Medusa wielding a bow and shooting stiffened snakes as arrows, as first seen in, Medusa belongs to a mythological Greek race of female creatures known as. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. I started with the original Castlevania, then went on to this one, Castlevania 4, and then played a bit of Rondo of Blood, but didn't finish it. Inner Dracula | Attacking her fiercely with the Cross sub-weapon or with a few well placed Holy Water flasks, will make short work of her, earning Simon 3,000 points. Dracula | Dracula's Generals (Carmilla, Godbrand, Isaac & Hector) | Blue Fangs | Slogra and Gaibon | You now own Super Castlevania IVrM for the Super Nintendo Entertainment another hit in the fang-tastic series from Konami. PARTE 2: CEMENTERIO, MONTAÑAS Y RÍO La segunda entrega de nuestro reportaje por Súper Castlevania 4 va a estar dedicada a analizar el segundo nivel del juego. Super Castlevania IV is one of 21 titles included in Nintendo's miniaturized SNES console--a reminiscently designed plug-and-play device that features digital versions of classic SNES games. Castlevania (キャッスルヴァニア, Kyassuruvania) (/ ˈ k æ s əl ˌ v eɪ n i ə /) is an action-adventure gothic horror video game series about vampire hunters created and developed by Konami.It has been released on various platforms, from early systems to modern consoles, as … As Medusa appears as a sub-boss in Dracula's Curse. Jump on moving, cogs, grapple onto hooks that move in various direction via a pulley and even dodge falling gears from the top of the tower. 1 Synopsis 2 Principe de jeu 3 Personnages principaux 4 Liste des boss 5 Notes 6 Galerie Le jeu était un remake du premier … Soon after that, Medusa will pull out a snake from her head and this will transform into a Greek shield which will protect her from any harm if Carrie's attacks land on it. After rotating 180 degrees, a swarm of Medusa Heads will attack; latching back on, the room will rotate again. The obligatory clock tower scene of Super Castlevania 4. Fortunately, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was recently brought to the PlayStation 4 alongside its sequel, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, in Castlevania: Requiem. Medusa (Japanese: メディウサ) is one of the most recurring bosses of the Castlevania series, numbering among the bosses of the very first game. about Super Castlevania IV was a legendary video game from 1991. Super Castlevania 4 for the Super Nintendo, Bloodlines for the Genesis, and Rondo of … It was also in this film the first time Medusa was seen fighting with a bow, a characteristic that has been reproduced in some of her incarnations in the games. The relation between the boss and the enemies is never truly explained but they seem to be a spawn of the snake sorceress. Female Medusa appears in the Dracula's Castle stage in her original marble bust form from the original Castlevania. He received a mirrored shield from Athena, winged sandals from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestus and Hades's helm of invisibility. They are hated by many gamers due to their tendency to swarm the area en masse while appearing over and over, their ability to knock the player backward, and the fact they are quite hard to hit with regular weapons. It's only a remake in the sense … Background of the Skeleton Cave with Medusa's corpse. According to many games' descriptions, all of these creatures were born from the head of Medusa, in some cases spawned from her severed head. She is a snake woman with magic powers, loosely based on the Gorgon of Greek legends. Super Castlevania IV stars the iconic Simon Belmont who controls better than ever as he can lash his whip in multiple directions, let his whip go limp in order to wave it around, and perform interesting moves like swing over gaps by latching his whip onto certain nodes. ... Medusa There's gonna be a night coming up there. Medusa only attacks with a sword and she is fast and swift. Death | The Judge. It actually wasn't until a bit more recently, maybe around 3-4 years ago, that I finally got to playing a bit of the classic ones. After traversing through a haunted cemetery, Simon Belmont arrives to a mausoleum where he encounters a sculpture of the legendary monster, with her face partially hidden behind a giant cobweb. The former can swing across gaps like Simon … In this incarnation, Medusa has a more varied repertoire of attacks than in previous games: Medusa appears in this game as one of three Gorgon Sisters, along with Stheno and Euryale. Big Rome's Gaming Empire was live — playing Super Castlevania IV. She attacks following a defined pattern but without her signature snakes or eye-beam: first by spitting fire into two interconnecting wave then as a straightforward blast, then by swiping her tail, then by dashing forward several times. Medusa appears in the first Pachislot game. She is one of the three Gorgon sisters (the other two being Stheno and Euryale) and the only one to be mortal. The required objective in this level is to kill 100 mice. Ortega | The best part is that as soon as this attack ends, the player may trigger it again to repeat the process. She appears in most games as the snake-woman described in legends (although she always lacks the bat-like wings of her mythological counterpart). One of the best iterations of the early series, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's Super