ok this works on all but mage (it works but with some extra crap) ok first get 5k go to caldera and sell all ur money to the creeper in ghorak manor upstairs sleep 24 and do this for a long time and then kill him and all the money u sold will be in him EXPLINATION:u sell ur money and u get it back from him and he loses his SELLER money and ur sold money is in him sleep for a day and his SELLER money is there again with ur sold money NEXT for ur skill go on internet and look for master trainers and lvl up and when ur really good on stuff then go to vivec and kill seanwen in arena trainer place (full ebony for heavy) or go to a shrine north west of hla oad (has full orc medium) or go to the armiger stronghold in molag mar (almost everyone has full glass! Alright, this may seem a bit complicated for those of you that are just starting out, but I'll break it down. No one will steal them, nor will you be considered a thief when you pick them back up. For best results, I would do --- (~) player->setheavyarmor 100000 --- (~) player->setmediumarmor 100000 --- (~) player->setlightarmor 100000 --- So this armor lasts a very, very long time before it needs repairs (if ever, I have never played long enough to find out) Also another tip, for the longsword, put in --- (~) player->setlongsword 200 --- player->setstrength 150 --- I have found that setting your strength to 150 will take a short time to kill any enemy, and will not segnifagantly harm your weapon. okay, this I have found to be the easiest way to make money. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for PC. Jump, and while in the air,pick the item up. Best with magic users, (works off the INT multiplier. !except helm) ok thats it thanks for reading. If you have the Magicka or potions for it, a. Your only cost is marginal, for whatever potions you may need to recover from the Dremora Lord fights (see Mercantile and Persuasion tricks elsewhere on this page to get them for dirt-cheap if you're not making them at home). For remaining undetected and boosting your damage, you can use a custom 3-4 second spell or on-use enchant including Fortify Strength (and weapon skill if you find yourself with a low chance to hit) and Chameleon for 3-4 seconds, sneak, then strike. Alot of people set their stats to 100 which can be a pain when you need more then 100 strength to carry all the stuff you have. It has more than 400 quests and over thousand weapons and accessories. This is probably when you also should drink your first Fortify / Restore Magicka potion. Go through that door and up a spiral staircase to the top. It can also be used to converse with Daedra worshippers and smugglers, but there's not much point, since the fight is back on when the Calm spell wears off, and they probably won't say anything interesting. Now, re-enter the barter screen, and sell them back the ingredients that you just bought. An outlandish mass-murder approach is to instead kill everyone in sight instantaneously. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC. Read how to achieve full health and magicka in this Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind cheats sheet. Or, slightly less ridiculously and more profitably, sell them to either of the two creature merchants, Creeper or the Mudcrab merchant, who always pay full retail. But if you enter any other page in your menu, the chosen statistic will cease to constantly replenish. have you noticed that in morrowind you sometimes get completely stuck or if you use coc? (Note: This cheat is not possible in OpenMW.). Get the Mentor's Ring early in the game and keep it on most of the time, since it bolsters your spellcasting ability (and, for Bretons and anyone with a Magicka-multiplier birthsign, it also instantly boosts your Magicka simply by boosting Intelligence). This is more effective than the Soultrap cheat because it actually raises your skills, rather than temporarily enhancing them until they are somehow drained. Similar to the above, use the Fortify Personality spell (provided by the Tribunal or Bloodmoon expansions, or the GotY edition of Morrowind, which includes them), or items with that effect, to get disposition "naturally" but temporarily high, or use Charm for a similar temporary boost (but let it wear off before you move if you don't want to be followed). There will be one room that has no guards. if you feel like kicking Dagoth Ur's ass strait from the get go of the game then follow this... To complete all of your journal just type in Player->FillJournal. Neither Sneak nor Chameleon are foolproof except at abnormally high levels, so you may want to drop all your potentially stolen gear (or just all of it – the game's idea of "stolen" is badly broken in many ways) before doing this, in case you get caught and fined and lots of stuff confiscated. also in divayth fyr's closet on top floor is the best bit of unique light armour, cuirass of saviours hide. This spell is strong enough to kill all types of Guards. When starting out, your mercantile will likely be bad and selling a stack of 100 arrows will generally sell for less than 100 gold. I was watching a Morrowind let's play and the player uses some kind of trick that allows it to restore it's magicka despite being an atronach. No lock is safe; a Breton, anyone with a Magicka-fortifying birthsign, and anyone with Alteration as a Major Skill or manually well-trained can pull this off by level 3 or 4 without even using Fortify Magicka. Alternatively, you can increase your Personality