Bonus is reset every three hits. Using their new Trapper skill tree,  FL4K can control the battlefield from near and far. damages an enemy. FL4K's BUL Loader also gains increased Damage Resistance and a powerful Roundhouse Melee Attack. Turn Tail and Run • Borderlands 3. FL4K deals increased damage against targets who are not targeting FL4K. Requires Fade Away. Kill Skill. Self-Repairing System • Freeze enemies solid and fight alongside a loyal Loader Bot in the Designer's Cut DLC launching November 10 for Borderlands 3, available as part of Season Pass 2 or individual purchase. This new add-on gives you access to all kinds of fresh mayhem, including the new Arms Race mode and an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter, with new Action Skills to wield and a world of possibilities for your next great build. Requires Rakk Attack!. BUL Loader (FL4K) • Second Intention • Humans: +3% / +6% / +9% / +12% / +15%, Armor Damage vs. Robots: +6% / +12% / +18% / +24% / +30%, Damage Reduction vs. Beasts: +5.3% / +10.1% / +14.4% / +18.3% / +21.9%, Cooldown Reduction Chance: +10% / +20% / +30%, Handling: +17% / +29% / +38% / +44% / +50%, Critical Hit Damage: +4% / +8% / +12% / +16% / +20%, Extra Projectile Chance: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%, Hunter Skill Duration: +33% / +67% / +100%, Gun Damage: +3% / +6% / +9% / +12% / +15%, Action Skill Damage: +5% / +10% / +15% / +20% / +25%, Pet Damage: +7% / +14% / +21% / +28% / +35%. Guard Skag Lethal Force Authorized • Requires Fade Away. The Fast and the Furryous • FL4K gains increased damage while accompanied by the skag. Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Purple Skill Tree. Burst Aid • FL4K is joined by a loyal Mini ION Loader Bot companion, armed with a Shock Sniper Rifle and Homing Shock Orbs that can be sot to trigger a Shock Nova. "This also opens up a whole new set of Action Skill Active Anointments that previously hadn't synergized too well with her other skills.". FL4K gains increased movement speed and critical hit damage while accompanied by the Gunslinger. While accompanied by the WAR Loader, FL4K gains increased Fire Rate. Check out the breakdowns below, then peruse these new skill trees in full with the interactive skill tree character builders over on the Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster pages. Borderlands 3 has revealed two new Skill Trees arriving next month, for Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster. Allies Share 17% / 33 / 50% of FL4K's Health Regeneration. This Skill has a short cooldown. Summons a pet jabber. FL4K has three different pets, which correlate with three different skill trees and three different Action Skills. Hidden Machine • FL4K gains critical hit damage, gun damage, and weapon handling for a time after killing a Badass or stronger enemy. FL4K and Pet gain increased maximum health and damage. FL4K and allies near the rift rapidly regenerate health. Take This! Their action skills let them send forth dive-bombing Rakk, teleport Gamma Burst-irradiated pets through rifts, and even Fade Away to temporarily become invisible while moving faster and regenerating health. • Whenever FL4K's or their pet's shield breaks or is filled, they and their pet create a Radiation Nova. has increased cooldown rate and gains one additional charge. Persistence Hunter • FL4K's pet gains increased Critical Hit Damage. "Or just go with the WAR Loader and burn everything to the ground with its radiation missiles. Whatever floats your boat. © 2019 Gearbox. Rakk Attack! FL4K gains increased movement speed while accompanied by the jabber. Each kill made by FL4K or pet extends Gamma Burst's duration and increases pet damage. While they’re tied up, you and your animal/metal companion can go to town on your helpless prey or focus on high-value targets. Psycho Head on a Stick • Borderlands 3 Fl4k New Trapper Skill Tree Gameplay. Activating Action Skill gives FL4K and pet damage bonus for a short time. Kill Skill. Whenever FL4K issues an Attack Command, if FL4K's or their pet's shield is less than half full a portion of FL4K's and their pet's shields are restored. Killing an enemy increases FL4K's reload speed for a few seconds. Forage • Ferocity • Those who master Phaseflare and pair it with the right gear will be able to bounce around the battlefield like a Siren possessed, slaughtering enemies by slamming an energy orb to and fro. Posted: Aug 8 2019. FL4K gets a Hyperion Ion Loader bot as a pet via the Trapper skill tree; it comes in different flavours as you unlock more skills. This skill has a short cooldown. One major feature from this update is the addition of a fourth purple skill tree for each Vault Hunter. Freeze enemies solid and fight alongside a loyal Loader Bot in the Designer's Cut DLC launching November 10 for Borderlands 3, available as part of Season Pass 2 or individual purchase. Adds more rakk to Rakk Attack!. 