Castlevania IV, is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console service. She moves back and forth and spawns snakes that slithers on the ground towards Simon, and is able to fire an eye-beam that temporarily turns Simon into stone, paralyzing him and vastly amplifying the damages he takes. Register today to join in with discussions on the forum, post comments on the site, and upload your own sheets! Once the heroes finally meet with Elizabeth Bartley, she will summon Medusa in a final attempt to stop them. When complete, bricks will appear, forming an exit. At this moment, most of her attacks will be enhanced in one way or another: her tail slash will have more range and her petrifying gaze will cover about half of the whole room. Meanwhile, Medusa will be open for attack for a considerable amount of time and the player may then unleash his or her best moves. Super Castlevania IV (en Japón Akumajō Dracula 悪魔城ドラキュラ Akumajō Dorakyura, traducido literalmente como Devil's Castle Dracula) es un videojuego de acción-aventura desarrollado y publicado por Konami en 1991 en Japón y en Norteamérica, y en 1992 en Europa. Super Castlevania IV _____ Super NES Bon ami merci.-- Zinedine Zidane Birthday Greetings ... (left and right) the Medusa heads. Castlevania: Dracula X vs. Super Castlevania IV 2001mark 11 10/25 4:06PM I finally beat Super Castlevania. Throughout the entire game, you wield a … We suggest that you lead the following instructions before stalking the demons Of the night, TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION . The American version of Super Castlevania IV (SCV4) is basically a censored version of the original Japanese version of the game. The Medusa Heads are flying disembodied namesake heads looking exactly like Medusa's own decaptitated head. 2-2: Swamp - This version of the swamps has the requisite mud and some … Snake Head Medusa (LoI) You can avoid one or two, but destroying them is … Super Castlevania IV's Top 15 Hardest Speedrun Strats. The famous sculpture Perseus with the Head of Medusa portrays him wielding a harpe. When wounded enough, Medusa will become able to turn invisible for a surprise attack. Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons who was mortal, so Perseus was able to slay her while looking at the reflection from the mirrored shield he received from Athena. Medusa is pretty fast and mostly attacks by dashing toward the heroes to swipe her tail at them. Should Leon get turned into stone, Medusa will rebound around the room to deal heavy damages. The game does not appear in the Japanese-equivalent Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom. This was the first game in the series where she can be seen fighting with a bow and using stiffened snakes as arrows, and this was also the first time where she could use her iconic petrifying gaze, although instead of a beam, like in future games, it is fired like a ripple shot. Carrie should jump over this beam twice, instead of trying to run away from it. Queen MedusaSnake Man SentinelWicked Mermaid. Further into the battle, Medusa will attack with her distinctive petrifying gaze, covering a considerable area of the room. An endlessly-spawning replicate of the Gorgon Medusa's head. Unlike other Castlevania boss characters that also make guest appearances in this game, she's just part of the background and does not intervene during battles in any way. Vlugge_Japie 50 10/26 2:45AM Super Star Wars vs. Super Empire Strikes Back vs. Super ", when firing her beam; "Venom! Medusa is fought when Shaft summons all the bosses of the original game (minus Death), to wear out Richter Belmont and Maria Renard before fighting them himself. he attack with her sword, her petrifying eye-beam and a swarm of Medusa heads to overwhelm Desmond. She will also conjure a bow with which she fires three arrows at once and a shield with which she blocks the heroes' blows, forcing them to strike repeatedly to destroy it. Super Castlevania IV, by far, is one of the best of the Castlevania series in the action platformer games. This is a favorite of many people. A female version of this same creature is the midboss of level 2 in Super Castlevania 4. Super Castlevania IV is a platform game developed and published by Konami and the first Castlevania game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as the fourth in the series overall. ... My Thoughts: This strat involves killing a few medusa heads with strategic cross throws and then taking a damage boost from an axe which allows the player to jump up and grab the ring (saving a ring cycle). Boring is the LAST word I Staying out of her reach or being able to crouch below her, near the bottom-left corner of the room, will allow the player to avoid this attack. When they detect his presence, they quickly curl onto each other and morph into the snake-headed demoness, Medusa. Medusa attacks with a sword at contact, spawns snakes on the ground and fires a circular eye-beam that petrifies the heroes at contact. "Dracula del castello del Diavolo"), è un gioco platform sviluppato e pubblicato da Konami, nonché il primo gioco della serie di Castlevania per Super Nintendo.. Others Bosses from Super Castlevania IV of the SNES. ", whilst dying. Beelzebub | In these remakes of the first game, Medusa attacks with tail-swipes, either normal ones or spinning aerial ones, with three snakes projectiles, and with her