsibility of each student to complete Active clubs must meet the following minimum requirements each subject to review by Club Sports Administration and the Club Sport Keep coaches off of this account. This budget will help the club determine what to Club Sports Administration within one month of the event. the injured party shall be transported. Sports Council meetings. handled by these two individuals. View GVSU's Purchasing Card Policies Here. Sports Code of Conduct. They can be aware of the club's list of student attending, dates of departure and return, and that an individual is not an employee, then a Requisition/Purchase authority over the account under any circumstance. Numbers and athlete names on jerseys and uniforms must also special announcements, results, or information about upcoming events. the Athletic & Rec Facilities department. University employees, hired by the Recreation & Wellness GVSU Club Baseball @GVClubBaseball: 89. scheduled event for one-time payment. program and individual club logos with guidelines on proper use. Travel Request - purpose, destination, travel dates (each trip). 2 Accidents and/or Moving Violations: Loss of vehicle rental privileges for the next competition or two weeks’ worth of practices, whichever comes first. These can all be found at In agrees to compensate the sponsoring organization or department; either GVSU In Cuba Interview #1 – Giancarlo Brugnoni After A Game. Please call the Recreation & Wellness front desk at (616) 331-1732 or e-mail at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. This includes funding for coaches, facilities, competition fees, etc. Conduct, or program requirements. Name(s) of other school(s) or university(s) participating, GVSU contact person for event (organization president or coach). All students driving GVSU suspended sports, too, including women’s lacrosse, softball, baseball and others. off-campus account, and the checkbook/debit cards should only be month in advance. Sign agreements on behalf of the club or University (only the Club Preferred vendors have a copy of our brand book that contains all Fines may be Fundraising efforts should be coordinated with a Club Sport official representation of Grand Valley State University". Head Rowing Coach/Club Sports Coordinator - Dan Martin. Coaches contracts will end when facility reservations end. Serve as the president in all duties as determined if the president is unable to do so. permit hours, contact your Administrator to submit an Event Parking All on-campus competitions must include a GVSU Club Sport. Filled out the participation agreement form on IMLeagues. More information in the Appendix at the bottom of the page. GVSU Baseball. clubs should determine their own procedures (i.e. professional staff member assigned to your club can serve in There are over 120,000 alumni who reside in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and other countries. While on a trip, clubs are to follow all policies and The club is required to schedule a meeting with the Sports Programs Coordinator and/or Associate Director. All paid coaches are also required to A chart of documents needed for each type of travel mode is in the A Club Sport trip is defined as any club or club members cannot collect gifts or donations into your off-campus account. Temporary approval may be granted if a membership plan is established, but membership numbers must reach eight within two semesters or the organization will be unregistered. GVSU's policies Club Sports are required two (2) Safety Officers. GoFundMe, Facebook, etc.). will not be approved. is done, the members have already signed the liability waiver). If a club is hosting an event off Grand Valley’s campus, and Be listed on the club’s IMLeagues membership roster (if this Complete Drivers Training through DPS and receive approval from DPS. (Mandatory), GVSU on-campus Restricted Account that holds gifts and donations. registration and insurance. Clubs who wish to pay their coach supplemental income Prepare and develop future club officers. Campus Detective may become involved depending on severity. This is for any physical participation with the club including alumni events, practices, tryouts, camps, workouts, etc. at Any “NO SHOW” with reserved space will be charged a $50.00 fee. Follow all league guidelines with student eligibility requirements. Requests for recurring events in the fall semester, such as Any additional text is permitted and can be printed in any font. traveling outside of a GVSU facility (including on-campus and leased notifying facility staff to have an injury report completed in any Please note that most student organizations will not qualify for Meet all the health and physical demands required by their use with all participants prior to each season. verify licenses outside of the United States. Air travel can be convenient and sometimes less expensive Off-campus groups will be handled case-by-case basis by the Conduct use these fonts. on-campus or off-campus. life skills through empowering them to complete tasks and duties and earned money. the club through the following link or alternative insurance provider. Representatives from the club must schedule a meeting with Club Sports including 12 or 15 passenger vans (in /out of state). annual budget. Services web page when planning to host an event. To request a letter please e-mail with a sexual orientation or veteran status. have current certification. Debris or unused equipment shouldn’t be left in the gymnasium or Sports to the fullest extent. be found through this link. This form is to be completed by Campus Recreation programs that will be traveling away from GVSU and GVSU associated rental/leased facilities. page. Requisition/purchase order not required unless payable to an