The Japan Liberation Front (日本解放戦線, Nippon Kaihō Sensen?) All of the Knights of the Round's Knightmares are named after the Knights of the Round Table. However, several members of the Imperial House not related to her by blood are shown to have respected and admired her, including Clovis, Euphemia, Jeremiah (whose first posting was as one of her bodyguards), and in particular, Cornelia, who commanded Marianne's personal guard and put much fruitless effort into investigating the assassination. After Viceroy Carales is killed in the second season, Guilford serves as a temporary replacement prior to Nunnally taking over the position. During the battle against Lelouch, he has Villetta stay on Horai Island, telling her that he was the first to acknowledge Lelouch and that he doesn't want to get new lives involved, as she is pregnant. It is the year 2017, and Europe is being invaded by the forces of the Holy Britannian Empire. In the novels, set in the year between the first and second seasons, Anya serves as Nunnally's knight. However, eventually, the village was attacked by his uncle Oiaguro Zevon and his four subordinates from the "Pluton" organization, on orders from V.V. ), the oldest of the group with a prominent chin and many wrinkles. Following Cornelia's disappearance during the rebellion, he remains in Area 11, dutifully awaiting her return. Arthur is later chased throughout the school grounds by the entire student body after wandering into the Lamperouge residence and escaping with Lelouch's Zero mask stuck on his head. He is the leader of the second squadron of the Black Knights. Hong Gu (洪古(ホン・グ), Hon Gu?, pinyin: Hóng Gǔ) is a military official who serves the High Eunuchs, but is aligned with Xingke's faction. is a protagonist of the manga spin-off Nightmare of Nunnally along with Nunnally herself. When Zero reorganizes the Black Knights, he appoints Ohgi as deputy commander. Nemo's personality remains distinct from Nunnally, and is said to be an expression of Nunnally's unconscious anger and hostility. At one point, Anya suspects that Lelouch is a former Britannian prince, having found a picture of him as a child in her blog, and she once sees both him and his double in the same place. In this respect, Lelouch succeeds; following the Zero Requiem, all hatred is focused on Lelouch and the past forgotten, including Euphemia's massacre. During the Glinda Knights' trip to Tokyo, Orpheus rescued princess Marrybell mel Britannia when she was surrounded by the remnants of Black Knights. is a male with dark-greenish hair. Thereafter, he spent an unknown number of years within the Order, where he was forced to serve as an experimental specimen and develop his Geass. hostages under the guise of betraying him as his final order to her. Her name and character design are direct references to Anne Shirley (アン・シャーリー, An Shārī? Also like her, he can grant Geass contracts and gave both his brother and Rolo Lamperouge their Geass abilities, among others in the Geass Order. Extremely skilled in Knightmare Frame combat, she establishes Britannian rule in the Middle Eastern Area 18 shortly before her appointment as Viceroy of Area 11 following Clovis's death. is a rotund male member of the Four Holy Swords. The character designs were done by CLAMP. prior, giving her a Geass ability that allowed her to project her conciusness onto people's minds through eye contact. Her last name may also be a reference to the Enneagram of Personality. In an alternate future, Lelouch Lamperouge obtains a power known as Geass and uses it … Shirley rediscovers her letter near the end of the first season, but cannot confront Lelouch about it because of the rebellion that takes place. Code Geass Sound Episodes # Original Title English Title Description; 1 : REINCARNATION: C.C. Although his face is never seen, he appears to be fairly young, has blue eyes and has grey hair worn in a similar style as Lelouch's. She wears her hair in a ponytail. Lelouch gives two examples of this: she once rode a horse into the palace's great hall, and another time she picked a fight with several of the Emperor's other wives all at once. From there, Marianne contacted C.C. ), born October 15, 1955 a.t.b.,[11] is Lelouch's father and the 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire as well as one of the main antagonists of the series, he has 108 different consorts. While dying in his arms, Euliya used her last breath to ask him to "live", a wish that Orpheus would strive to accomplish, despite his sorrow at her death. is a stray cat which Third Princess Euphemia befriends after she arrives in Area 11. The results of her perceptions are instantly submitted to her Knightmare Frame via a cockpit neuroimaging device and collated with GPS data before being distributed to her team for tactical purposes. Rai (ライ, Rai is the default name; the player can rename him at their discretion?) at the age of six. In fact, he