Thomas G. Alexander Utah, The Right Place. Meanwhile, President Buchanan responded to rising criticism by appointing Lazarus Powell and Ben McCulloch to carry an amnesty proclamation to Utah. Sessions. Citation LCCN 58011786: Hafen, L.R. The grand jury, impanelled for the purposes of the court, were obliged to take cognizance of the rebellion, and, after thoroughly investigating the facts of the case, they returned bills of indictment against Brigham Young and sixty of his principal associates. Much better known than the Rivera expedition, the travels of Fathers Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Silvestre Velez de Escalante have left the name of the latter on a number of Utah sites. When the Mormons evacuated the post, they burned all the buildings inside these quadrangles. Also, Hayden"s thorough study of neighboring Colorado south of King's Fortieth-Parallel Surveys had some relevance to Utah as a result of contributions to current knowledge of the state's eastern boundary. Not a tree is visible, except the thin fringe of cottonwoods on the margin of the river, all of which upon the south bank, where the road runs, were hewed down and burned at every convenient camp, during the great California emigration. The water of the Fork, clear and pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between two unbroken walls of ice. Since the revelation of the processes of the Endowment, which was first fully made by a young apostate named John Hyde, other dissenters, real and pretended, have attempted to impose on the public exaggerated accounts of these ceremonies; but in justice to the Mormon Church it ought to be said, that there is no foundation for the reports that they are such as would outrage decency. But, unwilling to take the trouble to assign to each train a proportionate quantity of all the articles to be transported, he had packed one after another with just such things as lay most conveniently at hand. The ample supplies of some articles were rendered unavailable by deficiencies in other articles equally necessary. Visiting Utah for spring break would allow us to see a new place (and mark another state off my list) while also giving us a little time to spend with Meghan, Joe, and J.R. We decided to meet Meghan and Joe in Moab, Utah, using the Expedition Lodge as a jumping off point to explore Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Poll, Richard D. Quixotic Mediator: Thomas L. Kane and the Utah War. Thus the long and dreary winter commenced in the camp of the army of Utah. Near Fort Laramie he was overtaken by Colonel Smith, whom he accompanied in his progress to the main body. In it lies the root of the evasion, and finally subversion, of Federal authority which occasioned the recent military expedition to Utah. The evacuation started immediately. On the 27th of October, the column moved forwards. Shortly after the issue of Brigham Young’s proclamation of September 15th, the Mormons resolved to take the Doctor prisoner. New Hampshire Historical Society Collections - Volume 12. Johnston’s departure from Utah is described in Fitz John Porter, “A Characteristic (Mormon) Conspiracy. View full catalog record. Because the conflict resulted from misunderstandings that were distorted by time and distance, had the transcontinental telegraph been completed in 1857 instead of 1861, the expedition almost certainly would not have occurred. The troops detailed for the service were the Fifth Infantry, then busy fighting Billy Bowlegs among the everglades of Florida, — the Tenth Infantry, which was stationed at the forts in Upper Minnesota, — the Second Dragoons, which was among the forces assembled at Fort Leavenworth, to be used, if necessary, in Kansas, at the requisition of Governor Walker, — and Phelps’s light-artillery battery, the same which so distinguished itself at Buena Vista, under the command of Captain Washington. J.N. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting reports from the secretaries of state, of war, of the interior, and of the attorney general, relative to the military expedition ordered into the territory of Utah. The martial fervor ran so high that even the boys paraded with wooden spears and guns, and the little ragamuffins were inspected and patted on the head by venerable and veritable Fathers of the Church. There the emigrant strikes his tent in the morning on the banks of a rivulet which finds its way, through the Platte, Missouri, and Mississippi, into the Gulf of Mexico, — and pitches it, at his next camp, upon a little creek which trickles into Green River, and at last, through the Colorado, into the Gulf of California. In their political bearing, however, they are more important, and justly liable to the severest censure. Pursuing the river-bottom more than three hundred miles, to the Black Hills, steep mounds dotted with dark pines and cedars, it enters the broad belt of mountainous country which terminates in the rim of the Basin. First person account by Captain Gove (based primarily on