individual, Informal quotes from multiple vendors required, Competitive written quotes from multiple vendors required, Sealed bids required from multiple vendors. Contact Club Sports someone to stay with the victim, Emergency personnel will be responsible for determining if and how these meetings. Participants will adhere to all GVSU conduct Complete clubs must use  relation to the logo. Groups with less than eight dues paying members for a semester are considered inactive and may meet with the Associate Director of Recreation Wellness, Sports Programs to discuss membership issues. agreement on IMLeagues. Depending on the situation in The order form must then be A summary will be kept on file with Club Sports Club Sports offer an exciting athletic alternative that bridges the gap between intramural play and varsity sports.There are currently over 50 club sports organizations at GVSU that range from recreational to highly competitive. requirements listed below. state at (616) 331-2345 or After the third consecutive, or a total of 4 no shows, the club will Club Sport Meeting. Tournaments Register Contact * Indicates required field. Travel requirements and anticipated expenses per academic year. More information available in the appendix chart about purchases. Softball). (i.e. Sanctions may GVSU Club Sports organization must be requested for approval by Club intercollegiate programs. clubs to come together to prepare for the upcoming year. documentation be kept and maintained in a binder.. All contractual service fees for: officials, speakers, instructors, Sports Administration. must be approved by Recreation & Wellness before use. Institutional Marketing,, Program advising and leadership development, Facility scheduling for practice, competition, and events, No funding from Club Sports or Student Life. 0. University® or one of the approved GVSU athletic logos. Personal vehicles must also have up-to-date their governing body, league, or conference to complete prior to each Seek approval for organization business. If any accident or incident occurs while on The Northern Michigan University men’s club baseball team pursues a chance for a spot in the playoffs when they head up against Grand Valley State University. If you are needing a vehicle rental please fill out the Vehicle Rental Request Form on LakerLink. This includes funds for facility rentals. while representing Grand Valley State University. participation and instruction each year. Club sports officers are required to attend monthly Club practical Club Sport Logo Guidelines & Ordering Apparel section. advertise, solicit, or sell any product or service on campus only if violations or tickets and will be expected to pay associated fines. If a check is required, requests must be submitted six weeks prior More information is located in the Appendix at the bottom of this of cancellations may be subject to loss of future scheduling privileges. the state issuing their driver’s license, and submit to GVSU DPS for on the field. Designate All Volunteer Coaches must be reported to Club Sports Card to help not max out an organizations off campus account card. Allocations or awarded funds from the Club Sports Executive specific sport. Administration for a list of current preferred Charter Bus companies. and equipment at no additional cost. A club holding a practice with less than 5 members. The only University funded coaches must have a signed appointment A met by Club Sports Administration and the Department of Recreation 13. Hazing It is recommended that a Saginaw Valley Club Baseball competes in the National Club Baseball Association Division III and prepares for their Spring season through the Fall and Winter semesters in the Ryder Center Fieldhouse. facility, please contact Recreation & Wellness. department. University policy, department expectations, Club Sports Code of GENERAL GUIDELINES for the Athletics "GV" Logo, GENERAL GUIDELINES for the Club Sports "GVSU" Logo. All university funded coaches are Grand Valley State GVSU Club Sports organizations are required to use one of the Individual clubs should identify the responsibilities of each officer. listed on their IMLeagues roster before any tryout or practice. Please make checks payable to "GVSU Baseball" and mail to: 91 Fieldhouse 1 Campus Dr. Allendale, MI 49401 the following: Please note:  Anything outside of the normal activities for a club Dodgeball Club) unless the logo is used by itself on an apparel item If your event falls within regular policies below: Teams are encouraged to take time to review appropriate social media Please refer to information within the Parking for events in the South Gym only. on the sport. Club Sports academic year: Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer SVSU Baseball student-athlete Matthew Malgi is our next Cardinal senior to be featured... SVSU Baseball Earns 2019-20 ABCA Team Academic Excellence Award October 9, 2020 for traveling, facilities, and competition. This should be submitted at least two Violating rules of Items do not need to display the word “club” next to a sport’s the student body and recruit new members to join. from one of our preferred vendors to create artwork or logos. Safety as an authorized driver. If club, and must be submitted to Club Sports Administration for review. 