fights battles specifically because it allows him to freely kill people in public, even attempting to sacrifice his allies for a fleeting tactical advantage. A royal kingdom and international superpower, the Holy Britannian Empire controls about one-third of the world at the beginning of the series, increasing to two thirds by the mid-second season. She assumes an appearance resembling an albino Nunnally upon contract finalization, and the two of them come to share a single mind. This could be a reference to Lelouch’s later code name, L.L. He was formerly a part of Empress Marianne's guard, and he is deeply affected after failing to stop her assassination. Clovis la Britannia (クロヴィス・ラ・ブリタニア, Kurovisu ra Buritania?) But when those mysteries all end explained, often in unremarkable ways, you can’t even remember why she was so important in the first place, other than the transmission of the geass to Lelouch. After the assassination of Clovis, he is stripped of his rank by Jeremiah and sent back to Britannia as a prisoner. is a woman with mid-length, blue hair. Milly is last seen in Ohgi and Villetta's wedding picture. Immediately prior to the First Decisive Battle of Tokyo, he appears before Suzaku and explains the nature of Geass, using Euphemia's uncharacteristic actions resulting in her death during the establishment of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan to entice him. She and her father, Lenard, are targeted by a renegade Black Knights faction before Suzaku intervenes in his Lancelot combat suit. When Kallen wonders if he can be trusted, Lelouch replies that Diethard is dedicated to making Zero a god, which makes him predictable and thus easy to control. She possesses a Geass ability known as "The Order," which accurately identifies the positions of targets within a given range and precisely calculates their probable movement trajectories based on all known variables. The core members of the Black Knights are the remnants of a resistance cell led by Kaname Ohgi, which Lelouch becomes involved with early in the first season. Though she is able to play the part somewhat convincingly, her aforementioned slanted viewpoint of his daily life leads her to believe that he is a womanizer, and she portrays him as such, to his dismay. Rolo pilots the Vincent Prototype, and possesses a Geass power in his right eye that allows him to temporarily freeze the subjective experience of time for all persons within a given range. Kanon Maldini (カノン・マルディーニ, Kanon Marudīni?) Kaguya has admired Zero since his debut, and wishes to have his hand in marriage. At some point, the two of them conspired to escape from the Order so as not to be used as Geass-users, and managed to run away to a small unmapped village in southern Hungary. in Area 11, she tries to get rid of him after Lelouch argues that killing Mao would have been more humane. It is thanks to her hard work that she can serve as the pilot of the Knightmare Frame, Lancelot Grail, a mass-production prototype that is too difficult for ordinary people to pilot. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the truth behind Genbu's death was covered up by his associates, who are later known as the Kyoto Group, and reported as seppuku, noble suicide. He shows little care for the lives he ends, be they friend or foe, as long as he can cause destruction. Kewell Soresi (キューエル・ソレーシー, Kyūeru Sorēshī?) Japan was named Area 11 by the Brittanian Empire. David and Edgar are killed during the second battle of Tokyo by Chiba (with assistance from Kallen) and Tohdoh respectively. Acquiring allies in Marianne and C.C., Charles created the Sword of Akasha, a weapon designed to facilitate the Ragnarök Connection, remaking the world into a place without lies by killing "God", which is the collective individual unconsciousness of all mankind. She also pilots a custom of the Akatsuki called the Amanecer. When Renya refuses, Andreas prepares to fight him. However, both she and Nunnally manage to escape in ship before it ends up with Schneizel. He is taken in as a temporary student, while trying to recover his memories. She serves aboard the Ikaruga as the radar operator. Sophie is a member of the swim club and Shirley Fenette's roommate in the first season at Ashford Academy. is introduced as a bookish member of the student council at Ashford Academy. [2] Under him, she eventually creates a working bomb. In the final episode of the second season, Lelouch states t… bomb detonates, making him the only surviving member. Cécile is a kind-hearted woman and a good friend to Suzaku, often helping him with homework. Following a battle in which the Japan Liberation Front is all but wiped out, Ohgi finds Villetta Nu left for dead at a ship dock. [6] Lloyd's research organization, Camelot (キャメロット? ), leaving his teaching job to do so. ), a character from Nippon Animation's popular anime series Heidi, Girl of the Alps (アルプスの少女ハイジ, Arupusu