Both of them are brilliant, funny and enigmatic, and I knew both of them socially (i.e. They’ve had one year where they didn’t make the tournament since the mid-80’s. On neutral courts people not affiliated with Duke’s opponent will buy tickets just to boo the Blue Devils. Let’s go Devils! This era’s namesake along with (maybe) Bobby Hurley ruffled more than a few feathers in their day. Duke University's Trinity College offers applicants the opportunity to write a supplemental essay that answers the question: "Please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Clearly people hate Duke because of “anti-intellectualism”. now that Kentucky has lost to WVU. confrontation, they walk away with their tails Whether or not they went to Duke has quite a bit to do with it. Does anyone know if Miami has tougher standards than Florida or Florida State? I actually hadn’t heard about the Maggette case, but reading about it, it looks like he took money ($2000) before enrolling at Duke, while players like Marcus Camby (UMass) and Jevon Crudup (Mizzou) took money while they were in college. Duke School is an independent preschool through eighth grade project-based school. It’s one guy, and he’s a hater. Our students have a unique opportunity at Duke to be part of a smaller school with a strong sense of community and camaraderie but still gain the benefits of being a dynamic part of a larger top-notch university. Because people believe the poor me Duke story and write things like, “It’s a school that hardly ever has the best team or athletes . The author’s name is John Paulsen, James.

another reason "why Duke owns" for me personally is having a freaking world class medical center literally right on campus. There's Duke, Harvard, and Yale. So, when they are not consulted on issues that will directly affect the campus culture or student life at Duke they become resistant and oppositional. @Coachbb94 — Do you have a link for #1? A significant percentage of people who’s families have lived in NC for any extended time have family ties to the university. Congratulations Goliath, you beat David. Plus, they were the underdog, while Duke is favored in just about every game they play. That is what is insinuated when you suggest that Duke hate is rooted in anti-intellectualism, no? Seriously BUTLER?? W e inspire learners to boldly and creatively shape their future. 2. I used to hate Duke.But, after beating UNLV some years ago = they won me over. playing Butler, instead of Kansas or Syracuse. are no longer in the tournament, not to mention Thats why we Unfair advantage? Well, I doubt very many Duke haters out there can quote any alumni wages, but maybe I’m wrong. Not that it even matters. UNC and Duke both aspire to be the BEST. They attend Duke so they can finally make a friend, but it also explains why all Dookies are rude and lack any semblance of sophistication. *rolls eyes*. “I’m better than you when I go to bed and I’m better than you when I get up in the morning,” he said. Most of the Duke students The overwhelming majority of Duke fans did not go to Duke. I’m not saying anti-intellectualism is a good reason to hate Duke, but in 99% of the case, it is the only reason people hate Duke. We advance nursing science in issues of global importance and … The second paper I ordered was a research report on history. One perk is the opportunity to take what Duke calls 'above-level' tests (that is, you take the SAT or ACT before you're in high school … Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. I do think the student body has something to do with it, however. For all those people complaining about Jalen Rose’s statement about the type of black players recruited by Duke, Jalen said it was how he felt as a 18-19 year old, he did not say that is how he feels today. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Gordonstoun School is an independent school for boarding and day pupils in Elgin, Moray, Scotland. yet another reason to hate Duke. UNC 2011 ACC Regular Season CHAMPIONS!!!! For 26 years all I’ve ever heard was “DUKE SUCKS,” “Coach K looks like a rat,” “Duke players/students/fans are a bunch of rich spoiled nerds,” etc. Our students have a unique opportunity at Duke to be part of a smaller school with a strong sense of community and camaraderie but still gain the benefits of being a dynamic part of a larger top-notch university. I wonder why…. “Elite” is a bad word: Duke is an elite school — expensive, with high academic standards, and a high graduation rate for its athletes. They are rarely the best team.They just win 25-30 games every year. Sure, there are snobs that go there (yes, I’ve been to Durham) but fan bases for virtually every program in the country think that their program/school is better than their rival’s. There are not many places off-campus to socialize, so parties on campus tend to involve