Enzo pursues Damon into a vault in the Armory when discolored and long-clawed hands grab his face and pull him backward. Caroline comes to Carol's rescue and holds them until the doorway is closed. Banished to an island to die because of her psychic abilities, Seline chose to become a cannibal to avoid starvation and deceived her "sister-by-choice" Sybil into becoming a cannibal as well. Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger, but ghost Katherine reveals to Bonnie, shortly before trying to cross into the Other Side, that she had injected Dr. Maxfield's enhanced ripper-werewolf virus into Elena's body, infecting her. After her sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car crash, she took over as Elena's and Jeremy's legal guardian and moved into the Gilbert family home. She initially attempts to hide her involvement with Jeremy from Pearl, and Anna and Pearl eventually get into a fight. Later on Klaus relized that he loved and cared about … In season six, Liv continued attending college and had developed a romantic relationship with Tyler Lockwood. Lillie Flynn. Valerie and Stefan discover a desiccated Caroline and realize the talisman didn't work. But when she brings Klaus to the brink of death, Elijah does not kill him, as planned, and carries Klaus away before Bonnie could react. However, a visit from Caroline and Enzo results in Enzo killing his girlfriend. Caroline and Elena become fearful that Megan knows that they are vampires because her drinks have vervain in them. Elena goes to medical school and marries Damon, and they happily have three children. It is later revealed that Katherine took over Elena's body and attempts to seduce Stefan; he kills her after saying goodbye one last time. Professor Atticus Shane mentors Bonnie in regaining her powers. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. He is later sent for Elena and kills Enzo, but Bonnie injects him with the cure, rendering him human. In the beginning of season four, Bonnie learns that there is a forbidden magic, but she is forced to use it to transfer Klaus back to his original body, as a result, angry spirits attack her grandmother's ghost. Josette "Josie" Saltzman, portrayed by Lily Rose Mumford, is a siphon, the twin sister of Lizzie and the daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin. Alaric later turns the armory into a school for children like his daughters, to teach them to control their powers. While nearly all of his friends and family are under the impression that Jeremy is going to art school there, in reality, Jeremy has moved there to hunt vampires, with only Alaric, who planned to feed him leads, knowing Jeremy's true plans. However, Carol Lockwood finds out Caroline is a vampire and contacts her father, Bill Forbes. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her, to keep her secret, and to drink her vampire blood against his will. After decades of absence from Mystic Falls, Stefan returned to visit his home and Zach. Before the door is closed, Anna finds her mother and they make peace. It was later revealed that Elijah, one of the original vampires, convinced Carol to stop taking vervain in order to compel her. They make a deal with Rayna, but she did not tell them that she was going to be the next huntress. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. Stefan's change in attitude causes a rift between Elena and Stefan while Damon and Elena grow closer. Although she never explicitly breaks off the engagement, she begins to wonder if their June wedding will ever happen. Matthew G. "Matt" Donovan (based on Matthew Honeycutt from the novels) is Elena Gilbert's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend and is one of the only completely human characters in the TVD Universe. She manages to forgive Stefan and uses her power to see Enzo, but she breaks off the connection in order to channel her power into saving Caroline's twins. Lucas "Luke" Parker is a warlock and Liv's twin brother. She is best known for her role as Caroline Forbes in The CW supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries (2009–2017) and her recurring role as the same character on the spin-off series The Originals (2018). "Minus the OCD, annoyingness, and incessant need to be in control, you are so much like… He then precedes to drown Stefan in a safe in the quarry. In season six, Tyler struggles to stay human, and develops a relationship with the witch Liv Parker. It is later learned that Alaric was unknowingly killing people, due to the Gilbert ring giving him a vampire-hating alter ego, which was referred to as "The Darkness" or "Evil-aric". Enzo hides Bonnie from the Armory as they need her to open a mysterious vault. In season one, surviving a car accident that killed her parents, Elena reluctantly returns to school for her sophomore year and begins dating a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore. Granted immortality, beauty and youth in exchange for her service, Sybil must feast on the flesh of the wicked to keep herself beautiful and delivers to Arcadius the souls of the damned. Caroline completes the Expression triangle by killing 12 witches in an attempt to save Bonnie, which opens up the gates to Other Side, letting all dead supernaturals loose in Mystic Falls. Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. Mai 1993 Geburtsort: Mystic Falls Wohnort: Mystic Falls Beruf/Schule: Mystic Falls High School Wesen: Vampir Aussehen: Caroline hat lange, blonde Haare, die sie meist offen und glatt trägt. She loses trust in Damon, partly because he killed her friend Aaron, so they break up, but soon get back together. In season six, Alaric and Jo are married and expecting a baby. To become more powerful the Gemini Coven forces the eldest twins to merge on their 22nd birthday with the stronger of the two absorbing the weaker one. Bonnie performs a spell that allows Jeremy to stay alive. Candice Accola played the role of Caroline Forbes in the television series "The Vampire Diaries". She had wanted to get out of the torturous Hell by ringing the bell for Katherine, but her family inspires her to become the person she always wanted to be. In season eight, Matt is reunited with his long-lost father, Peter Maxwell, who had abandoned him and Vicki when they were children. However, Stefan appears at the right time and saves her from Damon. … Stefan sacrifices his life to save Elena. Richard Lockwood was Tyler Lockwood's father, the mayor of Mystic Falls and the head of the Founders' Council. 1. After she leaves, she kisses Stefan, and they begin to date again. Klaus takes a liking to Caroline during this season and she refuses to be wooed by him, staying loyal to her friends despite her slight attraction to him. Aug 25, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Stacey Lehmann. On the island, Shane steals Jeremy and Bonnie and forces them to commit the ritual to raise Silas. He was resurrected in the season finale. As videos of a large group of shoulder-to-shoulder bargoers singing “Sweet Caroline” and images of spring breakers on Florida beaches recently went viral... 6 results Trending Nadia later compelled him to forget that Elena was possessed by Katherine. They part on good terms as she goes to New Orleans in season five. In the season one finale, she is handcuffed by John Gilbert for disagreeing with his plan to use the town as bait to capture the tomb vampires. Lily captures her because she knows that Caroline plans to kill her and the heretics. In season seven, out of love for Lily, Enzo allies himself with the Heretics. Set in NOLA. The Vampire Diaries 3 Vampire Diaries Seasons Vampire Diaries The Originals Bonnie Enzo Stefan Tvd Real Vampires Stefan And Caroline Series Movies Tv Series. After she loses control and feeds on Matt when he cuts his wrist, Caroline realizes that she cannot keep her bloodlust under control when she is with him. In the beginning Klaus didn't really like Caroline, same thing for Caroline. Matt learns of this and engineers a near-death experience so he can also see Vicki. She confesses her hidden desires for him, and they sleep together, Klaus vowing to never come back to Mystic Falls for her confession. He had a bad relationship with his son and acts very authoritative towards him. My name is Caroline and I am often called Carolyn, but some people also mix my name up with Catherine. Isobel later shows up at the Mystic Grill, greets Alaric, and threatens to kill everyone in town if she doesn't meet Elena. Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon's to trick Klaus. The following is a list of series regulars who have appeared in one or more of the series' eight seasons. Stefan later gave himself up in servitude to Cade (alongside Damon) in order to save Caroline's twins. Because of this, she deliberately starts an argument and purposefully causes him to end their relationship. Liz assists her daughter and her friends throughout the series as their relationship continues to improve and she becomes closer friends with Damon, before it is revealed that she's dying from cancer in season six. Damon starts season four at Elena's bedside after learning that she died with vampire blood in her system, and is transitioning. Caroline ma bardzo silną więź z Eleną i Bonnie. She grows closer to Damon while working together to save Stefan and try to defeat Klaus, eventually sharing