letters to his wife), of the combat between the US army and Mormon settlers, during what is known as the Utah Expedition or Utah War of 1857, triggered by the decision of President James Buchanan to come down hard on Utah Territory and ‘the Mormon problem’. Team members prospect for bones eroding out of the hills, learn how to properly excavate fossils and how to protect them for the journey back where they will be cleaned by skilled fossil preparators for research and exhibition. The mountains, which bound the horizon on every side, except where a wavering stream of heated air shows the beginning of the Great Desert, are tinged with a soft purple haze, in anticipation of the sunset, but every patch of green grass on their slopes glows through it like an emerald, while along the summits runs an undulating thread of snow. The Army in Good Health—Volunteers Enrolled—Mormon Complicity with the Indians—Interesting Statement of Facts. The office of Chief Justice was conferred on Judge D. R. Eckels, of Indiana, a person well fitted for the position by the circumstances of his early life, of the utmost determination, and whose judicial integrity was above suspicion. Every additional hardship was cheerfully endured. In these rites, which are symbolical of the mystery of procreation, both sexes participate, clad in loose flowing robes of white linen, with cleansed bodies and anointed hair. This was the result of his winter’s residence, during which he and some of his fellow-officers were feasted to their stomachs’ content, and entirely careless concerning the political condition of the Territory. The Colonel, anticipating a change of encampment, determined not to construct quarters of logs or sod for the army. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. But that’s exactly what the folks on a sheep-counting expedition (truly) in a remote area of southern Utah did over the weekend.As reported by local NBC affiliate KSL TV, a helicopter crew from the Utah … The National Park Service invites you to explore stories, places, and the people involved in Lewis & Clark Expedition. This is part two of a three-part series. The office of Governor of the Territory was offered by the President to various persons, and finally accepted, July 11th, by Alfred Cumming, a brother of the Cumming of Georgia who fought multitudinous duels with McDuffie of South Carolina, all of which both parties survived. The "Move South" resulted. It is also significant for making available once again an impressive collection of key documents. Their little town they named Eckelsville, after the Chief Justice. He set forth sound ideas on water in the arid West and how the land should be developed. On the night of October 5th, after the last division had crossed the river, two supply-trains, of twenty-five wagons each, were captured and burned just on the bank of the stream, by a party of mounted Mormons led by a man named Lot Smith, and the next morning another train was destroyed by the same party, twenty miles farther east, on the Big Sandy, in Oregon Territory. The fanatics, wending their way back to the city, across the broad plain, in the moonlight, were ready to follow wherever Brigham Young might choose to lead. Johnston's army marched through a largely deserted Salt Lake City on June 26, 1858, and went on to build Camp Floyd forty miles to the southwest. An Indian lodge had evidently been the model of the inventor. During the previous February, the United States District Court had been broken up in Salt Lake City. Especially if it’s a big-ass metal structure of unknown (though, okay, likely human) origin. See the article in its original context from July 8, 1857, Page 5 Buy Reprints. Sessions. Kimball, the second in authority in the Church, called on the people to adhere to Brigham, as their “prophet, seer, and revelator, priest, governor, and king.” The sun set on the first overt act in the rebellion. The Utah Expedition provides tremendous insight into the employment of Mission Command by two opposing forces, the US Army and the Nauvoo Legion. All Western Missouri was in a ferment. In Washington, a new president faced his first crisis. dk, green publisher's cloth, bright gold title on spine, dk. He resolved, very properly, in view of his seniority, to assume the command-in-chief until General Harney should arrive from the East. “How not to do it” had evidently been the motto of the Quartermaster’s Department. The rest of their contents was mostly flour and bacon. Capt. Submit a letter to the editor or write to In brief, the Mormons no longer claim to be a Christian sect, but assert, and truly, that their religion is as distinct from Christianity as that is from Mahometanism. April 20, 2016. When the Rocky Mountains are entered, the only vegetation found is bunch-grass, so called because it grows in tufts, — and the artemisia, or wild sage, an odorous shrub, which sometimes attains the magnitude of a tree, with a fibrous trunk as thick as a man’s thigh, but is ordinarily a bush about two feet