… Have received message on Thursday that it has been approved in principle subject to internal checks but it’s still showing inprocess online. Renewal was waived off in my case only because i met the spend criteria. Lets say you want to go for a Diners Club Premium and HDFC Regalia. 0.25. I learned a lot about credit cards from the posts on cardexpert and is regular reader of this now. If it has been more than 5 working days,contact them on twitter with your application number. now the benefits were changed for black & you don’t get reward point for wallet loading and EMI transactions. I have made 4 attempts but still didn’t get the card. On May (6 months ago from today) CC limit was increased to 500K through HDFC net banking (for card user only). Send along with ITR docs and you’ll more likely get Regalia. They do not work across branches… I got same limit as my Regalia, no change. If answer is 100%, then how to reach out to HDFC to correct the same ? All I guess it would come around a lowly 1.5L spend in the year. My wife is just using add on card of Regalia. Is it still possible. If not, you will receive a rejection letter by normal post within 2-3 weeks. Hi, Enjoy your journey and remain confident that with your Diners Club Card, you belong. Prabhu, After reading this article, I contacted my RM and got my card upgraded with in a week. 2. Now you will be able to share your food and travel experiences on the BIDC website and IG. I was given a LTF diners black in April. I’m planning to get the upgrade to infinia. I checked BLR domestic a day back and yes, it seems to be applicable only for intl departures in most cities. Alok. 1 Reward Point on every ₹100 spent on all … The limit is pretty decent ( north of 10 L ), but somehow they seem averse to issuing the infinia along with it. also as per the pdf file of terms and conditions mentioned on hdfc diner club website it says its for only primary card holder. I live in Chennai and quite confused about acceptability. Checked ‘again’ today. @Siddharth – Correct, they take the net holding, CIBIL ratings, internal customer ratings and what not into consideration. Will this be rejected ? Thank goodness, I have better ccs now (Yes preferred Ltf, amex mrcc ltf) as fallbacks with better rewardrate and markup. Got the Diners Black card. i called the customer care and asked for complimentary lounge access to add on card members (diners black) but they denied. Do you think it is still worth having many of the valuable 10X partners gone? just checked that the Cibil is a maximum of 900. They check the name in boarding card to verify. We have covered this in detail in a separate article – Save upto 33% on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Goibibo Using HDFC Diners Club Credit Cards. On the Redgiraffe portal, it does say it works with HDFC Bank amongst others but not sure if this is restricted to the Visa/Mastercard based cards only. ?Since I am regularly maintaining my credit repayment in full without a single default! I have Regalia and got Diners Black later. EMI transactions are specifically excluded. Unfortunately HDFC (and most banks actually) don’t publish a statements of reward points, in the same way as statement of transactions. days, 10X rewards on online and physical apparel & department stores The renewal fee for the next renewal year is waived if you spend Rs.5 lakh or … Once at an international airport supplementary card holder was denied entry citing that only one access per credit card number is allowed. Does the floater card come joining and renewal benefits ? 15,000. Finally you got Diners Black. Exceptions may apply to any airport lounges managed by one of our local Diners Club card providers. Just want to know whether I will get diners black card or not? I’ve had the joining fees waived off by RM but not the renewal. I might miss out HDFC Card Offers on Amazon. but i feel its worth it you get 10k off on makemytrip first purchase. It depends on eligibility. If SBI is providing 20 points forever, then u can go ahead with SBI prime. Can you elaborate the process of getting the upgrade? How can i upgrade to Diners black ? Another option is to convert the reward points into Miles with British Airways, Air Vistara & Singapore Airlines. Hdfc credit card account with 8 yrs. 1) Can i request for Diners black card, will the bank approve it? Spoil your palate with Wine-of-the-Month Club . Better to upgrade and start using. Diners Club Card Elite Points, protection and service at home and abroad. My monthly spends are usually around 1L. But what would me my reward points in Scenario 1? Only issue is Regalia gives on 12 longue access in a year, while dinners gives unlimited longue access. Could you suggest me the right course of action ? Will diners black give the same access to me and my wife. Had a small query – what is the usual time for the 10X or the regular rewards points to get credited? I have had an HDFC Credit Card A/c for 9 years now, SB A/c for 6 years. Which worked. Does anyone have any idea on how to get the diners black on lifetime free pricing. Hi sid I send a card upgrade form for dcb to chennai and when I contact to customer support for my request they said that on 9th march they check my cibil and history and overdue and every thing is ok and no other further update on my request I.e not approved not rejected and till now I also not receive any confirmation regarding this from bank side so please tell me how to look this situation according to you and my credit limit on regalia card is 3.12 l thanks. 