petrifying eye-beam. Their genealogy is shared with other three sisters, the Graeae. For that blasphemy, Athena turned Medusa into a Gorgon, a monster with snakes for hair and a glance that turned people to stone. She doesn't leave a Magic Crystal to be collected after the battle, however, and the aqueduct section continues immediately after facing her. Parsley Castle 6 Super Castlevania IV 7 Castlevania Chronicles 8 Castlevania: Rondo of Blood 9 Castlevania: Bloodlines 10 Just throwing several Holy Water flasks at her while she is morphing can put her down in a matter of seconds, even before she has a chance to retaliate. As Trevor approaches the central deck of the Haunted Ship of Fools, he comes across a nest of vipers scattered around the main entrance to that area. Among several items, the magazine cited the game's graphics, music, and action sequences as positives. SNES - Super Castlevania IV - Medusa - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Transylvanian Wilds is a location in Super Castlevania IV. In the Castle 2:32 Download 17. Released originally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it has been re-released multiple times, including for the Super NES Classic Edition. Thank you for becoming a member. The obligatory clock tower scene of Super Castlevania 4. Legion | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Plus, the cool musics and the nice graphics in Super Castlevania IV are worthy of mention as well. Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse (NES) Dracula’s curse tells the tale of the first Belmont’s fight against Dracula. You get to choose between four characters: A Belmont, a witch, a pirate, and the son of Dracula himself. The next part puts you in a … Super Castlevania IV (SNES) Walkthrough ~By tankMage (October 2019) Introduction . Her appearance is a reference to the original Castlevania bosses, where she was the boss of the second level. Alternate name Lament of Innocence Your thoughts on this game? it is. She can prove very challenging and attack with a jumping tail swipe, three snakes as projectiles, and her petrifying eye-beam. This scene reveals that Medusa had witnessed the power of the whip before at the hands of Rinaldo and that she had knowledge of the whip's true potential abilities. Medusa appears in the most famous remake of the first game, but is very easy to defeat. Carmilla | Spinning Tower 1:30 Download 13. Super Castlevania IV came out in 1991 to the US and is essentially a remake of the original Castlevania game. Music theme is a legendary monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair, whose gaze can turn her victims to stone. Castlevania Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She has appeared in nearly every Castlevania game to date and is generally portrayed as having a serpent tail from her waist down, like the Lamia, although she has also appeared only as a giant head. Age Also in 1991, the subject of this Walkthrough/FAQ, Super Castlevania 4 Dracula | The player should be especially careful of this attack, because if it connects, Medusa will follow up with two projectiles that will, at this point in the game, do heavy damage if they manage to hit Alucard before he breaks free from petrification. Medusa 4. Archbishop | Zobek | Fortunately, as with her bow, if Medusa is attacked while she is preparing to use her petrifying gaze, the attack will be canceled and she will be stunned for a brief period of time too. Set in the year 1691, the game casts the player in the role of Simon Belmont, a vampire hunter armed with a powerful whip, on a quest to defeat the evil Count Dracula in his … Leon then realizes that all the statues of warriors decorating the chamber are in fact the petrified remains of prior adventurers who confronted her. Medusa (メディウサ, Mediusa?) In this game, Medusa is fought in the final level, after Elizabeth Bartley summons her to stall John Morris and Eric Lecarde. Olrox | There, he must track down all the bosses of the original game to gather Count Dracula's body parts and confront him. Chapel, 5. Isaac | Menace | Meanwhile, Castlevania: Bloodlines has you control either the whip-wielding John Morris or Eric Lecarde who attacks with a spear. Super Castlevania IV (Akumajo Dracula) est un jeu vidéo d'action et de plates-formes développé et édité par Konami en 1991 sur Super Nintendo.Le jeu a été conçu par Masahiro Ueno.Super Castlevania IV fut l'un des premiers jeux de la Super Nintendo et encore aujourd'hui, son aura dépasse largement celle d'un simple jeu d'action. Medusa's portrayal in Lament of Innocence is a nod to her appearance in the original Castlevania. Map A 0:17 Download 16. She asks Leon if the whip has gained its complete form, to which he seems oblivious about what she is talking about. After these events, he gave the head to the goddess Athena who placed it on her Aegis shield. Akumajō Dracula Super Castlevania 4 Devil's Castle Dracula Akumajou Dracula. She will try to get near Carrie, curl up her tail, and let it go, trying to hit her with it. It's right here the night right there man there. This game reveals that Medusa was a servant of Dracula's predecessor Walter Bernhard before working for the Count. If the player positions him or herself below Medusa's body, she will always resort to attack with her gigantic serpent tail, breaking out through various sections of the floor, forming big curls with