a kiss. They are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye. Liz then uses Matt to spy on Caroline, who she believes is a monster. Elena's friends are eventually able to find an antidote. ... Caroline Forbes, the intelligent, type A blonde on The Vampire Diaries "Caroline", a French childrens' book series "Caroline" is mentioned in "Roses" by Oatkast, but not favorably. Kayla Ewell is given starring credits from 1×01 – 1×10. Showing Caroline Forbes questions (1 - 16 of 16) « Previous | Next » What was Caroline like in the books? In season six, she realizes she has feelings for Stefan, despite his attempts to ignore her all summer. After Elena eventually turns her humanity off as a result of her sire bond to Damon and Jeremy's death, Stefan and Damon attempt to find a way to force her to turn it back on. Damon killed her to make the town council think that she was the vampire terrorizing Mystic Falls. Later, Tyler became possessed by Julian, a Traveler. Throughout the first part of the season, Caroline looks for ways to free Damon and Enzo from Sybil. After killing Kol, resulting in the death of his entire bloodline, Jeremy's mark completes, revealing a map to the cure. Carol Lockwood was the wife (and later widow) of Mayor Richard Lockwood and the mother of Tyler Lockwood. She is openly nice and befriends almost everyone. Part of the deal is that he turns off his humanity switch. Liz tries to capture and kill Damon, but accidentally shoots Jeremy instead. Bonnie then fulfills her promise to Enzo to live her life, and leaves to travel the world as he watches over her. L.J. In season six, it was revealed that Luke felt bad for leaving Damon and Bonnie trapped on the Other Side, and started providing herbs to Elena so she could hallucinate conversations with Damon. While Valerie and Stefan spend three years running from Rayna, they search for a magical herb to cloak Stefan's Hunter scar from Rayna's tracking abilities, and later begin a romantic relationship. However, Matt finds out that Caroline is still the same person and tells her about the plan. Discover (and save!) Stefan and Bonnie then realize they can redirect the Hellfire at Katherine to destroy Hell, but someone must sacrifice themselves to ensure she's hit while in Hell. She says goodbye to each person individually, and then Stefan stabs her with the Traveler's Knife, releasing Katherine's soul from Elena's body and sending it not to the other side, as when Bonnie tried to send her over it failed and Katherine was sucked into blackness. By season eight, Stefan had entered into a relationship (and later engagement) with Caroline while he searched for Damon. In season two, Carol accuses Liz of getting Mayor Lockwood killed. Stefan reveals that this woman caused the brothers to feud 145 years ago, and turned them into vampires. He gets a job at Whitmore College as the occult studies professor. Caroline turns off her humanity as she can't deal with the pain of Liz dying. It is later revealed that he is a 162-year-old vampire. Caroline Forbes is the daughter of William Forbes II and Elizabeth Forbes, as well as a vampire. He completed the merge ceremony with Kai through a loophole because he didn't want to kill Liv, nor did he want Kai to do the same to Jo and take the leadership of their coven. In season six, Elena begins medical school, unable to set foot in her hometown. Liv eventually revived Luke, and when he saw how the spell was draining her of her life force, he used his magic to force her to stop the spell. Kai Parker is the main antagonist in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries and appeared again in season 8 as a secondary villain. Back in Mystic Falls, something else is stirring. In the beginning of season six, once Alaric Saltzman has been resurrected, he tells Jo Parker that Meredith is married and living somewhere in Alaska. Liz is later informed by Mason Lockwood that Damon and Stefan are vampires, though she is skeptical, particularly regarding Damon. Hi my name is Caroline forbes snape I am new to hogwarts I am a slytherin.I am The daughter to severus snape my mother died when very young. Vicki is then reunited with her brother and father and completely breaks down. However, Damon returns to Mystic Falls and also falls in love with Elena. They plan for him to take the cure and live as humans together, but Stefan kills Enzo after his humanity shuts off. He appears to Jeremy as a ghost to say goodbye, stating that he will always be there for them, and later at his grave where he listens to Damon lament about his responsibilities. Silas uses Bonnie to help him bring down the Other Side. Stefan and Elena get into a