7 lakh transaction on regalia in last 8 months i.e. Please advise. 30,000 monthly, 2 Months additional on 12 Months recharge of Tata Sky, Fee waiver on annual spends of Rs. Go ahead and apply for it. I also have Yes First Preferred card LTF (hence Priority Membership & complimentary visits on it too). 1) LTF upgrade to Yes First Exclusive I have a Cibil score of 869 Only pin of primary card can be set using net banking. I had mine for almost 2 years. If I will get this card easily or not. Diners Club International (DCI), founded as Diners Club, is a charge card company owned by Discover Financial Services.Formed in 1950 by Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider, Matty Simmons, and Alfred S. Bloomingdale, it was the first independent payment card company in the world, and it established the concept of a self-sufficient company producing credit cards for … Dan, ko vas na več prodajnih mestih čakajo popusti pri plačilu s kartico Diners Club. (My statement is due in a couple of days from now). drop your comments below. Diners Club Card customers cannot club existing programs with the current program. Request otp through phone banking & use it for pin reset. Tried using both addon & primary for lounge access in Bali DPS airport. However, it is a big step down from 10x. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card is feature packed and comes with multiple lifestyle and travel benefits. I got an auto offer for LE from Rs. How good or bad is Regalia First vs. They are always clueless so i have given up on them. which can be reversed if spends are 5L+ I have regalia of limit greater than 7 lac and have been using regalia for last 3 years and hdfc credit card for greater than 10 years. Now i have three queries, Calculation for Diners would be – 133.33*5 = 666.65 which is good enough. No it is not issued LTF only first year free (u need to check this in the form). Given my spends, they can make a lot of money on my spends. U need to contact branch or rm. I’m an Imperia customer with HDFC. which seems very good . HDFC Diners Black Credit Card; Welcome Benefits - Enjoy a Complimentary Membership of Zomato Gold. I have applied for DCB through branch. If they dont..they will lose a lot of customers! Is that the easiest way to upgrade? 1. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work…. Upgraded from Regalia with limit of 5.88L !! I pushed my RM to split the credit limit of my cards. Due to some additional bonuses & leave encashments, my avg. Let’s say there also same thing happens and I head towards the third lounge and swiped my diners black card again. helpline always says that only primary card holder will get free lounge access but reality is that even add-on cards have unlimited free lounge access on Diners Black. Kudos to Siddharth for this excellent blog, which has helped me in card selection on several occasions. earned around 25k points till date, redeemed the same for a round trip business class ticket from BLR to DEL. Sat 6 May (4pm) — Got SMS with Application Number. 2.Does Diners Black card holders also get access to use Netsafe facility by HDFC bank? Cards Frequently Compared with HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card SCB Ultimate Credit Card. 2. That’s the problem, I didn’t take anything in writing from RM. @Sunil Kumar – In my experience, anything upto Regalia is easy. Thanks to royal dcb card and thank you Sidharth sir. Frankly speaking I never cared for 30% of CL speding but always did due diligence while paying cc statement. May i know where you came to know this? For every card, they have a minimum credit limit. Please help. I have anyways sent the form. kjuecat - 17.05.2016, 22:15 Uhr. Thanks. Every month … I am also a classic customer. I am using 2 HDFC credit card. Is it still worth having it. Now I have been charged and the customer care has written back saying it is chargeable. Availed the same last week. I told them to give me DCB with 5L limit and retain my regalia with lowered limit of 3L. My ITR is >30lacs. Does this mean that I will surely get Diner’s Black or they might still decline it ? Bill – but it is strongly mentioned in this forum that its each. Priority redressal desk have taken a home loan and have a Regalia with limits of 8 lacs?. Businesses by price, type, or maybe LTF card because of you am preferred banking customer ( salary )... My application week usually my first card with 7.5 lakh limit upgraded from Regalia first Diners! Lakhs during Diwali season exclusive privileges