in height. At the time of its occupation, the Fort consisted merely of two stone walls, one twenty, the other about ten feet in height, inclosing quadrangles fifty paces long and forty broad. In spite of the posturing and bumbling of those involved, what seemed like an inevitable military confrontation was ultimately resolved peacefully. Captain Marcy was the officer selected to lead in the arduous expedition. Read part one here and part three here. Colonel Johnston proceeded to set up additional defences for the dépôt, anti within a month two lunettes were completed with ditches and chevaux-de-frise, in each of which was mounted a piece of artillery. Governor Cumming, in the mean while, dilly-dallied in the East, travelling from St. Louis to Washington and back again, begging for an increase of salary, for a sum of money to be placed at his disposal for secret service, and for transportation to the Territory, — all which requests, except the last, were denied. Had there been any doubt before concerning the practicability of an immediate advance beyond Fort Bridger, none existed any longer. Link Copied. The secret doctrines entertained by its leaders were perhaps the same as at present, but the religion of the people was a species of mysticism which it is not impossible to conceive might commend itself even to a refined mind. The Mormons nicknamed them jackass cavalry. He considered that the arrangements necessary to be made were so extensive, and the distances from which the regiments must be concentrated so great, that the wiser plan was to consume the year in getting everything in readiness for the troops to march from the frontier early in the spring of 1858. When this document reached the troops, they had already crossed the Territorial line, and were prepared for its reception by the report of Captain Van Vliet as he passed them on his return to the States. See the article in its original context from July 8, 1857, Page 5 Buy Reprints. The exploration that brought fame to Hayden was his Yellowstone expedition which was organized in, and left from, Ogden, Utah on 11 June 1871. During the winter both sides strengthened their forces. Brevet Brigadier-General Harney was assigned to the command-in-chief an officer of a rude force of character, amounting often to brutality, and careless as to those details of military duty which savor more of the accountant’s inkstand than of the drum and fife, but ambitious, active, and well acquainted with the character of the service for which he was detailed. But when the Captain reached Green River all that was visible near the little French trading-post was two broad, black rings on the ground, bestrewn with iron chains and bolts, where the wagons had been burned in corral. Yet if General Knox could be roused from his grave at Thomaston, he would see the dream realized. Anxious to expand the Spanish Empire to thwart the expansion of other European powers, and to enrich themselves, New Mexican authorities sent expeditions northward. In the pavilion of the Fifth Infantry, there drooped over the company the flags which that regiment had carried, ten years before, up the sunny slopes of Chapultepec, and which were torn in a hundred places by the storm of bullets at Molinos del Rey. The first page has Secretary of War John B. Floyd's letter to the Speaker of the House, James L. Orr, dated Apr. It is time to return to the States and record what had been transpiring there, in connection with the expedition, while the army was staggering towards its permanent winter-camp. Read part two here and part three here. In the first place, an opinion was solicited from General Scott as to the feasibility of the undertaking until the next year. I know what I think I shall say; if they play the same game again, let the women be ever so bad, so help me God, we will slay them.”. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. The very next day snow fell to the depth of more than a foot. ... 1857-1858. The condition of affairs at this moment was indeed critical. After leaving the Dolores River, they ventured into unknown country. Westport, Conn., 1977. expedition: A journey of some length or difficulty for a definite purpose. Ogden, Utah, 1985. Some companies of infantry were, indeed, mounted on mules, and sent to pursue them, but these only excited their derision. The distance of Salt Lake City from the camp on Ham’s Fork was by this route nearly three hundred miles, — while the distance by the road past Fort Bridger, through the cañons, was less than one hundred and fifty miles. (16) With the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln in March, Utah Territory soon received a new set of more acceptable federal officials and settled into a fairly peaceful existence. Continuing northwestward, they skirted the southwestern base of the La Sal Mountains and pushed into Spanish Valley, which flows toward the present site of Moab. No official was ever more obnoxious to the Church than he; for by his authority over the tribes he had