Battery Charger Tesla Wall Connector Installation Manual 48 pages. What’s New in the Gen 3 Wall Connector. We like that it's thin and easy to work with in warm temperatures, but when it's exposed to prolonged cold temperatures, it becomes very stiff and unmanageable. While it’s clear that the Tesla wall connector offers the quickest charging short of the public Tesla Supercharger stations, the Gen 3 also offers some significant upgrades and some changes from the Gen 2 wall connector. Tesla has launched a new, third-generation Wall Connector home charger with new Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates, a new cord length, and a tempered white glass faceplate. New Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. We not only go over the installation and commissioning procedure, explain the differences from the Gen 2 model, talk about the features and adapters you may want, but we also put the unit to our cable deep freeze test to see how well it fares in the cold weather. After all that, we offer our 5-star rating and then explain why you might not even need to get one to charge your Tesla at home. I dont have the original box anymore unfortunately. I could have paid less buying directly from Tesla but it was a good use of the credit I had, plus PG&E power will give me $500 for installing it. I had a large Amazon credit and used it to purchase the Tesla Wall Connector to use with my new Tesla Model 3. We gave the Gen 3 Tesla wall connector a score of 4.45 stars out of 5 and believe it's a pretty good value compared to other brands at only $500. Wall Connector is equipped with Wi-Fi to communicate with local site routers, vehicles, mobile devices, other Wall Connectors, and other Tesla products. Wi-Fi connectivity enables over-the-air firmware updates and remote service if necessary. We think it's a good idea to try using the mobile connector for a while first before rushing out to get a wall connector when you get a Tesla. Power cord – The Gen 3 power cord was reduced The mobile connector is actually a very good unit, and many Tesla customers will find it more than adequate for their daily home charging needs. Unlike the mobile connector that is supplied with every Tesla vehicle, the Gen 3 wall connector isn't available in a plug-in version, as Tesla advises hard-wired installations only. In day-to-day use, you probably won't notice a difference. I am not sure if the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector has the ability to allow 3rd party access for that. Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. We also take issue with the fact that Tesla shortened the length of the cable. No guarantees. 2 product ratings - Tesla Wall Connector Charger (Gen 3 + Wifi) 18ft Compatible With Models S X Y 3. Once Tesla unlocks the smart-charging features promised, it will be an even better deal. Tesla Car Wall Connector (Gen 3) Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger System. Charge at home, anytime. All rights reserved. The unit is NEMA-3 rated, so it is safe to use outdoors. Related Manuals for Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector . 4.5 out of 5 stars 17 ratings | 6 answered questions Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. The Gen 3 Wall Connector Fastener Kit includes the following replacement parts: 1x hex bit (4 mm) 1x zip tie; 4x wall connector-to-wirebox fasteners; 2x wirebox-to-wall fasteners; The glass faceplate is an identical cover from Tesla, if your Gen 3 faceplate is cracked or damaged in some way. Charge at home, anytime. Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner. Like Tesla's vehicles, the unit can accept over-the-air updates, so activating the features will happen automatically and remotely. Tesla is making a push to have Destination Charging station owners upgrade to its Gen 3 Wall Connector as it releases more features and now enables paid … Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. The Tesla Wall Connector has been updated to a third generation. “A Tesla 14-50 Wall Connector is your best charging solution with an existing NEMA 14-50 outlet. The Wall Connector will give owners up to 44 miles of range per hour depending on the electrical configuration. All else being equal Gen 1 > Gen 2 > Gen 3. Our Electric provider (Consumers Energy) will only give rebates on models with WiFi if they allow the electric provider to have access to it. This Tesla Wall Connector – Gen 3 for USA Models provides a full charge overnight. Connecting the Wall Connector to Wi-Fi . Keep in mind that the charge cord that comes with the car (the Mobile Connector Gen 2) is 20’ long. Decided to cancel my order so now I dont need it. In each revision the max capacity went down, but a few features got added. Comparable 48-amp smart chargers like the Enel-X JuiceBox ($639.00) and ChargePoint Home Flex ($699.00) both cost considerably more. Differences between Gen 2 and Gen 3. Connectivity Wall Connector is equipped with Wi-Fi to communicate with local site routers, vehicles, mobile devices, other Wall Connectors, and other Tesla products. Features Recommended for Model X, Model S and Model 3 Faster charging speeds than our standard mobile connector. The optional Tesla Wall Connector includes an 18’ cable. As with any electronic device issues may arise over time but here are some quick ways for you to troubleshoot your Tesla Wall Connector. With customized power settings, the lightweight design allows for versatile indoor/outdoor use, including a range of electrical systems and mounting options. Tesla Wall Connector provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner. The Gen 3 wall connector has been available for about ten months now and can be ordered directly from Tesla's website for $500. Ideally, the outlet should be close enough to the charge port on the car (left rear) to use the Mobile Connector. Tesla Wall Connector offers the best home charging experience for any Tesla owner.”. Past versions of the Wall Connector have offered a longer and heavy cord length at 24 feet, while the latest version features a lightweight 18-foot charging cord for more convenience and comfortability. With the introduction of the Gen 3 wall connector, Tesla now has a connected smart-charger. Even though it currently doesn't utilize many features, they will most certainly be added.

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