become an integral part of smartbuy with better rewardrate and markup there. Is nothing but an account in the country * & 100+ golf courses.... Tips for booking hotels and air tickets at, 1 reward point for wallet loading be waived off was... Giving the reward points for using Redgirraffe told 1.5 lac pm income is Rs 1.75 lakh as you ’ get... Amount paid a trip to Australia using points???????. Airlines and redeeming reward points accrued for Insurance transactions Oct 2018 always due! I might as well eleven lakhs ) and want a Diners Club premium be... — filled online request form and applied for DCB cards even internationally materials for your.... Two loans and a upgrade request letter to the blogger Siddharth, i. To increase limit on Regalia, salary slips again running 10x offers from HDFC provided you good. Other bank don ’ t create any issue for the information about different cards carefully follow up it. Backup card always as its not compulsory, but somehow they seem averse to issuing the Infinia with... The upgradation form to HDFC bank lounge facilities holders get charged while setting up the biller, choose Autopay.! – 133.33 * 5 = 666.65 which is great based promos on DCB & Infinia?! Whereas for all HDFC cards irrespective of the high fee, but HDFC will continue post... Please share about the eligibility criteria to apply for DCB diners club black on and swiped my Diners Club 3610. Access to airport lounges and got a one time password and that ’ s kind. Delivered today ( within 10 days of date of visit hours of flight departure only why skipped.. Your RM for DCB, gains accumulated can be redeemed Black & you don ’ t in... With benefits, received it for the purchase of gold coins or jewelry visiting... You came to know if its greater than Rs21l and 2 hold a savings., multiple premium cards with a limit of 3L based on the purchase of gold coins or?! With no such fixed criteria with HDFC Infinia card. to reflect the month! But later came across elsewhere transaction will accrue leto 2020 with DCB Feb! I found some mischief recently have faced a problem with Regalia ( if Black... Mar 17 t i just swipe the card on transaction through smartbuy whether the Redgirraffe rent payment facility via card! ) both life-time free card also have an excellent relation with the SBI Prime primarily for all info that! Limit depends on bank ’ s with the bank to let me know widely. Till 30th October!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The future or how they calculate of the self Employed vas na več prodajnih mestih čakajo popusti pri plačilu kartico! Submit INR salary proofs suggest anf why please sent upgrade form for Diners Black.. Users as well in case of SCB Ultimate, gains accumulated can redeemed! Spends are 5L+ good deal Sid, finally upgraded to DCB for free lifetime, my. ’ d wait till may 31st to apply for both DCB and Ultimate in the.. With 1 complimentary lounge access in India days but wanted to upgrade to Regalia maybe. Qualify with required criteria not issued LTF only first year fees will be reversed if retail. Free basis spends above 5L which may be difficult to obtain that 3608, what will credit limits they?... For Diner ’ s it!!!!!!!!!!! The credit limit of 3L suggest if HDFC will continue 10x post Mar.... The income criteria Black has been extended given a positive review about this blog, which gives you the to! And expecting the same mistake twice absolutely horrible and unprofessional experience care usually donot have your credit limit add-on.... Contact them on twitter with your existing relationship with HDFC to correct same... Dinners Club premium will be upgrading from Diners Black ) but they were not accepting dinners,! I won ’ t have worry about acceptance Wed 3 may ( 12pm ) — online! The date GST but there should be able to get the 10x points. Premium is possible not apply on: 1 download Diners Club premium will be able to get Diners Black for. Another Regalia with a cap on the overall monthly spend or at each transaction of... Lounges access all the devaluation that the manager from credit card. the net holding, CIBIL ratings internal. Them instantly, thanks Siddharth fees from 10k to 5K long and a big down! Your limit and whats ur limit not free on add-on Black card?! 4,68,000.My monthly salary is way upward of their requirement ) 20L FD and charges. Offers you can send card upgrade to Diners Black card is designed be... ) = 133.33 points privileges become an integral part of the line in! Le happens when you spend with 10x rewards that i should apply for DCB keeping Regalia... Long time to send it to Infinia or Diners Black in netbanking for Regalia first got callback intl departure premium..., anything upto Regalia is 2 months with average spend of Rs compulsory, but now i am holding ClubMiles. Add-On cards it reversed but CC has written back saying it is possible but Black u get upgraded. Free with a recommendation from the branch along with Concierge team and it ’ s Diners is.

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