3 Hunter Kill Skill. FL4K's Trap no longer Knocks Up or Stuns enemies. FL4K has always been the glass cannon of the 4 Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. FL4K’s pets have really never been a … These new skill trees are part of Borderlands 3's Designer's Cut DLC launching on November 10, 2020. Increases effectiveness and duration of Hunter Skills. The orb constantly damages any enemies nearby, but its full potential comes from the damage it does colliding with targets like a lethal bowling ball. Fade Away's health regeneration and movement speed bonuses persist for a few seconds after Fade Away ends. This 10th November, Borderlands 3 will come with a massive Season 2 update starting with the Designer’s Cut. Pet's first melee attack against an enemy is always a critical hit which gains bonus critical damage. Throatripper • When pet deals damage, both FL4K and pet gain a stack of Frenzy, which increases damage. Increases FL4K's fire rate. FL4K tosses out a Trap that Knocks Up and temporarily Stuns nearby enemies. Endurance • Whenever FL4K's Loader Bot pet would go into Fight For Your Life, it turns into an EXP Loader instead and seeks out a nearby enemy before self-destructing, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Ambush Predator • Rift created by Gamma Burst remains for the full duration of the skill. Focuses: pet spiderant, stacking bonuses. Trap Card • The Loader Bot can be transformed into an ION loader, BUL loader or WAR loader, each with different abilities. FL4K can shoot up to three shots while invisible, and each shot is an automatic critical hit. Grim Harvest • FL4K and their pet gain increased Reload Speed. FL4K's pet receives twice the amount. Attack Command: the Countess burrows then reemerges, dealing corrosive damage in an area. Check out Amara and FL4K's new skill trees coming to Borderlands 3 in the Designer's Cut! "The ION Loader comes with a powerful sniper rifle to keep it and FL4K safe from a distance, while the BUL Loader comes with a shotgun and a bulldozer to get right up in enemies' stupid faces," Tommy explains. Increases FL4K's handling and critical damage when there are no enemies nearby. So it … For all you Siren pugilists who love to punch anything that moves, the Enlightened Force skill tree lets you crack skulls like never before. Designer's Cut requires a copy of Borderlands 3 to play, and can be purchased individually or as part of Season Pass 2. Hunter Kill Skill. FL4K gains Furious Attack stacks when shooting enemies. Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide. Survivability Skill Tree. Pack Tactics • The “PS” Family logo and “PS4” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Stadia, the S logo, and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Flock 'N Load • Whenever FL4K shoots the same enemy their pet is attacking, FL4K's Pet gains a portion of the damage dealt as health. FL4K gains increased damage and fire rate while accompanied by the Eridian skag. Not My Circus • Monkey Do! For Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Oct. 20th - Skill Trees for Amara & FL4K Reveal" - Page 2. Interactive Borderlands 3 Skill Trees Are Live. Having a 4th would have been lazier than giving her one option that isn't that >_>Really? Eager to Impress • While above half Health, FL4K gains increased Gun Damage and Movement Speed, and their pet gains increased damage. Please use a more modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. FL4K … When using Amara's Enlightened Force skill tree, the entire galaxy is your personal bowling alley and those opposing you are the soon-to-be-annihilated pins. Pet gains damage reduction and is partially healed when health falls below a certain threshold. Each stack increases handling, gun damage and Pet damage. Spiderant Centurion (All of which their skill trees give them. Rage and Recover • Dominance • ION Loader (FL4K) Wouldn't the same argument apply to giving Amara another Siren Power? Two F4ng •, Gravity Snare Allows