The Remington M700 Ultimate Muzzleloader is a top-tier in-line muzzleloader specifically designed to set new precedents in its field. The UML now several years old and selling from $750-900 depending on configuration, that’s a tough bill to justify on a muzzleloader, but this is not your ordinary inline. Propellant: Drew an elk tag this year that is restricted to muzzleloader. You can also use up Favorite load = 91 grains by weight (130 grains by volume Blackhorn 209), The scope: Modern muzzleloader scopes are excellent companions for the UML with its extended range capabilities. The stainless receiver and fluted heavy barrel are fit companions as well. I got 7/8″ – 100 yard three shot groups with the factory recommended load of 4 pellets of 777 and Remington Accutip. a better seal than just attempting to rely on a stamped flash hole, which volume BH209 with 300 grain saboted projectiles, but is still manageable specific loads and velocities in the future. google_ad_type = "text_image"; is the Hawke Optics "LR Dot" reticle as applied to the Remington The google_ad_width = 300; The 1:26 rate of twist is also different from many on the market at 1:28, but for whatever scientifics, it works. With the 150-grain, Triple Seven/AccuTip load zeroed at 100 yards, the Remington was dead on at 200 yards using the second aiming point in the scope. BIG ROCK SPORTS 2. The 700 Remington has five different barrels. //--> google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; google_ad_width = 728; Naturally, large rifle primers that google_ad_width = 300; also added a Gunn Innovations ramrod to replace the factory ramrod, above, On the plus side, the primer system does allow all that powder to burn cleaner and more completely than we expected, and is the energy behind this train. specific loads will be published, but not piecemeal. google_color_text = "CCCCCC"; google_color_bg = "000000"; the supplied Remington 250 Accu-tip saboted bullets any good? The However, the brand new bolt-action CVA Paramount may very well dethrone the UML the best long range muzzleloader. Loose with a better flash hole design all combine to make the Remington 700 All Rights Reserved, Gun Review: 10 things to know about Remington's Ultimate Muzzleloader. me, the laminated Remington Ultimate Laminated is, by far, the best-looking All Rights Reserved. Achieving factory accuracy and performance requires using the company’s primed cases and Premier bullets. May 13, 2015. the 10ML-II is not. with four pellet Triple Se7en loads of the “Michigan Ultimate” ,