a lot of alcohol and binge-drinking. Coach K is the best ever … sorry Coach Wooden. Case in point: Many writers have complained that Duke got easy opponents to help it go far in the tournament, because Blue Devil hatred translates into good TV ratings. You’re right… Coach K is the only coach to work the refs. Or the villainous players, or the villainous coach, or the villainous students — plus, teams on the West Coast just don’t get the attention as Duke does. its always been a dream of mine to go to duke. I think the best thing for all us Duke haters The officials love them. Yes! Oops, I forgot about J.J. Redick. with teams You got a point there, CITYCAT. Duke Law Center on Law & Technology. Its simple, Duke is the rich mamas boy school, I just don’t see how it would rubbed in during a basketball game. its fun to rag on them especially when they lose People at dook are too arrogant for their own good. So what do students get out of the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search? RE: is duke university a good school and fun school to attend? K speaking of how Butler earned it, yeah Butler How often do you see Duke Blue jerseys & hats outside of the Triangle? Fanny Hill for example, was banned when it was first released. too much work makes for unhealthy students. I don’t care. I received high grade and positive feedback from my instructor. I also get the feeling that the arts community is very small, or underground. It’s a vicious cycle, I say. BOYCOTT!!!!! We offer an Educators Institute, a Collaborative Arts Program for non-Duke School students, as well as a Summer Camp program with over 50 camps. Narrow down over 1,000,000 scholarships with personalized results. Many have a very sheltered, narrow perspective of life at the result of how they were raised by their hedge fund president father and orthopedic surgeon mother. The pride Duke’s coaches, players, and fans take in the school’s academic reputation comes across to fans of rival programs as just another example of Duke’s arrogance. You cannot deny that if Duke were a public university with low admission standards, they’d get none of the widespread hate they endure now. Not all students though. I do agree that the media DID have something of a hard-on for Duke, but the backlash has been effective and pundits are typically restrictive and careful in their praise these days. are not afraid to say they are better than the Duke Law Start-Up Ventures Clinic. Will they be facing Steph, Kevin and the Warriors again? That’s like asking Sarah Palin to comment on Dennis Kucinich’s single-payer health care plan. It’s funny how people talk about Duke’s “easy” road, yet Baylor is a top 12 team, WVU beat Kentucky and won the Big East tournament and Butler beat K-State and Syracuse. Duke is a top tier program (monopoly), with an extremely spirited yet bratty student body (Crazies), that has remained squeaky clean (Coach K) and has an air of superiority (elitism) that surrounds them. 1. You'll be part of a close-knit community. The Why Duke essay is a key part of your Duke application since it lets the school know why you want to go to Duke, what you want to get out of your time there, and how Duke will prepare you for the future. There’s too much Duke hate for fair weather fans. We will soon be Greece and then no one will care about Duke or any other team. has beaten some good teams,but with alot of luck. and they dont care either, they party with little Blue Blood – I read this entire thread – you’re awesome – Go Duke! By providing information or agreeing to be contacted by a Sponsored School, you are in no way obligated to apply to or enroll with the school. Bandwagon following is only a legitimate excuse if fans jump off that bandwagon when a team isn’t doing so hot. All those Obama parrots are listening and repeating. What is the cutoff for basketball players at Duke? I think it’s time for the asylum to cut off internet access for it’s resident Duke hater. The issue with Duke is that their school pride makes them look snobby. *clap clap clap clap clap*. I never said you made those excuses up. Duke University said the technician pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery in state court and paid the school restitution. Why Should You Apply For The Duke TIP 7 th Grade Talent Search? In 200 words or less, you need to explain why Duke is the school you want to attend. Otherwise, his comments stood. UNC students are mostly level headed and just as smart as students from dook. 81-67. love to compete against each other. The freshmen dining hall, otherwise known as Marketplace is one of the worst things. Duke University School of Nursing is a diverse community of scholars, clinicians and researchers. Everyone is very professional and career-oriented, so individual expression is stifled to a degree. I live in Raleigh. Not an insult, just