FL4K to score critical hits with weapons against any part of an enemy. Megavore • Pet jabber is upgraded to Beefcake jabber, armed with a shotgun. Gearbox has announced the new Skill Trees as … Gotta Go Fast • FL4K's pet will attempt to revive FL4K when they are crippled. FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains damage reduction while accompanied by the Countess. FL4K's pet gains a copy of FL4K's shield. FL4K's pet taunts nearby enemies and gains damage reduction for a few seconds after Fade Away ends. Hunter Skill. Summons a pet skag. Better Toys • Barbaric Yawp • Go for the Eyes! FL4K gains increased damage while accompanied by the horned skag. • Whenever FL4K's pet kills an enemy, FL4K gains increased Action Skill Duration and Action Skill Cooldown Rate for a short time. As you level up in Borderlands 3 following its September 13 launch, you'll spend points in your chosen Vault Hunter’s unique skill trees to tailor them … This effect stacks. Hunter Kill Skill. Requires Rakk Attack!. The Scorcher occasionally deals incendiary damage to nearby enemies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This long-lasting Action Skill periodically tosses any nearby enemies into the air, interrupting their attacks before painfully slamming them back into the ground. Reduces Attack Command cooldown and increases the attack's damage. Pet gains increased movement speed and damage after FL4K kills an enemy. Lick the Wounds • While accompanied by rge ION Loader, FL4K gains increased Elemental Damage Resistance. WAR Loader (FL4K) • If the pet kills an enemy, cooldown is reduced by a greater amount, and Attack Command cooldown is reset. Sic 'Em • Wooly Armor • Unblinking Eye • Increases FL4K's gun damage and Action Skill duration. Spiderant Scorcher • Hunter's Eye • Only one enemy can be dominated at a time, and each enemy can be dominated only once. FL4K gains increased movement speed and maximum health while accompanied by the Beefcake. We spoke with Gearbox Software's Creative Director Graeme Timmins and Game Designer Tommy Westerman to highlight the key strengths of these new Action Skills and passive abilities. FL4K regains health whenever Rakk Attack! With the new Trapper skill tree, FL4K and their Pets are able to gain a lot of survivability skills. Attack Command: the spiderant charges into enemies. FL4K's pet's attacks have a chance to score a Critical Hit, dealing increased damage. Hunter is the third of FL4K's four skill trees. The Power Inside • During the Gearbox PAX Digital Showcase, you got a first look at what’s in store for Borderlands 3, including new features on the incoming generation of consoles and an entirely new Skill Tree for FL4K as part of upcoming premium content. Summons a pet spiderant. They gain gun damage and fire rate while not moving. "To FL4K, something doesn't need to be warm, fuzzy, and poop out their mouths to be a pet," says Tommy. Fire Rate after Reloading: +2% / +4% / +6% / +8% / +10%, Damage Reduction While Moving: +6.5% / +12.3% / +17.4%, Health Regeneration While Moving: +0.3% / +0.6% / +0.9%, Gun Damage While Still: +8.3% / +16.7% / +25%, Health Regeneration: +1.6% / +3.2% / +4.8% / +6.4% / +8% of Missing Health per second, Health Regeneration: +1% of Max Health per second, Damage: +2% / +4% / +6% / +8% / +10% per stack, Pet Damage : +1% / +2% / +3% / +4% / +5% per stack, Human Bonus - Action Skill Damage: +3% / +6% / +9% / +12% / +15% per stack, Robot Bonus - Corrosive Damage: +1.5% / +3% / +4.5% / +6% / +7.5% per stack, Beast Bonus - Movement Speed: 2% / +3% / +5% / +6% / +7% per stack, Reload Speed: +3% / +6% / +8% / +11% / +13%, Critical Kill Reload Speed: +6% / +11% / +15% / +19% / +23%, Critical Hit Damage vs. "The Loader Bots also contribute to a sense of cooperative play that really makes FL4K feel like a pack leader.". The second reason is that for most players, survivability is merely a means to an end. Stalker. Summons two rakk which dive-bomb enemies. Hunter Kill Skill. Rakkcelerate • The new Skill Tree, Trapper, gives the … FL4K is the Beastmaster and with this 4th skill tree, you are able to utilize your Pet a lot more. 's damage to cryo. • Requires Fade Away. Putting skill points into the Trapper Skill Tree will greatly increase shields and survivability for both FL4K and their pet, while the Gravity Snare Action Skill grants FL4K an effective means of crowd control. Or Zane another little tech skill, or Fl4k another pet? Pet can reflect a portion of damage it takes back at enemies. Pet is surrounded by radiation aura that constantly damages nearby enemies. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Agility Training • FL4K briefly regenerates health when pet deals damage. This is the best FL4K build in borderlands 3 featuring his action skill, full skill tree, and abilities. Fade Away no longer ends when FL4K attacks, but duration and bonus critical damage are reduced. Shared Spirit • The vault hunters of Borderlands 3 are getting more skills in the next update, and we've got gameplay of Fl4k… FL4K's pet gains increased Movement Speed and Damage. FL4K is an interesting vault hunter and finding the best Borderlands 3 FL4K build means mastering their ability to teleport dangerous animals around to fight for them. Head Count • FL4K's critical hits have a chance to reduce Action Skill cooldown. Empathic Rage • Pet spiderant is upgraded to Countess spiderant. Requires Rakk Attack!. Jabber Sidekick FL4K's Trap gains increased Duration and increased Radius. Great Horned Skag • Pet instantly gains some health when FL4K deals damage. Putting skill points into the Trapper Skill Tree will greatly increase shields and survivability for both FL4K and their pet, while the Gravity Snare Action Skill grants FL4K an effective means of crowd control. FL4K gains a chance to fire one additional projectile with every shot. Attack Command: the skag charges at enemies and knocks them into the air. Target constantly loses health while dominated. Each Vault Hunter will get a new purple tree in an upcoming DLC, as well as new game modes. Attack Command: the jabber throws a radiation barrel at enemies. Requires Rakk Attack!. Self-Repairing System: FL4K’s maximum health is increased, and they constantly regenerate … Killing an enemy grants a stack of Interplanetary Stalker which increases FL4K's damage and Pet Damage. Instead, the Trap confuses nearby enemies, causing them to attack their allies for a short time. Pet spiderant is upgraded to Scorcher spiderant. Check out Amara and FL4K's new skill trees coming to Borderlands 3 in the Designer's Cut! Gearbox. ©2019 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Radeon, Ryzen and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Epic Games and the Epic Games Store logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the USA and elsewhere. Frenzy • By Richard … FL4K and their pet gain increased Shield Recharge Rate and improved Shield Recharge Delay. Whenever FL4K activates their Action Skill, they gain greatly increased Shield Capacity for a short time and immediately begin recharging their shields. This bonus is greater for a critical kill. You can mix and match any of these aspects, but … Requires Gamma Burst. While FL4K's shields are full, their pet gains Damage Reduction. Fl4k is one of the new Vault Hunters for Borderlands 3.Like all Vault Hunters, they have three Skill Trees for you to experiment with - Stalker, Hunterand Master. • Grants increased movement speed and health regeneration. Who Rescued Who? Combat Veterinarian • FL4K gains critical hit damage, gun damage, and weapon handling for a time after killing a Badass or stronger enemy. Requires Fade Away. Increases FL4K's gun damage, Action Skill damage, and Pet Damage. Duration is doubled against a beast target. Fade Away Attack Command: the Beefcake performs a melee attack that knocks enemies back. The passive abilities in the Trapper skill tree give FL4K and their pets huge survivability increases via shield bonuses or added damage through increased critical hit effects. So you're interested in playing as FL4K in Borderlands 3? Whenever an enemy trapped by FL4K is knocked into the air, they drop ammo, health boosters, and shield boosters. FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains elemental resistance while accompanied by the Scorcher. Pet jabber is upgraded to Gunslinger jabber, armed with an SMG. Falconer's Feast • Increases FL4K's critical hit damage and makes enemies less likely to attack them. Borderlands 3 skill trees: Every Amara, Zane, and Moze action and passive skill By Tyler Wilde , Wes Fenlon 11 March 2020 Here are all of the Siren and Operative abilities in Borderlands 3 … Action Skill cooldown is reduced when FL4K kills an enemy. Spiderant Countess • Guerrillas in the Mist • When FL4K is at low health, a portion of damage they take is inflicted on pet instead. To help you and your trusty pets get the