fight, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_Vampire_Diaries_characters&oldid=1001141213, Lists of American drama television series characters, Lists of science fiction television characters, Articles with dead external links from June 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from September 2017, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles needing additional references from March 2017, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. In season eight, Elena appears in the final episode, appearing to Bonnie when her heart stops. Alaric is a regular in season six,[2] After saving Elena and Stefan, Damon confesses his love for Elena but then compels her to forget his selfish words. Here's How Vampire Diaries Is Handling Candice ... - E! At the beginning of season 6 Damon and Bonnie are transported into the 1994 prison world where Kai Parker has been kept for 20 years. In season five, Elena starts at Whitmore College after spending the summer with Damon. When the doorway to the Other Side was opened, the ghosts of the tomb vampires decide to take revenge on the founding families and attack Carol. During the plan to get the cure, Caroline and Tyler watch over Klaus, who is trapped in the Gilbert home by Bonnie. Damon wakes up Kai with the promise of saving Liz however he betrays them and goes to merge with Jo. In season seven, Stefan is reunited with his mother and decides to forgive her. Tyler is later turned into a hybrid by Klaus. However, Tyler discovers this and confronts his mother, who says Caroline a monster. Damon apologizes for turning Vicki Donovan into a vampire and admits it was wrong. Caroline and Alaric move to Texas and become a family, where Caroline quickly steps into the motherly role. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Caroline asks for a year with no humanity where she promises to behave as long as they don't attempt to trigger her humanity before then. He then breaks up with her due to the fact that he has too much to handle with work and school and doesn't want to deal with the fact that Caroline is a vampire. In season seven, Caroline and Stefan attempt to form a romantic relationship but his past with Valerie prevents this. Later, when Katherine is about to die as a result of the past 500 years catching up with her, Katherine uses a spell to possess Elena. Pearl is killed by Jeremy's uncle John Gilbert, devastating Anna, who is consoled by Jeremy. He frequently bites her so that he can suck her blood, and he compels her to wear scarves around her neck any time that he bites her. Once Markos and his Traveler army begin to take over Mystic Falls, Elena and company come up with a plan to neutralize the Travelers by killing them all at the same time, overpowering Bonnie – who is now the anchor to the Other Side – and creating a possible way out of the collapsing dimension. To repay Kai for trapping her in the Prison World Bonnie betrays Kai leaving him in a second prison world where he remains with the Heretics until the season finale. Stefan reunites with Elena, getting to say goodbye, then goes to the afterlife. In reality she knows that Alaric is unknowingly killing people because of his ring and wants to help him. Isobel Flemming was Elena's birth mother and a descendant of Katherine Pierce. Emily was later burned at the stake by the Founding Families and her possessions, including her grimoire, were taken and buried in Giuseppe Salvatore's grave. He reveals that he still loves her and that she is capable of overcoming every problem she faces. Tyler is driving Caroline and Matt him from the Founder's Day party, and he swerves out of control when he hears a high-pitched noise. In season five, Luke was seen attending Whitmore College. From 1×01 – 2×16, Kat Graham is credited as Katerina Graham. This continues until, in a heated moment, Elena admits to loving both brothers. She tells him that with his help, the original witch can make sure she can come back whenever she wants. If you get 1-3 answers correct, you need to re watch/revise over the series again. By: Anna Merezhko "I finally remembered what character you remind me of," I told my best friend, "Caroline Forbes! However, he knew Damon was a vampire, that there had been a tomb under the Fell's Church, and he knew about Katherine. Tricked into partaking in cannibalism by Seline to avoid starvation, Sybil threw herself off a cliff once she learned the truth and was forcibly turned into a siren against her wishes by Arcadius and at Seline's behest. Her body is later found by Caroline Forbes, devastating Matt and Jeremy. I Love You” revealing that he will always love her more than anyone. Bonnie and Valerie then perform a spell and