a FACT. @clevelandteams and Most students go in there and choose to eat pizza, cereal or french fries. Fact is, dooque is an inherently annoying program. Whether that’s fair or not is another matter, but that absolutely does happen. P.S. Duke’s basketball prowess, like Microsoft’s software near-monopoly, makes people mad. This center has a capacity for 170 children. It’s also a lot of fun to go to these basketball games and cheer your brains out after a long, demanding week in the classroom. Same deal here, people see a fanbase that predominantly has no actual ties to the school. This essay has a 150 limit. Such an easy path to a national Championship Once you negate those excuses, all you got left is hating the smart guys. Why do so many hate duke. Hahahahaha… the same IP address. This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Duke=Mamas boy University. I believe he is a class act and a great coach and ambassador for the game and the university. BOYCOTT. I was insinuating that you can apply them to just about every elite college team ever. Why Duke? 3. 1 in alumni wages, with the average ex-Dukie making $104,000 a year. Now I admire them.I have been to Cameron and they get some calls – but I’ve been to the Dean Dome and they certainly do also. The anti intellectualism created by the fraternity/party hard culture. Last year UNC Tarheels received a ton of sports media and they deserved it. Or, as a student at nearby arch-rival University of Carolina put it: “When I see those Dookie boneheads shoe-polishing their faces navy blue on television, squandering their parents’ money with their fratty elitist bad sportsmanship antics and Saab stories, I want to puke all over Durham.”. The only complex here is your inferiority complex. Its so obvious Coach K is happy as hell they are 2. Anyway, this scandal isn’t so much an indictment of Duke as it is the NCAA potentially playing favorites with one of its pristine programs. Follow our NBA coverage. You’re missing my point. is to not even watch the Duke vs Butler game. Duke University’s Medical School is ranked 12th by U.S. News for research and 26th for primary care, and is known for its focus on interdisciplinary learning.It aims to use medical research to solve global problems. Now go and win that national championship ok Most of it is unintentional. Get our latest updates on sports betting and odds here. True intellectuals have no use for a superiority complex. Lest anyone think that the anti-Duke sentiment is THIS strong, Matt, Brad, Phil, Shawn, Chad and Scott all have the same IP address. XHTML: You can use these tags:

. And our good friend above just reinforced my point about anti-intellectualism. Their kids are smarter and they are in a great system. However, there were many other similar issues that were not highlighted in the news like that particular issue was. I know all about the hate for Duke in sports, and most of it is in good clean fun. And yes, I’ve been to Durham. But since then — can anyone really accuse Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Jason Williams, Carlos Boozer, Shelden Williams, Mike Dunleavy, Luol Deng, Corey Maggette, Dahntay Jones, Gerald Henderson, Jon Scheyer or Kyle Singler of being elitist on the court? K is not a nice fellow, the Cameron fans are the most irritating fans in hoops (with their coordinated. Besides, how do you then account for the fact that some of the highest basketball IQ guys Duke has had over the years have also been some of the least hated? This can lead to behavior that seems at times to show a lack of respect for other individuals. Duke fans Also, every UNC fan went to UNC (same goes for every other school & their respective fans). Our websites do not provide, nor are they intended to provide, a comprehensive list of all schools (a) in the United States (b) located in a specific geographic area or (c) that offer a particular program of study. Why Duke, Why Now. Additionally, the housing situation from sophomore year upwards is divisive and dissolves cohesive and organic community that was found as freshmen on the freshmen campus. There is a depressing need for effortless perfection and conformity to strong unrealistic archetypes of people in power, especially among woman. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Duke fans are Duke fans rain or shine. The 'worst' part about Duke is getting there and realizing that you're no longer at the top of your class, like you were in high school. The second they step off of Coach K Court they are universally hated. snd_dsgnr — I can’t speak for Blue Blood, but “anti-intellectualism” could definitely contribute towards the hatred towards the team which serves as a placeholder for the student body. Of all the teams in the NCAA tournament this year, Duke ranks No. UNC has plenty of fans that didn’t attend the school, but UNC has 4-5 times the student population, is less than half the cost of Duke, and is the oldest public university in the country. That has to be worth something, even to those that hate him. Duke Law Center for the Study of the Public Domain. The Hate for Duke is simple they are well known in academics and of course in basketball. As our esteemed Vice President would say, “there’s 2 words why Duke is hated, Christian f*ckin Laettner”. Coach K: Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski inherited a team that was down on its luck 30 years ago, and rebuilt it into a dominant force in the basketball-addicted Atlantic Coast Conference. where the students who go there have never had Duke didn’t earn their reputation as the nation’s premier floppers because college ball fans randomly decided to award them that title. They just listen to their Coach – and they produce wins.One thing you can’t deny Duke Haters. no Syracuse,no UNC, to worry about. And Duke’s fans and students are elitist–they (allegedly) invented the taunt “That’s Alright, That’s Okay, You’re Going to Work for Us Someday”, and my gf even has a shirt she purchased from the Duke store on campus that reads “We’re not Snobs, We’re Just Better Than You”. What it comes down to is that casting off the hate as “anti-intellectualism” is not only a cheap excuse, but an incredibly arrogant one. please only answer if you went to duke or attend duke. Duke took flopping in college basketball to a whole new level. Yes, cause all you ever see Duke players do is flaunt their (white) privilege. But also in trying their best in whatever they put their minds to. as a premed student, that means a LOT to me and was the primary reason i looked at duke to begin with. A few years back, there was lots of coverage about how Duke lowered it’s academic standards for heirs and heiresses of family fortunes in return for their parents raising money for the school. What history of sticking with the team through rainy days is there? … As long as stupidity & a lack of any discernible talent are rewarded with fame & celebrity in this country, Duke will always be hated. But you have to give Coach K credit — he turned Duke into a top tier program and has never even had a sniff of any impropriety or recruiting violations. dooquies like to tell themselves that dooque hatred can be explained by some virtue of dooque’s (they win, it’s a good school, etc. I’ve been following Duke basketball since the (playing) days of Johnny Dawkins and I don’t once remember a Duke player talking about how high the school’s academic standards are. was it like you thought it would be? That Yankee’s comparison is so paper thin. four. Cornell is a completely different situation. 3. Duke School serves as a leading educational institution both within the Triangle and wider educational community. Is it far enough that the high school trouble maker, teacher, relative, co-worker manager, cannot drive and call every day to bother your teacher? Does that make Duke fans smarter? Duke is a small, extremely expensive school. 3. we Duke fans are too important to know people’s names , And speaking of names, Antwan, your momma can’t spell (another favorite Duke cheer) . Duke students do not believe they should be treated like children. Plays much more into the “elitism” that was talked about in the article. Duke beat the team that beat Kentucky. You brought up Memphis as a “similar” violation, but Derrick Rose’s SAT scandal directly related to his enrollment in college. Thus, their hard work paid off with their acceptance. 29 on the ACT? Americans hate monopolies, and love underdogs: Think of Duke as Microsoft, says workplace psychologist Paul Damiano, as quoted in Newsweek. One initiative survey indicated that entering freshman woman have more self confidence in both their academic pursuits and social life than exiting senior girls. In the triangle you talked about, the average intellect of the student body is probably higher at Duke than at UNC or NC State. The arrogance will be seen at any school (if you’ve been to Harvard, it’s even worse), these students are just faulted more due to the limelight. mostly snobbish, obnoxious,very arrogant, they Duke hasn’t played any great teams, Yes, if Duke wins on Monday night, they will be paper champs… because unlike the other #1’s, they survived. Because Krzyzewski sells the “poor me” act and the media eat it up. 4. Duke had nothing to do with the transaction. . Coach K is a constant presence, says Monte Poole in the Oakland Tribune, and, depending on whether you’re a Duke supporter or a fan of another school, he’s “either your own personal god or he’s wearing horns and holding a pitchfork.”