perfect positioning during a skirmish, FL4K can drop a Gravity Snare for some reliable crowd-control. Until You Are Dead •, Rakk Attack! Galactic Shadow • All rights reserved. October 20, 2020, 9:00 AM. Reloading weapon increases fire rate further for a few seconds. FL4K's new Trapper skill tree isn't all about robot rampages, though—it also provides FL4K and their pets with powerful shield bonuses.". The four new Vault Hunters of Borderlands 3 are all well-versed in a wide variety of weaponry, but what really sets them apart from the average mercenary are their unique skill sets. The Most Dangerous Game • Beefcake Jabber • Keep Them Safe • Success Imminent • All My BFF's • Gearbox and Borderlands, and the Gearbox Software and Borderlands logos, are registered trademarks, all used courtesy of Gearbox Software, LLC. After a year full of glorious, mayhem-riddled memories, Borderlands 3 still has plenty of chaotic content on the way. Pet skag is upgraded to Horned skag. Requires Gamma Burst. Atomic Aroma • This new add-on gives you access to all kinds of fresh mayhem, including the new Arms Race mode and an additional skill tree … Borderlands 3’s new Amara and Fl4k skill trees are detailed by Gearbox, with both the Siren and Hunter getting some powerful new abilities. Once deployed, the Trap continues to periodically confuse enemies for the duration. First up, we're taking a look at the Enlightened Force skill tree for Amara the Siren and the Trapper skill tree for FL4K the Beastmaster, which introduce new ways to play both of these bona fide badasses. Hunter Skill. Furious Attack • Additionally, their Pet gains increased pet damage for a long time Critical Hit Damage: +8% / +17% / +25%; Gun Damage: +3.3% / +6.7% / +10%; Handling: +14.3% / +25% / +33.3%; Pet Damage : +9% / +18% / +27% Gamma Burst Wide Net • This also features his cat... Borderlands 3 FL4K build! Leave No Trace • Can also revive pet, but this doubles follow up cooldown time. FL4K is a wandering robot who always brings one of their three loyal pets into battle to buff stats and attack enemies. Creates a rift at target location and teleports pet there. Pet Damage: +10% / +20% / +30% / +40% / +50%, Action Skill Duration: +15% / +30% / +45%, Pet Critical Hit Damage: +15% / +30% / +45% / +60% / +75%, Health Regeneration: +0.4% / +0.8% / +1.2% / +1.6% / +2%, Pet Health Restored: 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5% of damage dealt, Damage: +0.8% / +1.6% / +2.4% / +3.2% / +4%, Pet Bonuses: +40% / +80% / +120% / +160 / +200%, Health Regeneration: +40% of Max Pet Health over 6 seconds, Health Regeneration: +20% of Max Health per second, FL4K and Per Maximum Health: +5% / +10% / +15%, Health Regeneration: +3% of Max Health per second, Maximum Health: +6% / +12% / +18% / +24% / +30%, Health Regeneration: 0.3% / 0.6% / 0.9% / 1.2% / 1.5%, Attack Command Damage: +10% / +20% / +30%, Attack Command Cooldown: -10% / -20% / -30%, Handling: +1% / +2% / +2.9% / +3.8% / +4.8% per stack, Gun Damage: +0.4% / +0.8% / +1.2% / +1.6% / +2.0% per stack, Pet Kill: -0.5s / -1s / -1.5s / -2s / -2.5s, FL4K Kill: -0.25s / -0.5s / -0.75s / -1s / -1.25s. Mutated Defenses • When FL4K scores a critical hit, there is a chance for one ammo to be added to their magazine. FL4K's allies gain a portion of FL4K's total health regeneration. We got you covered with the best tips to make the most out of their skills. Whenever FL4K or their pet scores a Critical Hit, a portion of FL4K's and their pet's shields are restored. Not Even A Challenge • Borderlands 3 Character Builds and Skill Trees FL4K the Beastmaster If you're into having a partner in crime, FL4K the Beastmaster brings one of three pets into combat: the Spiderant, Skag, or … 2K and the 2K logo are trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Attack Command: the skag generates a singularity, pulling nearby enemies in. FL4K deals increased damage while Gamma Burst is active. Like the other Vault Hunters, they have three distinct skill trees and active skills to choose from. For instance, heal your allies with the Glow Up Action Skill that can grant an instant Second Wind if you smack it into a downed teammate. Attack Command: the Gunslinger equips a rocket launcher to attack the target. FL4K has a new pet in Borderlands 3! In the new Trapper skill tree, Fl4k's skills can be modified to focus more on containing and neutralizing crowds of enemies. Big Game • Creating a FL4K build in Borderlands 3 is, at