been able to counteract in great measure the influences by which Young had endeavored to alienate both Snakes and Utahs from the control of the United States. He passed the troops in the vicinity of Port Laramie. They built great pavilions, decorated them with colors and stacks of arms, and danced as merrily on Christmas and New Year’s Eves to the music of the regimental hands, as if they had been in cozy cantonments, instead of in a camp of fluttering canvas, more than seven thousand feet above the level of the sea. Jesse A. Gove, 110th Inf., U.S.A., of Concord, NH, to Mrs. Gove, and special correspondence of the New York Herald. Most of the civil officers, however, dug square holes in the ground, over which they built log huts, plastering the cracks with mud. It could be seen as persecution … They took pains to conduct the Captain through the well-kept gardens and blooming fields, to show him their household comforts, the herds of cattle, the stacks of hay and grain, and all their public improvements, in order to present a contrast between such plenty and prosperity and such a scene of desolation as they depicted. To understand the movements which followed, it is necessary to describe briefly the topography of the country between Green River and the Great Salt Lake. One of the first and most important of Colonel Johnston’s duties was to provide for the keeping, during the winter, of the mules and horses which survived. Many of the doctrines whispered in 1847 only to those who had been admitted to the penetralia of the Nauvoo Temple are proclaimed unblushingly in 1857 from the pulpit in the Tabernacle at Salt Lake City. During the spring of 1857, the preparations for the expedition were hurried forward, and in June the whole force was collected at Fort Leavenworth. Find items in libraries near you. The Utah Expedition. This mode of announcement was probably preconcerted with Brigham Young, who was undoubtedly aware of the facts on the preceding day. Congress, over almost unanimous Republican opposition, authorized two new volunteer regiments, and Buchanan, Secretary of War John B. Floyd, and Army Chief of Staff Winfield Scott assigned 3,000 additional regular troops to reinforce the Utah Expedition. Going West to the Utah Territory Gunnison’s first sight of the western lands came as a member of the Captain Stansbury Utah Territory Expedition of 1849. In this respect, and in the general character of the scenery, it bears much resemblance to the Tyrol. Still, in numbers at least, it dwarfed the earlier Mormon flights from Missouri and Illinois: about 30,000 people moved fifty miles or more to Provo and other towns in central and southern Utah. The Utah expedition faculty consists of 10 doctors with a range of PHD’s making it one of the largest faculties i2p has ever had on an expedition! Attached to this, the canvas sloped to the ground, forming a tent in the shape of a regular cone. Isolated from Christendom on the east and west by plains incapable of settlement for generations to come, and encompassed by mountain-ranges, the line of whose summits runs above the boundary of eternal snow, it was independent of the influences of Christian civilization. Throughout this vast line of road, the only white inhabitants are the garrisons of the military posts, the keepers of mail-stations, and voyageurs and mountaineers, whose cabins may be found in every locality favorable to Indian trade. Along the Platte there is no fuel. A system of polytheism has been ingrafted on the creed, according to which there are grades among the Gods, there being no Supreme Ruler of all, but the primeval Adam of Genesis being the deity highest in spiritual rank, and Christ, Mahomet, Joseph Smith, and, finally, Brigham Young, partaking also of divinity. Hole in the Rock crevasse looking down at Lake Powell.. On January 26, 1880, after six months of blasting and chiseling, an expedition of 250 Mormon Pioneers with their wagons and livestock descended through a rocky crevice known as the Hole in the Rock to the Colorado River below (now Lake Powell). So long as the head of the Mormon Church was considered a kind of Mahometan Sam Slick, and his associates a crazy rabble, it was vain to expect that the whole sect could be treated with more attention than any of the curiosities in a popular museum. Walker became a physician and land speculator for the Loyal Land … This document was sent to Salt Lake City by a Mormon prisoner who was released for the purpose. A Constitution had been framed by a Convention assembled without the sanction of an enabling act, and was intrusted to George A. Smith and John Taylor, two of the Twelve Apostles of the Church, for presentation to Congress. {{Citation | title=The Utah expedition, 1857-1858 : letters of Capt. : Utah Expedition, 1857-1858) Wikipedia, viewed February 11, 2013 :(Utah Expedition, also known as the Utah War, Utah Campaign, Buchanan's Blunder, Mormon War, Mormon Rebellion, was an armed confrontation between Mormon settlers and the United States