her body and leaving only a tiny space between them to stand on. Stella and Loretta | This iteration of the Castlevania series goes back to its roots and offers a game built on the original Castlevania Medusa is a character from multiple franchises that are represented in Smash: The Medusa from the Kid Icarus series: A trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Bosses from Super Castlevania IV of the SNES. Medusa's attack pattern is pretty much the same in all the games in which she appears. Her appearance is based on her depiction in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. When only ⅓ of her health remains, she will gain the ability to become invisible. Walter Bernhard (former master) Major Villains Dialogue Toy Maker, Netflix Series Most games (see list below) Super Castlevania IV came out in 1991 to the US and is essentially a remake of the original Castlevania game. ", when following up; and "I'm petrifying! You once again played as Christoper Belmont, rescuing his son from Dracula. Menu Home This iteration of the Castlevania series goes back to its roots and offers a game built on the original Castlevania. Dracula's Army Succubus | Barlowe | The gods were well aware of this and Perseus received their help. In 1991, Castlevania 2 for the Game Boy. It also has really unique atmosphere and aesthetics in the general scheme of the series. Super Castlevania IV, in Giappone Akuma jō Dracula (悪魔城ドラキュラ Akuma jō Dorakyura?, lett. For Super Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Finished this game". HP Super Castlevania 4 doesn't seem to get enough love. Medusa's head retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, which Perseus used as a weapon, most prominently to defeat the sea monster Cetus, sent by Poseidon, and save Andromeda, who he married later. The head of the sculpture suddenly comes to life, detaching itself from its neck and flying around the room. Only the first two levels are playable before the game resets to the first stage. Walter Bernhard, Lords of Shadows Right in front of the clock face In this game, Medusa wields a sword and a shield as a reference to her Greek origins. (*) 3. When she fires her petrifying eye-beam, the heroes must jump to avoid it or get encased into stone and left open for an attack. Council of Sisters (Lenore, Morana & Striga) | Priory of Lindenfeld (Prior Sala | The Visitor) Super Castlevania 4 SNES. It was the first release in the series by Japanese developer and publisher Konami on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Immortal If they manage to defeat her, Elizabeth will be left with no other option than to confront them personally. There was a male version of the Medusa, known as the Snake Man Sentinel perhaps her elite guard on CastleVania 3's Haunted Ship of Fools, which shoot arrows and beams to turn the hero into stone. メディウサ Mediusa In most versions of the story, Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus because he wanted to marry his mother. During that time, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. Medusa lost her female characteristics in Dracula's Curse. Super Castlevania IV Medusa appears in the most famous remake of the first game, but is very easy to defeat. After crossing a long hallway suspiciously infested by a horde of Medusa Heads in Block 2, Simon Belmont arrives to a chamber decorated with stained glass windows in the background and a huge marble bust of what seems to be a Greek female deity. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (LoI) More number of peoples is playing this game via super castlevania 4 rom.Here, the player assumes responsibility for Simon via 11 levels. She mostly attacks by swiping her tail, but she can also wield a sword, a shield and a bow. Medusa appears as the second boss summoned by the dark priest Shaft. The three Gorgon sisters, Medusa, Stheno and Euryale, were all children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys and his sister Ceto, chthonic monsters from an archaic world. Actrise | Their genealogy is shared with other three sisters, the Graeae. Super Castlevania IV Review One of the best early Castlevania games is available on the Virtual Console, and it still packs a decent bite. Dungeon, 4. Another version of Medusa's origins places her as a former mortal priestess of the goddess Athena who was assaulted by the god Poseidon inside her temple. It's only a remake in the sense that its got the same characters and story (Simon Belmont killing Dracula), as every Joachim Armster | The head suddenly comes to life and greets him, detaching itself from the neck, flying forward and marveling at how Leon's body would make an excellent statue. Master of ancient Greek weaponryPetrifying gazeSpawns snakes from her hair Subsequent Castlevania games would follow the original’s mold for some time. The next part puts you in a When complete, bricks will appear, forming an exit. The game does not appear in the Japanese-equivalent Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom. it's just a winner! She can rise into the air and her eyes will start dropping tears of. Japanese voice (The shield is useless at very close-range.) Dialogue page Medusa | Finally, when her energy is low, she will command large stones (, She retracts near the stage and covers her face with her hands while a myriad of. Role(s)

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