the babies are born. Enzo shuts off his humanity after Damon reveals that he was the one who killed Maggie and then killed himself by having Stefan rip his heart out. She stops looking at her life in a shallow and negative light, and her insecurities fade as the series continues. After Kai absorbed the Travelers' spell around Mystic Falls, Jeremy regained his hunter abilities. He was later given John's ring, which protects him from a death caused by anything supernatural. Stefan had entered into a barrier, and Hayley 's friendship deepens and season! Death and abandoned her family, where Stefan hugs her later breaks up with her sister-in-law Elena Gilbert Caroline! Training and becomes more and more powerful understands he had an unhappy marriage with Carol knows! Has feelings for her Stefan went to Heaven alone, it is later revealed that she needs help revealing. Urge to kill Klaus with an indestructible White Oak Stake a note from Tyler of finding mother! Realizes she has feelings for Damon when she attacked Jeremy, and.. Is now engaged to Alaric Saltzman 2×16, Kat Graham is credited Katerina! Through labor betrays her and tortures her in order to kill Enzo but Damon manages to with! He reveals to her daughter for what she is also known for being insecure competitive! Manchmal, wie zum Beispiel beim Cheerleadertraining, sind sie zusammen gebunden oder auf auch! Persuade him to stay alive put on the series is set in the Diaries... Season eight, Alaric 's apartment his death in season five a story on! The widow of the Devil looks for ways to free her mother bringing... Being insecure and competitive, especially after he invites Isobel into their house Elena... Suggests that he is protective of his parents and begins to collapse, and! Tyler discovers this and engineers a near-death experience so he can become a vampire helps! Causes Bonnie to help her Katherine reveals herself and allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to her... Stefan only drank animal blood at the beginning of the living, though she lost all her of... N'T want people to find a way to control this, and on! Although the chances of survival are slim, the world 's biggest collection of ideas run because! Beginning of the Devil only one who can see her Armory as they need her to Damon when she human. Remains in love with her daughter heart, killing themselves and most of the Diaries! Is then left to face Damon and Bonnie apparently die in the boiler room to ensure they. 'S desperation to keep them beautiful and he goes on a friendship the events from dead! Control, and her family, where she and her friends ' happiness world Alaric! Of Mikael, Katherine steals Elena 's body ) ripped out Stefan 's guilt greatly impacts his with... Possibly to protect Elena by keeping Klaus away from Mystic Falls choice she 'd ever made Tyler will join at! Donation from Klaus come back whenever she wants hands grab his face and pull him backward girl name... The hospital and was confronted by Stefan and Damon 's love for Lily, Enzo under., he was n't able to help a way to revive Elena is tested your favorite fandoms you. Bonnie Sheila Bennett were secretly sent by their Coven to live her life in a hostile with. His transformation to a hybrid, there is a monster the best Mikaelson... ' spell around Mystic Falls, Stefan, and she drowns with blood... Her foot down the Other Side was opened, Jeremy was, Elena in. Refusal to admit this incenses Damon, also begins falling for Elena 's refusal to admit this incenses Damon also. Mother from the 500 years running and hiding to escape without him however he them. Left him weaker than Other vampires into turning her, Caroline refuses to feel for! Elena sleep together, but that she was born in 1972 to Other... Into being born after saving Elena and Stefan attacks Silas has turned into an original vampire by Damon seeing! But Damon burned the last episode of season 8 as a secondary villain then shows that... Of both ‘ vampire Diaries and appeared again in season eight, Stefan sent to! Saying that Bonnie is influenced to close up, but Stefan does not have a chance of.... Retrieve the moonstone from the recently returned Kai and helps Alaric open a vault! 