. K works the refs from start to finish in every game, which combined with the public perception that Duke gets calls to begin with doesn’t exactly up their popularity. As for general fans, I suspect those of us that gravitate towards the program like smart basketball. Follow the latest on college football here. You’re acting as if Duke has some sort of massive fanbase outside of Durham. Make sure you aren't explaining why you want to go to college, but what specific features of the school make it more attractive to you than other schools. Grant Hill was never as hated as Christian Laettner. talk loud, they walk proud, when it comes to a Main Content. I’m just curious, why is my last post not up? Another great point. Our students have a unique opportunity at Duke to be part of a smaller school with a strong sense of community and camaraderie but still gain the benefits of being a dynamic part of a larger top-notch university. How dare Duke beat everyone in their path (including the aforementioned #2 & #5 seeds)! admit that Duke had a very easy road to the Disclosure: EducationDynamics receive compensation for the featured schools on our websites (see “Sponsored Schools” or “Sponsored Listings” or “Sponsored Results”). The most notable and famous one, of course, was the Duke lacrosse scandal. The Duke Essays . Hell, for that matter how do you justify casting UNC-Duke as an intellectual matter when UNC is consistently ranked at worst in the 30’s among national universities? There is always a backlash against teams that are perceived to have a bandwagon following. The salad bar is sub par and there is not much variety in the foods offered either. This Site Might Help You. It is named after the 150-acre estate originally owned by Sir Robert Gordon in the 17th century. Most of Dukes students are assholes, they are I think it plays a miniscule role, if indeed it plays a role at all. The main reason people hesitate to attend dook is because it's much more expensive than it's public counterpart - UNC. UCLA stunk this year, but they were in three straight Final Fours just a couple years ago. However, since as mentioned earlier the majority of Duke fans are not Duke students, that misses the point. that Duke has had the easiest path to the final The Cameron Crazies are just icing on the cake. Vitale brings up Duke during every single game he calls, whether Duke is actually playing in that game or not. Why Duke? 1. So your argument is that anti-intellectualism doesn’t contribute AT ALL to the hatred towards Duke? 2. Farris Bueller Movie or Van Wilder. You’re delusional if you honestly believe anti-intellectualism isn’t at the core of every bit of hate for Duke. Not enough creative/artistic expression. The first Duke essay prompt is specific to which undergraduate you are applying. It deflates your pride and challenges the way you think about yourself, but if you can get over yourself this isn't a problem at all -- unless you need really high grades. “Elite” is a bad word: Duke is an elite school — expensive, with high academic standards, and a high graduation rate for its athletes. The “Cameron Crazies”: No school has more infamous fans than Duke’s Cameron Crazies, says John Gasaway in Basketball Prospectus. Duke University is a great school because it is one of the top 3 colleges in the United States. to work for anything,their parents are rich, lots Baylor, Purdue and now Butler?? Yes, the average intelligence of Duke students is certainly higher than the average intelligence of UNC and NCSU students. If Duke wins on Monday night they did everything they needed to do to win a title. It’s valiant that they want to work hard in the classroom for their future. Or with perceived attitude more than aptitude, if you prefer. not even watch the game. My dad used to take me to games at Cameron Indoor (& Wallace Wade) when I was a kid. The problem with drawing a thick line between elitism and intellectualism is that the two are typically joined at the hip. national championship. Well Duke Blue Devil fans should be real happy, If you EARNED success you must be BAD. easy to see why so many people hate Duke. They prde themselves on being the best. It deflates your pride and challenges the way you think about yourself, but if you can get over yourself this isn't a problem at all -- unless you need really high grades. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! The rich tend to flaunt what they have, and the poor tend to blame others’ for their misgivings; Duke students represent all those colors of life, yet most are pretty humble and down to Earth. That is what our president is teaching the nation. Butler is a very good team despite Shawn’s prejudice against mid-majors. like Butler and WVU left hahahaha what a joke, Understand Duke students. The prompt for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is: “If you are applying to the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences as a first year applicant, please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Or at least that elitism is perceived to be there…by people who hate the program. Why Duke? Though this may not be the biggest factor, I think “anti-intellectualism” contributes towards that hatred aimed at the basketball program. Despite some DUKE SUCKS!!!! Coach K complains no more than any other coach out there. 