to over 2000 and your luck to 1000 using the infinite attributes cheat to get the same result. With 110 Enchant, all uses only cost 1 Charge. You have to eventually have something on the table in order to complete the transaction. Stacking the same spell effect more than once in a single spell or item is disabled. additem katana_bluebrand_unique Katana Bluebrand. Always keep rings, amulets, and belts that bolster attributes and skills, even if just +5 for 30 seconds; they are low-weight, don't sell for much, and stack with spells, potions, and scrolls. When the drain ends, you will keep the 100% Magicka pool, now to its maximum. Click on the "..." button next to the script box. Its base Magicka cost is 8 points. It is advisable to save a backup game before starting so that you can reload and fine-tune your process after your initial experiments. If it's a merchant, next use Fortify Mercantile to get ridiculously good prices when buying. Focus on potency more than duration for these Intelligence boosters. The merchant should now have twice as many of that ingredient as he or she started with. and use this in console player->additem gold_001 \"big number here\" and go to a spellmaker and make all that crud with frost fire etc and make 100 magnitude and 1440 secs and 50foot and use it on a crowd and TADA U HAVE JUST MADE URSELF WANTED AND KILLED INNOCENT PPL!!!!! r/Morrowind: Welcome to r/Morrowind, a subreddit dedicated to Bethesda's 2002 open world RPG, the third installment in the The Elder Scrolls series. For example, with Intelligence of 55000+ and Luck of 3500+, a Fortify Speed or Levitate potion can cause you to run or fly through the ground or walls, and freeze the game. I forgot the name so bear with me. Highlight "Magicka" and press Black, White(2), Black, White then hold A until the desired magicka level This cheat/glitch should work in both the original and the GotY edition of Morrowind. God mode allows you to have infinite magicka (mana is what most of us know it as), health, and stamina. The price being offered is the base price, so you can still negotiate on top of that with your mercantile as you would normally when buying/selling an item. It also works in some unexpected places, like inside the Argonian and Skyrim Missions, and many rooms full of Guards and other NPCs in the castle, at Ebonheart. Note that we're talking about custom Fortify and Drain spells from spellmakers here. Press L or R to switch to the stats screen. However, if you sell them one by one, each arrow will always sell for 1 gold. Go to the ES Construction Set, and make a random item in any tab. Any cursed Daedra's Heart or cursed gem ingredient from a Daedric altar (the item that summoned a Lord when you picked it up the first time) can be taken home, then by placing it in a container, then either a) taking it out and putting it on a table or other surface, and picking it up again, or b) leaving it on a table, leaving and re-entering the room, and picking it up again, it will summon a new Lord. (what a dum idea) klick on pay the penelty or die. Turn on god mode (press the "~" key and type "tgm"). If you are lucky, you will may re-appear where you left the game, but you could fall into the void or the water table and have to reload from an earlier savegame if Console commands (such as FixMe, CenterOnCell, or PositionCell) do not get you back onto the ground; if you are still alive, you can also try Intervention or Recall. Press ~ to bring up console. In Morrowind, (melee) weapon type does not affect sneak attack damage, so using the most damaging attack, a fully-charged Chop with a Daedric Battle Axe, is the most effective against tougher opponents such as guards. You can also bring multiple sets of armor of the same general class (or even different classes to train Light, Medium, Heavy, and Unarmored in series) and re-equip as you go. Take the guild guide to Caldera, and go down the stairs to find a door next to the alchemist. Train over and over. An obvious, though also tedious, way to get essentially unlimited funds is to buy restocking items in quantity from any merchant with the restocking feature, and get them cheap with even moderately boosted (near 100) Mercantile skill and a high Disposition, then sell them at full price to either of the two creature merchants. This cheat can be used to make your guy super, uber powerful or if you don't feel like working your ass off to get these things the right way. Imbibe your potions and use other buffs with as little delay between them as possible. Restore magicka While playing the game, press B to enter the inventory screen. The alembic will be harder to sell, as it's valued at 1200 and most vendors don't have enough to buy it. If you combine this with a 1-second Invisibility or 100 Chameleon effect, you can steal with complete impunity, though it doesn't always work when used very close to an NPC. If you're going to cheat that bad, just use the console to give yourself 100,000,000 septims and save yourself the time. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is one of few games that have a near-infinite gameplay variety. Press J to jump to the feed. Void Salts *. In Morrowind, ->is used in place of the period used in its successors: 1. You can work around this limitation by buying slight variants of the same spell; those will stack when cast in series, as long as they are different by at least one point of magnitude, duration, or area.

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