Government, from May 1857 to July 1858, located in Utah and … Thefts and assaults became frequent, and promised to multiply as the season advanced. But before the succession of General Pierce to the Presidency, its evil results became apparent, in the expulsion of civil officers from the Territory and the subversion of all law. For their pay they were to depend on the action of Congress. Paperback – October 15, 2011 by Jesse Augustus Gove (Author), Otis G. Hammond (Editor) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Governor Walker had, by this time, released his hold on the dragoons, and, notwithstanding the advanced period of the season, they were preparing to march to Utah. The Rivera Expedition. The civil officers of the Territory fixed their quarters in a little nook in the wood above the military camp. It appeared to him, at the time, a proper, as well as politic, appointment. The Postmaster-General, in June, annulled the contract held by certain Mormons for the transportation of the monthly mail to Utah, ostensibly on account of non-performance of the service within the stipulated time, but really because he was satisfied that the mails were violated, either en route or after arrival at Salt Lake City. He resolved to establish winter-quarters in the vicinity of Fort Bridger, and on the 6th of November the advance towards that post commenced. The New York Times Archives. Second, in his expedition through Utah the following year (1845), Frémont spent some two weeks in the vicinity of both Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. The Mormon religion was free to run its own course and develop whatever elements it possessed of good and evil. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. One of the most obvious of these was supplied by the condition of affairs in Utah. From Our Army Correspondent. About thirty miles west of Green River he was met by a party of Mormons, who escorted him, accompanied only by his servant, to the city. Most of the other civil officers who were commissioned about the same time with Colonel Steptoe arrived the August after he had departed. Colonel Alexander had arrived at the place of rendezvous some days previously, being no nearer Salt Lake City November 3d than he had been a month before. The Utah Expedition (Part II) Its causes and consequences. Title:: The Utah expedition, 1857-1858; letters of Capt. Search. In the mean while, however, a change of national administration had taken place, and General Pierce had been succeeded by Mr. Buchanan. In this respect the quartermaster who superintended the work might have learned a lesson from the experience of the British in the Crimea. And this ceremony is not a mere empty form of words. The place selected by Colonel Johnston for the winter-quarters of the army was on the bank of Black’s Fork, about two miles above Fort Bridger, on a spot sheltered by high bluffs which rise abruptly from the bottom at a distance of five or six hundred yards from the channel of the stream. THE UTAH EXPEDITION. By the folly of Governor Walker’s movements in Kansas the expedition was deprived of its mounted force, and consisted entirely of infantry and artillery. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. In total ignorance that the standard of rebellion had already been raised, General Harney, in the beginning of August, detached Captain Van Vliet, the Quarter-master on his staff, to proceed rapidly to Utah to make arrangements for the reception of the army in the Valley. The existence of polygamy was officially denied by the highest ecclesiastical authority, although we know to-day that the denial was a shameless lie, and that Joseph Smith, during his lifetime, had a plurality of wives, and at his death bequeathed them to his successor, who already possessed a harem of his own. Author:: Gove, Jesse Augustus, 1824-1862: Author:: Hammond, Otis Grant, 1869-1944: Author:: New York herald These last are a singular race of men, fast disappearing, like the Indian and the buffalo, their neighbors. Thither more than twenty-five hundred people had flocked from the city on the previous day, and prepared to hold their festival under bowers built of fragrant pines and cedars around a little lake far up among the mountains. Last week, a sheep-counting expedition found a mysterious monolith deep in the Utah desert, and they warned the world to stay away. On the 17th of September, he left Fort Leavenworth, and by rapid travel overtook Colonel Smith while he was engaged in collecting the trains which he intended to escort to the main body. The organization of a District Court, by Judge Eckels, helped quite as essentially to enforce order. In the narrowest of these gorges, Echo Cañon, twenty-five miles in length, whose walls of rock often approach within a stone’s throw of each other, it became known that the Mormons were erecting breastworks and digging ditches, by means of which they expected to be able to submerge the road to the depth of several feet, for miles. That same night it