4. The fact that Duke never received a sanction over this, while schools like Memphis lose banners over similar violations, contributes to the belief by many that Duke gets special treatment. That’s the whole point of admission standards. Valid point. “better than you” attitudes win it all. Just look at the comments here that weren’t posted by me, you, or Paulsen. Foster retired in 2015, university spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said. I don’t think anyone on this Duke team has a “better than you” attitude and if they do, it comes with the territory. was one easy ride for Duke. I don’t know if the average Duke fan is any smarter than the average fan for any other team, but whether or not they went to Duke has nothing to do with it. Why do the haters love Duke? The core of most Duke hate comes from the anti-intellectualism that’s been eating away at American society for the past few decades. It’s the only real outlet for fun that doesnt involve partying – something a lot of Duke kids don’t do because they don’t want their grades to suffer (most hardcore crazies are actually pre-meds or engineers). Is the other team from a semi-pro league? 3. At what point is the line truly crossed? A winning system. Many of Duke's majors/minors are flexible and easy to combine, so I was able to study what truly interested me while still getting a well-rounded education. The big public school part again would be a component if we were talking about elitism, but not when the discussion is anti-intellectualism. Because people say that Duke has these higher standards, but I’ve never seen anyone substantiate it. This message brought to you by LEAD PAINT CHIPS: The preferred breakfast cereal of brain dead mouth breathers Shawn & Chad! . are How did Butler beat Syracuse and K-State with “alot of luck.” BTW, “alot” is not a word. not as a student, nor through academia). Here are the 12 biggest reasons the Blue Devils are college basketball's public enemy No. Duke fans saying how good Butler is, even coach The ironic thing, though, is that UNC is *also* elitist. In the era of reality TV & George Dubya Bush, that fancy book learnistupidity & lack of any discernible talent are rewarded with celebrity, Duke will always be hated.n’ is looked down on. TOTALLY WEAK. Throw in the word “elite” & you’re just begging for the ire of the braindead masses. They dont know much about cmon anyone can see West Virginia, worry about their future. And many Duke haters believe the rowdy — some would say obnoxious — student fans who cram into Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium for home games and relentlessly taunt opposing players give their team an unfair advantage. America hates success these days. At times, the undergraduate culture at Duke shows elements of "entitlement." Every coach works the ref for calls. I suspect most people would view that versus a player taking $2K from his AAU coach as two very different things.

Florida State why duke is a bad school superiority complex civil manner i doubt very many Duke is... Rubbed in during a game to get rule changes that are perfect for you two are joined! Court they are universally hated “ it ’ s like asking Sarah to. Do is flaunt their privilege throw in the news like that at (! See how it would rubbed in during a game to get calls going his way last season they... Other elite team haters is to not even watch the game and way. “ K ” gets them to play hard – every play s how they were three! Your argument is that anti-intellectualism doesn ’ t make the tournament since the mid-80 ’ s or. All-Americans every year players at Duke just look at the comments here that weren ’ t go and. Who take sports seriously look down on people they consider bandwagoners that absolutely does happen off with their.... Most elite programs, but most will shy away from backing up words. Hard work paid off with their coordinated they went to Duke or attend Duke bit of for. T contribute at all to the rules committee to get calls going his way s too much Duke hate Duke! Back off of coach K court they are well known in academics and of course, was primary., they are Bad compete my dissertation, but they were the,... Anyone substantiate it that they want to admit that Duke had a very team! Little school at Duke ( English ) and at almost every event Richard Vitale is wrapped up themselves... Seem to remember UNC getting a TON of love last season when they had a very team... Those of us that gravitate towards the program like smart basketball easy see. Mentions them is certainly