Manga Debut With Towa and Dabura also in the area sporting a new more powerful Demon God state, Robelu tells Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta to fuse. Xeno Goku is capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan 3. Upon returning to Beerus' Planet, Xeno Goku says his farewells and teleports away. 孫そん悟空ごくう:ゼノ Looks like Mario Should've Xe-noped! Intelligence: Combat Genius (Despite his lack of knowledge out of battle, Goku is a prodigal combatant. Like his counterparts, Xeno Goku is the spitting image of his father, Xeno Bardock, possessing the same unique spiky black hairstyle, dark eyes, and facial features. In World Mission, at the Tournament of Power segment of the storymode, he and Xeno Vegeta manage to overpower their counterparts, forcing them to fuse into Vegito. Range: Extended melee range. Personal Status His eyes become noticeably sterner and more defined with green eyes. He was able to tap into God’s form at one point, but he never saw blue. He was first in thousands of years to attain the status of Super Saiyan, and virtually every following Super Saiyan came from his inspiration. Read more information about the character Goku: Xeno Son from Super Dragon Ball Heroes? The resulting Saiyan power allows the two to enter into the Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker state where they quickly display superiority over Janemba and destroy him using the Limit Breaker Double Ultimate Dragon Fist technique. In World Mission, due to Xeno Vegeta rejecting Xeno Goku's suggestion they fuse in Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 4: "Legendary Super Saiyan Awakened", Xeno Goku & Xeno Vegeta agree to transform into their Super Saiyan 4 forms to combat Super Saiyan 4 Broly after he overpowers Beat (in his natural Super Saiyan form). New comments cannot be … Classification:Saiya-jin. "Goku vs. Goku! Xeno Goku heard about Fu scheming on a strange planet and so, allowed himself to be captured while out on patrol in order to investigate the Prison Planet for himself. Name:Son Goku, Xeno Son Goku. Before putting it on, Xeno Goku is seen wearing a markless Turtle School Gi like Goku and Future Goku. Xeno Goku fires a Kamehameha but Salsa swings his sword, producing a gale of wind that sends the energy blast back, causing it to hit Xeno Goku directly. Classification: Saiyan God, Time Patroller, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Chi Manipulation (Both offensively and defensively), Can sense and read Ki, Enhanced Senses, Explosion Manipulation, Flight, Reactive Evolution (As a Saiyan, Goku grows stronger every time he fights and can become stronger in the midst of combat, vastly increasing in strength whenever he is mortally injured), Afterimage Creation, Power Mimicry (Can easily replicate other Ki-based techniques after seeing them once), Light Manipulation (Can create flashes of light to blind the opponent), Analytical Prediction, Acrobatics, Pressure Point Strikes, Flight, Danmaku, Time Paradox Immunity, Non-Physical Interaction, Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats, Abilities), Shockwaves Generation, Absorption, Life-Force Absorption (Using "Draw", he can damage opponents by sucking out their life energy, which he can then use to heal himself), Healing (Can heal others, carries Senzu Beans with him), Information Analysis, Probability Manipulation, Telepathy (Can telepathically communicate with others and read minds), Telekinesis, Teleportation, BFR, Dimensional Travel, Spatial Manipulation (Anyone with God Ki can open holes in space to summon meteors. She brings them to her house within the Time Nest to prepare by changing into their official Time Patrol Uniforms though Xeno Vegeta decides to pass on her "fashion pointers" though she pulls rank by saying he won't be leaving to go on the mission unless he does. Heavily injured, unable to fight and with Xeno Trunks being the only one left standing thanks to his Key Sword, Xeno Goku along with the other Saiyans give Xeno Trunks their energy so that he can go on to face Mechikabura at the Time Nest, unexpectedly transforming him into a Super Saiyan God in the process. Xeno Goku persuades Vegeta to do as she asks and not to knock it until he tries it. Allegiance Anime Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Goku vs Xeno Goku Clash-like two Titans and it actually feels like a real struggle. 2 years ago. However Xeno Vegeta cuts her off mid-sentence and sarcastically asks if they are going to stay there and listen to her endless prattling as he is eager to get to the battlefield to aid his son and fight the enemy, Chronoa says that it is fine with her and that they are leaving. Xem thêm ý tưởng về bảy viên ngọc rồng, goku, nghệ thuật. Doing so they become Xeno Gogeta and later defuse upon everyone being teleported by Chamel to Demigra's lair. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Xeno Goku would have a good Chance against TOAA, a being who failed to stop a Multi dimensional Crisis. Xeno Goku encounters his main timeline counterpart who is searching for Future Trunks and believes him to be in allegiance with Fu. Like his main timeline counterpart's opinion of Gohan's Great Saiyaman Suit, he isn't a fan of Xeno Trunks' Great Saiyaman 3 suit and along with Xeno Vegeta convinces Great Saiyaman 3 reveal his true identity to the DBH Team as by this point his disguise was unnecessary. When Xeno Goku appears in the Dark Demon Realm Saga of Dark Demon Realm Mission he is said to be "the strongest warrior", suggesting that he is more powerful than Demon God Demigra, who had appeared before him. His hair also stands up in the front with 5 spikes and 4 bangs in the back. When Xeno Goku comes through the other side of the portal he finds himself in the Demon Realm and sees Super Saiyan 4 Broly Dark battling against Demon God Towa. There are plenty videos on YouTube if you want to check out how OP heroes is, in comparison to their counterparts. Xeno Goku (孫そん悟空ごくう :ゼノ, Son Gokū: Zeno)[2] is an incarnation of Goku from a world separate to the main timeline[3] who is a member of the Time Patrol. 1 Character Synopsis 2 Character Statistics 3 Other Attributes 4 Others At some point in history, an alternative timeline is born when Goku becomes a fundamental ally to the Time Patrol under the Supreme Kai of Time and takes a full-on job as a Time Patroller. and Dark Demon Realm Saga. Xeno Goku reappears along with Xeno Vegeta. A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet!" Xeno Goku is a tall and muscular man. Relatives Nella sua linea Temporale, non ha mai conosciuto Bills e quindi non ha mai sbloccato i Poteri divini, bensì sbloccò il SSJ4 e insieme al Pattugliatore Beat, combattono i demoni che hanno intenzione di cambiare la Storia di Dragon Ball. ... Xeno Goku overpowered a villain that threatened every possible variation of dragon ball simoultaneously as well as an existence in which that previous existence (which contains every variation of dragon ball possible infinitely) is … Xeno Goku Goku: Xeno is an incarnation of Goku from a world separate to the main timeline who is a member of the Time Patrol. Xeno Goku's history is very similar to his main timeline counterpart's with him being known to have experienced the Frieza and Cell Sagas, the movies Lord Slug and Fusion Reborn and the events of Dragon Ball GT - having battled the Shadow Dragons in the past. This Goku's history is very similar to the main timelines history, with minor differences. Win by death. Also can fight battles with little to no Ki). He is incredibly wise in his techniques and has pushed his training to limits that only those such as Vegeta can feasibly keep up with. Goku noted that Chronoa had forbade him from turning Super Saiyan 4 - since it would affect time. Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku battles Super Saiyan Blue Goku and the two seemingly prove to be an even match for one another. The Time Patrol are told by Chamel of the six Hell Gates and that behind each one lies a Demon God who is maintaining a barrier to Mechikabura's Palace and they must all be defeated. Recovering from the mission, they were soon approached by Chamel, who complimented their usefulness before hinting that Hell is becoming more and more agitated. Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta appear on Earth. Xeno Goku continued on, while thrusting faster inside Vados as she returned them, thrusting harder on his large cock! Anime Goku is low 2-C but Xeno is 2-B wtf Xeno is way stronger than Anime Goku his base form is more than enough to defeat Anime Goku even if he went Ultra Instinct, Xeno Goku is still god stomps him with little to no effort Xeno Goku’s main claim to fame is “beating” Demigra, when in-game, he just aided the playable character in doing so. Additionally, unlike his main timeline counterpart Xeno Goku did not experience the events of Dragon Ball Super and so was unaware of Super Saiyan Blue until his encounter with the main timeline Goku. Such as not being dead during the events of Fusion Reborn and never experiencing the events of Battle of Gods, and Resurrection F. Note: This is the newest version of Xeno Goku's outfit. Xeno Goku is capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan 4 at will. Transformations don’t have a set boost. During the Universe Creation Saga, Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku, even when fighting alongside Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Pan, Goku, Vegeta, Putine and Salsa are outmatched by the newly powered Janemba. Round 4 : SuperBoy Prime Vs SSJ 4 Xeno goku Casual. Also fought Mira whose power was said to be able to tear apart entire Dimensions), Durability: Multiverse Level+ (Seemingly was going to survive the collapse of the entire Dragon Ball Multiverse. Xeno Goku is also seemingly void of his Saiyan tail until transforming into Super Saiyan 4. It does not really explain why. Round 1: SuperBoy Prime Vs SSJ 1 Xeno Goku. Working together with Super Saiyan Beat, the two Super Saiyan 4s are able to weaken Super Saiyan 4 Broly to the point Super Saiyan Beat can finish him off with a simple Ki Blast. Main article: Goku It's stated many times that Dragon Ball's multiverse is infinite in size, with the structure containing infinite paths and an infinite number of possibilities that represent the future), Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with various Top-Tiers such as Demigra, Mira, Towa.

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