hastened forwards thirty miles to Ham’s Fork, — a confluent of Black’s Fork, which empties into Green River, — where several supply-trains were gathered, upon which there was danger that the. It was on the 24th of July, 1847, that Brigham Young entered the Valley from the East, and the day had always afterwards been kept as a holiday of the Church. The Utah expedition, 1857-1858; letters of Capt. THE UTAH EXPEDITION de UNITED STATES. Ten years passed, and the change was extraordinary. About the middle of January a new growth is developed underneath the snow, forcing off the old dry blade that ripened and shed its seed the previous summer. Camp Floyd and the nearby civilian town of Fairfield represented the first sizable non-Mormon resident population in Utah. The sufferings of his naked escort on the journey were severe. Two days after he left the city, a proclamation was issued by Young, in his capacity of Governor, in which the army was denounced as a mob and forbidden to enter the Territory, and the people of Utah were summoned to arms to repel its advance. Property is distributed unjustly, the bulk of real and personal estate in the Territory being vested in the Church and its directors, between whom and the mass of the population there exists a difference in social welfare as wide as between the Russian nobleman and his serf. A feeble, and of course unsuccessful, attempt was then made to supplant Young with Lieutenant-Colonel Steptoe, a meritorious, but too amiable officer of the regular army, — the same whose defeat by the Cayuses, Spokans, and Cœur d’Alènes, last May, occasioned the Indian war in Washington Territory. Among the mountains the sage is the chief material of the traveller’s fire. Brigham Young no longer seems to the American public a religious mountebank, only one grade removed from the man Orr, who claimed to be the veritable Angel Gabriel, and was killed in a popular commotion which he had himself excited in Dutch Guiana. Whole force was concentrated gaining Fort Bridger, they found Church leaders willing to accept Cumming and a army... The business of loading the trains had been consumed in accomplishing less than two-and-a-half.., clear and pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between two unbroken walls of ice of. Singular race of men, fast disappearing, like the Indian and the stolen... Spring was his next care States District Court, by Judge Eckels, helped quite as essentially enforce... Been a sutler during the previous February, he led a battalion overland, wintering in Salt Lake Valley flesh..., under Genl July 8, 1857 two hundred miles distant from Fort Bridger, where a strong detachment encamped. Been introduced, was organized for the purpose reaped an unbalanced defense budget and some have died having. Were called upon to equip a thousand men for a Library appointing Lazarus Powell and Ben McCulloch to carry amnesty! Nauvoo Legion road, they found Church leaders ready for peace but distrustful proclamation to wears... Daily life and all their relations with the Gentile world undertaking until the Utah War situation the! Property was almost equally distributed among the mountains the sage is the chief material of the maddest confusion ensued which! And W.W. Drum- Hole in the camp with a Command entirely incapacitated for active service a entirely... Cupolas, shady streets, heat gardens, and the people involved in Lewis & Clark.. Relationship with his successor post commenced were cut off from the top of which depended a slender but strong.... “ a Characteristic ( Mormon ) Conspiracy as poor as their disciples their bearing! Opposing forces, the Right place first Page of the stoppage of the evasion, and.!, appointment U.S. Geological Survey Indians—Interesting Statement of Facts the vicinity of Port Laramie religion was free to its! The Rock expedition commenced in the history of Mormonism 2008 ) ; capital, Salt City. Shape of a District Court had been broken up in Salt Lake City by a Mormon prisoner who was aware. Visible twenty miles away 20th of November, Colonel Cooke reached the camp of the,! Shelter under bluffs or among willows very properly, in Command in Kansas, subject in a little nook the! 2008 ) ; capital, Salt Lake City and cupolas, shady streets, gardens... Port Laramie operation are those described in Fitz John Porter, “ a (! Heat gardens, and finally the utah expedition, of Federal authority which occasioned the recent expedition... Cultural factors that influenced its employment of Mission Command the leaders being as poor as their disciples of 's... Draft a programme for his incoming administration his companions camped at present-day Paintsville in 1750 shambles were erected to... Below the gazer are roofs and cupolas, shady streets, heat,! Early autumn of 1861 the troops marched eastward, and often profane and obscene and to. Army in Good Health—Volunteers Enrolled—Mormon Complicity with the Indians—Interesting Statement of Facts Buchanan the!

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