Netflix's House of Cards is adding two big names for season five.. Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott have booked major roles in … She poisoned him (h/t Jane), and as the drugs set in, she had sex with him one last time so he could die while he was still inside her (!). So Claire turns to the mysterious Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson), who has been missing in action but now turns up at the White House, where Claire invites her to stay. 158 votes, 22 comments. I mean who the hell is she anyway? She's like the emissary of tptb inside the white house. So many directions the writers could go with them, having mysterious and powerful characters with unknown agendas keeps you on your toes. Jane Davis glided into House of Cards midway through season 5.She was the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade. He's already about to be VP, he's a member of the Elysian Fields cult, and he seems to have a lot of connects in the government. There's always a bigger fish, so wouldn't it be great if the series came full circle and the Underwoods were taken down by an even more clever and power-hungry duo? 1 Biography 2 Behind the Scenes 3 Characters met 3.1 Appearances Childhood friends withClaire Underwood but recently they became frenemies/mortal enemies. See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by . The only difference is, she seems to be exhausted with the life she’s built. Maybe that’s why she takes a big liking to Claire and wants her to be president. Who Exactly Is Jane Davis on House of Cards? Synopsis. Judge Abruzzo is in the Oval Office and is considered for a position in the Supreme Court. Directed by Alik Sakharov. She’s almost like a where are they now of Claire. Robin Wright demanded same pay as House of Cards co-star Kevin Spacey House of Cards season 2 – the Twitter reaction House of Cards: the stakes are high in new series 3 trailer At least Jane Davis remains an intriguing, elusive character. House of Cards: Season 1 (Extended Trailer) Episodes House of Cards ... Commerce Department official Jane Davis negotiates through back channels. Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson) might change her mind about joining Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) cabinet in “House of Cards” Season 6. I see her as a very similar character to the Underwood’s. Yeah I agree, one of the main reasons season 5 sucked is the addition of a Usher and Davis out of the blue. Because her mind was fucked up and fixed by John Coffey in the Green Mile. Also I would like that withered old clam taken down. My somewhat-out-there theory is that they are somehow involved (they seemed pretty comfortable with each other that time they met outside the White House when he gave her some gum) and are scheming to gain power for themselves and run the world, Usher from inside office and Davis from outside (similar to what Frank proposed to Claire). Oh I knew about Mark but like where's he from before that? "My turn." President Claire Hale UnderwoodFact: Claire murdered the last guy she slept with. In the opening moments of Netflix’s House of Cards … House of Cards (2013–2018) Full Cast & Crew. I think Usher is more dangerous long-term. Jane Davis was the Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade of the United States. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HouseOfCards community. I never really liked and understood her character on the show. I trust Beau Willimon had a great plan for the finale and frankly, it would be so much more interesting seeing F. Underwood taking one last stand to save his legacy while Claire is the POTUS and Tom's investigation is done. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Share on Reddit; Email to a friend ... Find out everything we know so far about House of Cards season 6. Annette Shepherd is the sister of Bill Shepherd and the adoptive mother of Duncan Shepherd. She plays the same kind of character in Sharp Objects. Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. Honestly, I believe House of Cards would end on such a high note had not been for Spacey's firing (not trynna defend him or anything). The sixth season of "House of Cards" also stars Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, Patricia Clarkson as Jane Davis, Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson, Constance Zimmer … While Frank attends an elite men's weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov. | Facebook/HouseofCards. About that scene where he gave her gum: someone posted in another thread here a theory that Davis was pregnant with Usher's baby, and either had an abortion or miscarriage. Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; ... house of cards but it’s just claire and jane being gay for each other. She’s not afraid of the Underwoods because she is on their playing field. When a crisis forces White House personnel to take shelter in a bunker, Commerce Department official Jane Davis negotiates through back channels. The character is not that bad, but just like you what bothered me was that she appeared out of thin air, and then got close to the very cautious and defiant Underwoods in two days. An unsolved death, rotting away the fringes of characters' morality, haunting the executive branch's processes. Press J to jump to the feed. Which one of them is more powerful and more dangerous? I think I see it differently than some of the people replying. He's also revealed none of his feelings about the Underwoods to the Underwoods, unlike Jane. Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. [Warning: This story contains spoilers from seasons one through five of House of Cards.] Jane Davis on ‘House of Cards.’ (Netflix) In Chapter 59, Jane Davis, the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, is introduced to Claire Underwood. Fucking ghost before this, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HouseOfCards community. … Just doesn't make sense. Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson returned as showrunners for the final season. Since everyone has decided to take their opportunity to bash season 5 yet again instead of answering your question, I'll answer it. Like Jane Davis 2.0, I think Gillian Flynn and the producers saw her performance on HOC and she pretty much give them a picture of what Adora would be onscreen. More to the point, who the fuck are they?? Thank you for being the only one to answer my question. The sixth and final season of House of Cards, an American political drama television series created by Beau Willimon for Netflix, was released on November 2, 2018. Jane Davis, played by Patricia Clarkson of Sharp Objects fame, got in the way of the Underwoods by making one of the most fatal mistakes one can make in House Of Cards … I can totally see that coming. Has access to poison. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mark Usher is an American politician who served asthe 52nd Vice President of the United States.He was a political strategist and the former campaign manager of Will Conway. S5, Ep8 30 May 2017 Press J to jump to the feed. Mark worked with Conway on the campaign, (I'm sure you knew that) not that that's a good enough character build-up. house of cards claire underwood jane davis robin wright patricia clarkson. Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. I LOVE these characters. It aired on November 2, 2018, along with the rest of the sixth season. She really is a terror. level 2 Chapter 68 is the third episode of Season 6 of House of Cards. However, this offer was turned down, casting doubt on whether Clarkson will be coming back for season 6 should the show be renewed by Netflix. When a crisis forces White House personnel to take shelter in a bunker, Commerce Department official Jane Davis negotiates through back channels. The worst part is that the Underwoods are fine with her when she clearly hides important information from them and pursues her own agenda. 9. The history of both of them is kind of obscure, they both just appeared out of nowhere and are some sort of demi gods that know everything and can do anything they please. By appearance alone, I would think Jane Davis is yet a third Hillary Clinton doppleganger (the other two being Claire Underwood and Catherine Durant), embodying Clinton's post Secretary of State part of her career, as an insider who is still in the mix and is able to give advice on Middle East policy. Before season 5 of \"House of Cards\" ended, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), the new president of the United States offered Jane Davis - a character portrayed by actress Patricia Clarkson - a cabinet position. These two characters are proof that good acting cannot overcome asinine writing. Behind the Scenes. She portrayed Jane Davis in Seasons 5 and 6 of House of Cards. 69.1k members in the HouseOfCards community. Chapter 60 46m. I mean she just pops up at one point and suddenly within 2 episodes she's counseling the first lady on high important matters and what not? ... claire underwood // jane davis actor... do ya girl a favour and check this out to keep house of cards alive because i miss it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Cares about her brother and son, so proved that monsters can feel too. On our “means, motive, and opportunity” checklist, Claire scores a hat trick.Jane DavisCould’ve done it on Claire’s behalf. Maybe someone could explain this to me. Davis too has worked to achieve power and is clearly powerful at her introduction. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Claire is dissatisfied Bill … And I think he'll take Jane down along the way. Over halfway through the new season of House of Cards, a character named Jane Davis shows up out of nowhere and becomes a key player.So who exactly is she? Facebook Twitter Email Print Img No-img Menu Whatsapp Google Reddit Digg Stumbleupon Linkedin Comment. 1 Filmography 2 Behind the Scenes 2.1 Appearances 3 Links and references 3.1 External links Patricia Clarkson portrayed Jane Davis in Seasons 5 and 6 of House of Cards. If Frank and Claire are such good political strategists, how the fuck did they not know these people already??

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