Core to cover, this multilayered ball delivers optimum performance tee to green; Engineered for STRAIGHT DISTANCE . Damit gibt er den meisten Golfern den besten Start vom Tee weg. Put your golf tee in the ground.2. Stand so that the ball aligns with your left toe.3. Der Bridgestone e6 SPEED ist ein 3-Piece-Ball mit einer weichen Ionomer-Schale. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. The e6 SPEED features a three-piece design that includes a soft Sherlyn-cover, an anti-slide spin mantle-layer, and a soft-gradational-core. Zielgruppe sind alle Golfer mit hohen Schwunggeschwindigkeiten, die sich eine gerade und lange Flugbahn wünschen. The Bridgestone e6 Speed Golf Ball has been engineered to provide excellent ball speeds right through the golf bag that will enhance your carry distances without sacrificing accuracy. The e6 Soft golf ball from Bridgestone is designed for low driver and long iron spin with the new Delta Dimple design for smooth, straight shots as well as optimized launch and stopping power in the short game. While the e6 has a relatively softcore, the e7 has a ‘speed enhancer’ large-core. To buy this ball at a great price go to for a great deal. With a 2-piece construction and soft feel, the Bridgestone e6 golf balls can really benefit players with an average or below-average swing speed. The only driver proved himself better by achieving 20 out of 20 stars in the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List. 1. | Copyright © - Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Versandkosten und ggf. The previous version of the E6 balls were labeled as E6 Speed and E6 Soft. Delta design reduce smooth air touch on the ball to give you the correct direction and long-distance. e12 SPEED Distance Performance class, 3-piece surlyn golf ball that delivers sidespin reducing performance, with explosive distance off the tee with a solid feel. 10 BRIDGESTONE "E6 SPEED" - 3 PIECE Golf Balls - "PEARL/A" Grades. Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls (One Dozen) 4.7 out of 5 stars 657. Total Rating 0%. e6 Soft / Speed out the Bridgestone e6/Speed Golf Balls at TGW. Das Highlight des e6 von Bridgestone Golf ist ohne Zweifel das ausgezeichnete Spielgefühl, das er bietet. Das vermittelt bei allen Schlägen einsensationell weiches Gefühl … Gemäß Ballfittingdaten ist der „e6 Speed“ passend für Golfer mit hohen Schwunggeschwindigkeiten. Die 2017er Bridgestone E6 Speed Golfbälle sind das Nachfolgemodell des erfolgreichen Bridgestone E7.. gesetzl. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen) 4.7 out of 5 stars 358. The core is designed to provide faster speed and low spin off the driver producing straight distance. £20.87. Pull the club up and back.6. Die Lieferzeit bezieht sich auf einen Zahlungseingang (z.B. The Bridgestone e6 Speed is a high performance ball with remarkable initial velocity. The further your legs are apart from each other, the more range of motion you will have.4. Keep the ball high in your stance. AWL Golf aims to help people find the best and ultimate resource for people interested in buying Best Golf Gadgets. The Bridgestone E6 ball is a merger of their previous E6 models, the E6 Soft and E6 Speed. Dieser Artikel steht derzeit nicht zur Verfügung! The reformulated e6 is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking maximum distance on all shots. £24.99. This brand new product is aimed at golfers looking for the perfect match between price and outstanding performance. The e12 SPEED is one of the longest golf balls that I’ve put into play and was the longest during testing in Florida and up north. Your email address will not be published. Accuracy and a decisive advantage come in competition with the Bridgestone golf-ball. “It is a soft ball. E6 Soft is currently similar to E6. It consists of an anti-spin mantle-layer and a soft-gradational core. The heritage of e6 in a construction that is now easier to compress thanks to a larger and softer core. The philosophy behind the creation of the Bridgestone e6 SPEED is to offer players an enhanced soft feel on all shots and reduced spin off the driver for increased distance and for maximizing launch/stopping power on both iron and wedge shots. Out of stock | Add to Compare; Bridgestone Tour B330 Mix. The core is designed to provide incredible speed and low spin off the driver to deliver straight distance. If you have been struggling with your swing speed and the consequent distance, it’s probably time to switch to Bridgestone E6 golf balls. What’s the Difference Between e6 & e12 Balls? We tested e6 SOFT White against the Speed version and found less than 10 yards variation. It is an example of Bridgestone’s most popular line of golf balls. It helped minimize my slices, and while it’s certainly no magic bullet … The Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls feature 326 seamless dimple design and provides the "zoom" with the new WEB Dimple Technology for more speed. An observation about golf balls in general: In recent years even the low-end golf balls have become so good that it is increasingly hard to write reviews that distinguish one from another. Das vermittelt bei allen Schlägen einsensationell weiches Gefühl und macht die Bälle lang und gerade. 0 users rated this 2 out of 5 stars 0. Mithilfe des Google Cookies ermöglichen Sie es uns, den Erfolg userer Werbung zu erfahren und zukünftig besser abzustimmen. The new E6 is now easier to compress, and its 2-piece construction core is designed for high ball speed while maintaining a soft feel. The core is designed to provide faster speed and low spin for off the driver for straighter distance. 0 users rated this 3 out of 5 stars 0. Gemäß Ballfittingdaten ist der „e6 Speed“ passend für 10 bis 15 % aller Golfer mit hohen Schwunggeschwindigkeiten. Hold the club-high.5. Next.

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