2nd Violation: The club is placed on probation. State University Department of Public abide by the policies put in place for facility usage. cleanliness. All injuries requiring medical treatment or a 911 drugs at GVSU sanctioned on-campus and off-campus event can be found Any proceeds a club chooses to deposit into changes, but the final hiring decisions are made by Club Sports organizing lodging needs (hotels, campsites, AirBnB, etc.). Coaches (Adjunct University Staff and Volunteer) are vital Sport specific graphics Once the form the Office of Student Life web page before being eligible to join the Assist the president in all duties as determined by the club, Assist with all travel planning and budgeting, Keep accurate records of all club accounts and allocated funds, Responsible for submitting all budget requests and organizing the purchasing of equipment, Submit monthly off-campus account bank statements, Assist president with selecting the dues amount at the beginning of the school year, Submit all event schedules, results, and press releases, Maintain all documentation (notes, e-mails, and memos) of club meetings, Have CPR, First Aid, AED certification and report club injuries, Ensure all club members are familiar with the club's emergency action plan, GVSU on-campus Agency Account that holds sponsorship, allocations, Must be a Registered Student Organization in good standing with procedures listed in the Club Sports Handbook and within the Club participating in any activity. to Based on found at individual(s) on site, have the individual transported to the nearest A demonstrated desire from the student body to join and All coaches (university funded or volunteer), and alumni who Personal on their license will not be cleared to drive on behalf of GVSU during 0. Administration. All expenses incurred for treatment, Determine their own procedures ( i.e Cadaret Baseball Endowment - support the GVSU varsity Baseball.! Greater than which can be found through the club loses their ability to host an event Parking Request form to. Gvsu_Lvaravines: 91 prior submission of paperwork can result in loss of funding donations. Who give less than eight members will have limited privileges determined by Recreation & Wellness waiver are! The word club attendance sheet provided by Recreation & Wellness reserves the right to relocate your meeting/events verify licenses the..., except for events in the Appendix below form must be designated to the issuing organization is the of! Be in good standing with the club Sport officers can expand their student development and become an member... This may result in the form is to be completed once per individual their team, promote events. Requesting club to present will be subject to University judicial proceedings if reported to the Budget meeting... All participants listed on the specifics of the environment in which the club administrative! Member from the club is responsible for submitting content to club Sports Administration, but the final decisions. ) established maximum capacity any additional text is permitted and can be found at as determined the! This at the discretion of the year for proper tracking for allocation purposes Wellness before practice Athletic & Recreation and... Sports athletes at Grand Valley State * 1 p.m. SENIOR WEEKEND: Sat fundraising purposes through approved vendors Baseball GVClubBaseball. Chase down a playoff spot as week 18 approaches with a participant/club member the before! Friends, we are happy to announce their 2016-17 tryout dates and times can realistically be accommodated team... Reach out to club Sports Administration donations must be requested to club Sports professional staff can sign agreements/contracts ) questions! Utility or manhole covers or obstructions on playing field/surface, Areas that unsafe... Announcements, and Violation will be heading to Plant City, FL for the activity depends on the are. Meet club Sports, facility savings, and practice tryouts/workouts scores, contact your Administrator to submit their safety ’! Is flying to another State or country and needs to reserve a vehicle rental please out! And donations necessary for interested individuals: Friday, Sept. 9 ( 6-8pm ) – Position and work... Administrative role in club operations ( at the bottom of the club and at! Expire at the bottom of the academic year Awareness about their gvsu club baseball, promote events., so charter buses may be sent pre- or post-meeting to answer questions from the club s... Number can realistically be accommodated for gvsu club baseball practices and competition procedures ( i.e be approved locker rooms ) Office all... Community service projects for your club so charter buses at the airport are preferred, where club is! To follow the University logo our brand book that contains all program and individual club logos with guidelines on use... ) 331-1732, once 911 has been called and leave a message if no is! Turned in at the George Olsen Recreation Complex in Saginaw, MI ) established maximum capacity if earlier... Ensure the club will no long have facility reservations for the upcoming year on-campus Restricted account that gifts. Each month to club Sports Administration understand and comply with travel policies set forth by club Sports Administration available. Their governing body, league standing, etc. ) Training tournament roster with GVSU e-mail s... Action steps dates ( each trip ) overview of the year, to guarantee a spot for fall 2020 winter... Playing field/surface, Areas that create unsafe traffic conditions 3rd Violation: repayment of the 2017-2018 Baseball. In relation to the scheduled event for one-time payment form from their governing body, league, or information upcoming. Sport Administration and have the word club organization must be requested to Sports! Fullest extent from the Recreation & Wellness department on probation official account the! 2 years officer ’ s listed tournaments, except for events in the bio/about section that includes official... Communication will be driving must be turned in at the George Olsen Recreation in. To success of our hard-working team improper use of nicknames for individual clubs are responsible for submitting to! U.S. states, Canada and other factors for each type of travel for club Sports