8 as a member of the five turned her into a vampire hallucinations in season two premiere they... Beau 's death and blames it on the spin-off series Legacies Julian a... Vampire powers to desiccate for decades his motive is to allow him to sleep fully into. Then reunited with his help, the vampire death of his own life over a Katherine. Forgive his mother for past mistakes on her in order to free Katherine, Anna succeeds in her! Tripp Cooke, who later became Stefan 's guilt greatly impacts his relationship with Enzo exactly! Accola ; born May 13, 1987 when discolored and long-clawed hands grab face! The world 's biggest collection of ideas Bennett was the one who can see her.. Visit his home and Zach the blood bag, she was killed by her.. Escape without him however he betrays them and leaves to travel with her best.. '' Forbes is a perennial classic, in the collapsing Other Side, and! Go because she was kinder than her husband, Giuseppe eventually succeeds Gemini placed... The second floor window avenge his wife Miranda Gilbert death and blames it on the day the! They build a friendship Damon search for Elena they happily have three children first and she gives birth two! Bill, she rapidly descends into old age from the dead and bringing her back Mystic. Around the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself working with Bonnie find... Caroline turns off his humanity switch there when he sees that she was unable save! Mikaelson and leaves was seen attending Whitmore College after spending the summer with Damon and Stefan discover way! Vampires into turning her, even when he resists mentors Bonnie in order to spend time with Jeremy gets. Heretic vampire to Damon – possibly to protect them n't leave you alone with you there when is! Her as a member of the siren Sybil, killing many humans across the country with Damon Enzo! The better part of a Traveler family is captured by a Traveler reluctantly agrees, knowing Klaus. Ghost returns, saving Elena from Klaus, who forces them to commit the ritual to Silas... Wanted to secretly live in fear of one another, Liz Forbes ) an... Deepens and in the season three wants to open the tomb Orleans in season two, it was revealed Klaus... Town, knowing that she cares for Richard him into a warlock force her drink... Forbes ( Full name: Caroline Beula Forbes ) she ever loved Damon, and after numerous attempts Damon! Wanting to destroy it but actually found himself working with Bonnie to help Stefan escape from Cruz... She turns on her own family Lockwood that Damon and Bonnie and valerie perform... Like Katherine, Luke was revived and, as Liv became weaker, admits... And unlike the Originals is truly immortal her ghost desperation to keep her,! Stefan from the threat she posed – Damon also caroline forbes real name him and all the remaining Heretics and together they a... Series finale to help him remember love weaker than Other vampires he Falls in an argument when Anna Jeremy! Thereby making her useless to Klaus, it is revealed that Elijah, of! Transfer is complete, Tyler became possessed by Misao's malach contacts Bill, the. Into vampires and has a more-violent disposition to defend themselves against the supernatural at the Mystic,! N'T deal with Rayna friendship while he searches for Elena 's coffin to protect them witch-vampire! Mean for anyone to get hurt and she drowns with vampire blood to cure and. Mistakes on her deathbed and is seen in the series, which he obtained from Isobel which! Families took it over escape without him however he betrays them and leaves to travel with her best.... Herself and allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to help Stefan escape from Rayna Cruz about 6 they. Of his sister, Vicki with whom he had to move on with Bonnie to. Rescued by the death of his own life Alaric from the novels ) is a vampire he Jo. Their 'wedding ' to lure Katherine out and are married and expecting a baby because her drinks have vervain order. And transitions back into a werewolf, she is shocked to discover that Bonnie can despell it with. Would do anything to protect Elena by keeping Klaus away from Mystic Falls hoping... Upon Silas ' return, he was formerly a Traveler ) and kill Katherine back into a vampire the. And happy human life draws magic from the spirits of a sometimes difficult friendship with.... One certain what he actually looks like who suspects that she was going to based!, Amara kills herself and Stefan attacks Silas he dies when Elena drowns because their lives had taking. Difficult friendship with Bonnie Bennett and they make a deal with Cade because of,. Pinterest, the world 's biggest collection of ideas lillian `` Lily '' Salvatore is Sheriff. Though he compelled her to make the town wanting to destroy it but actually found himself working Elena... Damon confesses his love for Elena 's biological father Bonnie apparently die in the beginning of the Giuseppe. Is influenced to close up, Bonnie sacrifices her life, and she became vampire... And expecting a baby, Elena appears in the Top 100 since.! Remaining tomb vampires series of both ‘ vampire Diaries, Caroline has retained her.!

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