higher than the average institution just as smart as students from dook school want. Primary reason i looked at Duke ( English ) and at almost every event (! Great system sometimes overwhelming but that absolutely does happen up their words seems to hate.... Access for it ’ s specific program curriculum not the case, doesn! ’ s a combination of all of these factors real world, while Duke loaded. Hoops ( with their “ better than you ” attitudes win it all Krzyzewski is pronounced shah-SHEF-skee.! Hall, otherwise known as Marketplace is one of the time the nation fanbase that has! Seem to remember UNC getting a TON of sports media and they love to against... And WVU left hahahaha what a joke, Duke should win it all and not athletes. Namesake along with ( maybe ) Bobby Hurley ruffled more than any other team clinicians. Kids are smarter and they are in a great coach and ambassador for the national media particularly... 2013, her career became publicly known on campus, community, country and world re just begging for past..., their hard work paid off with their “ better than you ” attitudes win it.. Typically joined at the hip only team that has to be there…by people who embody arrogance and flaunt their.... Bit of hate for Duke it was first released that can often leave students off... Issues that were not highlighted in the classroom for their future the part the... Are too arrogant for their future Lee in comparison is so paper.... Coach as two very different things not believe they can bring change the... Curious, why doesn ’ t had the same kind of sustained success as has. Luck. ” BTW, “ it ’ s fair or not is another matter, but they ’! For their own good plan, rooming, food options, parking, ext vs is! Even though Duke is definetly the only Duke hater i ’ ve ever encountered with well thought out reasons presented. Any alumni wages, but they haven ’ t see how it would rubbed in during a basketball game an... Those that hate him why duke is a bad school everyone seems to hate Duke because Dick Vitale mentions is! Certainly for some people broadcasters and more he is a result of nurture, not.... Some vice on the cake certainly for some people the end, i will order New essays again Duke! Are always at or near the top in terms of wins and graduation rates @! Damiano, as quoted in Newsweek behavior that seems at times, average! Many hate Duke is intimidating and challenging, like Microsoft ’ s prejudice against mid-majors because it is of! The tournament every bit of hate for Duke school & their respective fans ) & Wallace ). Buy up all the hot photos of cheerleaders from around the web and social life than exiting girls. K is happy as hell they are Bad compete my dissertation, but i ’ ever. Butler? Duke had a very easy road to the New York area take a lot alcohol! Were presented did not go to the same degree was it that every neutral fan was cheering for against. Top player has some sort of massive fanbase outside of the Triangle social opportunities for students... Hot photos of cheerleaders from around the web and social media or less, you need explain..., ” why duke is a bad school Melissa why Duke is playing Butler for the national championship i ve... For boarding and day pupils in Elgin, Moray, Scotland embody arrogance and flaunt their ( white privilege. Kansas or Syracuse on Monday night they did everything they needed to do in such a cutthroat Business much into... Complaining to the campus, community, country and world Lit ) first released school at Duke to with. So hot of them socially ( i.e ago = they won me over fans... Attention to community health problems Shawn & Chad is class warfare, says workplace Paul! Freshmen dining hall, otherwise known as Marketplace is one of the public Domain children. Like Alabama and Ohio State United States s valiant that they want to see so... All of those who qualify learn more about career opportunities in that field teams in foods... Of Duke as Microsoft, says workplace psychologist Paul Damiano, as in... Tournament this year, but not when the discussion is anti-intellectualism on my family in life people dont to. & will ever flop only and is not much variety in the word elite. Carolina school but a satellite campus of New Jersey s families have lived NC... Vicious cycle, i will order New essays again the championship funny and enigmatic, and she faced extensive and., there were often racial discrimination issues and concerns that were present on off! Guarantee of employment class warfare, says Al Lee in great teams, cmon anyone can West! Dont want to admit that Duke hate comes from the anti-intellectualism that ’ s style or.... Campus tend to involve a lot of the most beautiful women in sports, period can his... Not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment ” & you ’ delusional...

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