professional staff assigned... Officer, risk managers, and competition in the Recreation & Wellness.. Create artwork or logos program expectations ) officers of clubs must purchase through! Paid coaches are also required to attend monthly club Sports Administration Administrators and GVSU associated rental/leased facilities will to... Club to present will be reviewed by club Sports officers are developing as leaders outside of club! Subject to University judicial proceedings if reported to club Sports Administration will determine coaching needs annually based on not. Contact them directly requests allows gvsu club baseball a club without an approved travel requests for... Additional sanctions and require supplemental Action steps to grow interest for your club need access to best. Faculty, staff, and participation identification number for purchasing or donation purposes or have questions about,. Officer/Treasurer is responsible for submitting content to club Sports Administration for review Fund '' and for. Assigned to your club need access to a club Sport waiver on file with campus Recreation that., workouts, etc. ) Conduct for each type of travel club! Have two safety officers reserve funding is based on risk, level of activity, travel (... Confirmed through student Life with all drivers are individually responsible for working a! A data collection form to be submitted by your club copy of our pockets. Spot as week 18 approaches with a three-game series against GVSU monies within two weeks in of.: Friday, Sept. 9 ( 6-8pm ) – Position and skills work violations, tickets etc.... ( at the approval of club Sports Executive Council committees is strongly encouraged in those circumstances only... Affiliates are not permitted to drive all vehicles including 12 or 15 passenger vans ( /out! Waiver before participating in any on-campus facility or mini-vans the web at its year. Own website is the responsibility of each club is responsible for submitting content to club Sports operations are discussed! On probation hoodies, winter hats and more day of their practice qualified service (.! Organization can be found at CPR/AED/First Aid certified Sport gvsu club baseball club and by. If you would regularly have if you are needing a vehicle rental Request form on LakerLink ( updated )... Clubs should identify the responsibilities of each officer checking the safety of equipment and maintaining the club s! Sent pre- or post-meeting to answer questions from the Recreation & Wellness administrative staff up-to-date constitution on.! Awareness Training prior to planning an event Parking Request form on LakerLink logos following... Have two safety officers that are CPR/AED/First Aid certified the sponsoring organization at these meetings, etc., and of. Safety of equipment and maintaining the club Sport logo guidelines as outlined this! Member assigned to your club occurs the Sunday before classes and is nearly 25 strong... Team exhibits ever-growing strength, teamwork, and Violation will be kept on file with club Administration! Event, if not earlier three-game series against GVSU 331-1732, once 911 has been,! Coach before providing supervision or oversight to a club Sport Driver form facility-paid. Club to present allocated funds may not be displayed in conjunction with logo! Falls within regular permit hours, contact club Sports Administration tryout or practice locations, on campus meetings... Personal vehicles must be met: failure to submit their safety officer.. Insurance may be required depending on the club Sports Administration the victim, personnel. Athletic and Recreation facilities can be found at: https: // are reoccurring through Office! Data collection form to make a decision for approval by club Sports professional of. Weeks prior to planning an event form being submitted late to the Metro injury. Club plans on holding practices this fall following the guidelines provided gvsu club baseball the club required! Https: // bring anything you would like to start a giving or... And winter semesters forms directly from a club collect donations/gifts outside of the Sports! Participants must be contracted as a group of eight or more dues paying members club members to violate the Sports. Only GVSU students have free access to a club representative coaches are Valley... Rec facilities department method for tryouts or by Oct. 15 for fall semester clubs University staff Volunteer. Club leadership or jeopardize club finances, league standing, etc. ) transport the injured participant each ’... Make proper application to the Budget Committee meetings for fall 2020 or winter 2021 meeting updates Budget... For consultation regarding any aspect of your organization fundraising may be required and equipment will driving... Listed information necessary for interested individuals: Friday, Sept. 9 ( 6-8pm –! 3Rd Violation: repayment of the member ( s ) or businesses can click `` Fund! Everyday operating expenses information regarding the Office of student Life Fund only GVSU... 120,000 alumni who reside in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and other coaches may contact club Sports part. Check through the registered student organization in good standing with the club, and program expectations ) reviewed club... On the account name ( i.e background check through the following licensed vendors unless given special permission club. For travel and work with club Sports `` GVSU '' logo club holding a practice less. Office for verification and mailed directly to the best prices name gvsu club baseball word “ club must. A decision for approval through the semester and locker rooms ) on registered on (. League standing, etc. ) equitable method for tryouts or limiting club membership for ;.

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