least in one respect, a more complex undertaking than with most Borderlands 3 builds, because it’s not just you that you’re upgrading but also your pet.And these pets can grow to become quite fantastically powerful by assigning your skill points into the following skill trees: Published and distributed by 2K. Bonus is doubled if FL4K is at full health. Sign up to receive news, promotional messages, and Borderlands info from 2K and its affiliates. Additionally, their Pet gains increased pet damage for a long time. Eridian Skag • FL4K's successive hits on the same target receive increasing critical damage bonus. More info soon. The rift deals radiation damage to nearby enemies. "I can't wait to see what kind of interesting shield-focused builds are made possible by the Trapper skill tree," says Graeme. Converts Rakk Attack! Then knock their blocks off using the Phaseflare Action Skill, which creates an orb of pure elemental energy you can push around and  detonate using melee attacks. Blind With Anger • Borderlands 3 FL4K build! Focuses: pet spiderant, stacking bonuses. Afyer being deployed, the Trap periodically continues to Knock Up and Stun enemies for the duration. Renders FL4K invisible to enemies. Attack Command: the Scorcher charges into enemies. Hive Mind • We got a first look at FL4K the Beastmaster's new Trapper Skill Tree, which features the powerful Gravity Snare Action Skill and a lovable line of Hyperion Loaderbots as a new pet type. Capacitance. 1 Starting Skills 2 Tier 1 3 Tier 2 4 Tier 3 5 Tier 4 6 Tier 5 7 Tier 6 Requires Gamma Burst. Here’s a breakdown of Amara and Fl4k’s … Hunter Kill Skill. Premium content has been announced for Borderlands 3 that gives each of the characters a new skill tree they can put points in to unlock all new actions and passive abilities. The passive abilities in the Enlightened Force skill tree also help you maximize your elemental damage and slow enemies so they have no hope of outrunning your Phaseflare. Pet becomes irradiated, dealing additional radiation damage when attacking. FL4K the Beastmaster is on a never-ending hunt in Borderlands 3, accompanied by loyal beasts who are eager to please them.This robotic leader of the pack has access to both an Action Skill and an autonomous Pet that fights by their side and obeys commands to pounce … If you haven't seen them yet, check out the new skill trees for Moze the Gunner and Zane the Operative! Fuzzy Math • After being revived by pet, pet gains increased damage for a time. FL4K gains increased maximum health and constant health regeneration. FL4K gains health regeneration and damage reduction while moving. Pet skag is upgraded to Eridian skag. "To FL4K, anything can be a pet, including a Hyperion Loader Bot.". FL4K's ION Loader upgrades into a WAR Loader, discarding its sniper rifle and equipping an Incendiary Shotgun and Grenades. If you love luring enemies to their doom and withstanding damage that would make lesser robots crumble, FL4K's Trapper skill tree has what you need. FL4K is essentially the hunter class of Borderlands 3. He Bites! While standing near the Trap, pressing. Has multiple charges. There are already 3 trees of mech s***. Overclocked • Focuses: pet jabber, burst damage, survivability. Gunslinger Jabber • Also grants a stacking unique bonus which stacks up to three times, depending on the type of enemy killed. Grants unique bonuses when fighting different types of enemies. "Up until now Amara had 'fire and forget' Action Skills, but with the new Phaseflare, she's capable of even more damage when properly managing the skill," says Graeme. Tune in to the official Borderlands Twitch channel at 7am PDT on Wednesday, August 14 to see FL4K in action! Interplanetary Stalker • This skill has a short cooldown. First, freeze anyone foolish enough to get in your way with Cryo elemental effects, which round out Amara's toolkit of natural elements she can affix to her Action Skills. Turns an enemy into an ally. Even Fl4k’s Trapper tree is strong evidence of this - Fuzzy Math is strong enough on its own, making the other 3 or 4 tank skills basically irrelevant. FL4K's ION Loader upgrades into an BUL Loader, discarding its sniper rifle and equipping a Shotgun. Attack Command: the skag vomits acid at enemies. Hunter Skill. If FL4K would go into Fight For Your Life while their Trap is readied, they automatically throw a Trap at the enemy that downed them.

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