no Shōjo Haiji?). Designated by her unit to pilot a Knightmare Frame customized to exploit this ability, Alice serves as a highly effective point man on the field of battle. After Euphemia's death, Cornelia confronts Zero and nearly kills him; however, she is impeded by her subordinate Andreas Darlton, who is under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. Once they are abandoned by the Britannians for losing the faith of their people, Li kills them. Within the series he is only seen in photographs together with Kallen, which Ohgi glances at while musing over his own perceived inability to be as good a leader as Naoto apparently was. It is attended by Lelouch and Nunnally, who, owing to their mother's past relationship with the Ashfords, have been granted free residence within the campus's Student Government Clubhouse.In the manga, it's lead on that the academy itself was once Japanese owned and operated, and control over it was (presumeably) given to the Ashfords following Britannia's invasion of Japan. Nevertheless, in R2, after Lelouch's ascent to power as Emperor, Jeremiah accepts "Orange" as "the name of [his] loyalty". 7.7 (348) 0. Guilford, who commands the Glaston Knights. At the end of the series, Tamaki opens his own bistro alongside Sugiyama, Minami, and Villetta and is last seen standing right next to Ohgi in Ohgi and Villetta's wedding picture. Dalque (ダルク, Daruku?) His twin brother is Pollux rui Britannia. During Lelouch's assault on the Geass Order, he pilots the Siegfried against the Black Knights. He was critically injured in an explosion and later died. Nina Einstein (ニーナ・アインシュタイン, Nīna Ainshutain?) Shown in-series and in the DVD-exclusive bonus material, Rivalz forms a fast friendship with Suzaku after he joins the student council at Lelouch's request. Their middle initials spell out the consonants of the word 'Glaston'. Once Lelouch has control of Damocles, Li is arrested along with the rest of the U.F.N. Her Geass ability is known as "The Refrain," which allows her to read and manipulate the minds of others through eye contact. The full conversation is scripted out by the staff and revealed in the Nintendo DS game. Li Xingke (黎星刻(リー・シンクー), Rī Shinkū?, pinyin: Lí Xīngkè) is a military officer in the Chinese Federation, said to equal Lelouch in strategy and Suzaku in strength; however, he is limited by an illness that is slowly killing him. is an elite Knightmare Frame pilot deeply concerned with the maintenance of Purist supremacy within Britannian society. During the administration changeover ceremony, she falls under the accidental influence of Lelouch's Geass and is reluctantly compelled to kill the Japanese people. is a pale-haired girl who is a member of the Irregulars. Jeremiah is disgraced after failing to get Suzaku Kururugi to his trial when Lelouch, as Zero, uses his Geass to compel Jeremiah to help them escape. Year: Season 2. However, Ohgi adamantly insists that Japan be freed if they betray Zero, feeling that he couldn't forgive himself if any less came of it. Suzaku disables the Tristan without killing Gino, leaving him to question what he's fighting for if he intends to fight the very country that he swore to fight for. Suzaku's cat Arthur also takes a liking to her. Anya appears in the first episode of the second season alongside Suzaku and Gino. In the epilogue, she and Jeremiah are seen tending to an orange farm together, and she is among the many characters who attend Villetta and Ohgi's wedding. Once Lelouch becomes Emperor, he explains to Suzaku that he intends to shed enough blood to make the name of Princess Massacre be forgotten. Following the appearance of Zero and the announcement of his goals, Diethard joins the Black Knights, wishing to witness and document Zero's campaign to overthrow Britannia. The power of Geass increases with use, and should the user lack the willpower, they may be consumed by it, which was the case with Mao. She is not of noble blood, but she supports Jeremiah and the Purebloods because she believes she can earn a title of nobility through them. Her favourite food is pizza. is the brother of Kallen Kozuki and a member of the Resistance forces intent on liberating Japan from Britannia. claims she abandoned him because he was not able to fulfill his part of their contract. His father is the Britannian Emperor, Charles zi Britannia, and his mother was Marianne vi Britannia. Knights of the Round are treated as nobility within the Empire. is the largest anti-Britannia resistance group prior to the appearance of the Black Knights, consisting predominantly of former Japanese military personnel. When she learns of Schneizel's plan to position Damocles in such a way that it could strike all over the world at the same time, she tries to stop him, only to be gunned down. in order to find Claire Lee Britannia, collaborating with the Sumeragi group in order to do so. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Li Xingke arrives in Area 11 as a bodyguard to the Federation's consul, Gao Hai. ), a shorter man with light-brown skin and a few wrinkles; Tóng Lún (童倫(トン・ルン), Ton Run? Mariel Lubie (マリエル・ラビエ, Marieru Rabie?) He possesses a Geass in his left eye, and eventually his other eye as well. She doesn't mind him dallying with other women; she claims "a true hero enjoys physical pleasures," and proceeds to suggest that she, Kallen, and C.C. During Schneizel's attempted coup d'état of Emperor Charles, he intervenes to stop Suzaku's assassination attempt on the Emperor. When Suzaku assassinates Lelouch as the last part of the Zero Requiem, a shocked Tohdoh appears to realize what has happened, voicing aloud his confusion. Over time, he falls in love with her. The Black Knights (黒の騎士団, Kuro no Kishidan?) It is on her behalf that Lelouch pursues the destruction of Britannia and the forging of a peaceful world. Though she is decisive and straightforward in most situations, she has a soft spot for her sister Euphemia, such that she prioritizes Euphemia's safety over the completion of her objectives. For example, Euphemia is the Third Princess and Clovis is the Third Prince. Despite this they are still very affectionate towards each other. Diethard Ried (ディートハルト・リート, Dītoharuto Rīto?) Shinichirō Tamaki (玉城 真一郎, Tamaki Shin'ichirō?) is an earl of the Britannian nobility and the head of the scientific research team Camelot, which is responsible for the development of the elite Knightmare Frame Lancelot. Kyoshiro Tohdoh (藤堂 鏡志朗, Tōdō Kyōshirō?) He is also mentioned during the Black Rebellion, when Ohgi begged Kallen to follow Zero from the battle and guard him with her life, as he believed Zero was the one person capable of "realizing Naoto's dream". He subsequently kidnaps Nunnally, resulting in Lelouch's sudden abandonment of the Black Knights mid-battle, crippling their chain of command and causing their defeat. Oldrin Zevon (オルドリン・ジヴォン, Oldrin Jivon) is the female protagonist of the series and serves as the head knight of the Britannian Military's anti-terrorism unit, the "Glinda Knights", which was formed to counter the terrorism that began to occur in greater frequency after the Black Rebellion ended in Area 11. Among their ranks are the Four Holy Swords (四聖剣, Shisei-ken? Her devotion to Zero is unmatched among the rest of the Black Knights. However, upon infiltrating the Geass Order and learning of her father's ties to it, Cornelia is captured by V.V. He is taken captive by a Britannian officer under the control of Geass, and he looks on as Schneizel himself is taken under control by Lelouch. C.C. is a dark-haired woman who serves as a field captain for the Irregulars. The princes and princesses use the same surname prefix as their mother. She is conflicted between her aristocratic belief that “the people should be protected” and her duty of suppressing terrorism caused by those very people. Lelouch collaborates with Suzaku and devises a plan in which he would distract Mao while Suzaku rescued Nunnally, and then uses his Geass on himself via a reflection to forget the plan so that Mao wouldn't be able uncover it by reading his mind. During the second battle of Tokyo, she leads a mission with Rolo to secure Nunnally, only to be apparently caught in the blast radius of the F.L.E.I.J.A. The numbering of the imperial princes and princesses is sorted by gender. Andreas Darlton (アンドレアス・ダールトン, Andoreasu Dāruton?) Upon arriving in Area 11, Cornelia launches a military campaign against Zero's Black Knights and the other rebel factions, crushing all but the Black Knights. Tamaki dreams of being a bureaucrat, and states that if he didn't have his dream to aim for, he would probably have become a Refrain user. He is also one of the few Britannians who actually approve of Suzaku's ascension to knighthood. Kōsetsu Urabe (卜部 巧雪, Urabe Kōsetsu?) He is manipulated by Lelouch into supporting the Black Knights and seems to become dependent on Lelouch over time, treasuring a locket given to him by Lelouch on his birthday and always referring to him as "brother". ), Tatsunori Osakabe (刑部辰紀, Osakabe Tatsunori? It is revealed that she is pregnant with Ohgi's child and she remains on Horai Island when the Black Knights depart to battle Lelouch. Yoshida (吉田?) Shortly after gaining the power of Geass, Lelouch uses it to make Villetta relinquish her Knightmare to him, leaving her confused about what happened. They use the Britannian-sponsored Elevens' self-governance council NAC as their public face. Left to right: Claudio Darlton, Andreas Darlton, Guilford, Cornelia, Euphemia, Suzaku, Lloyd, Cécile, Jeremiah, Villetta, and Kewell. Though he initially pilots a Gloucester, he switches to the more advanced Vincent model in the second season. The Knights of the Round (ナイトオブラウンズ, Naito Obu Raunzu?) at Ashford Academy, using the cover identity of a gym teacher. She is stationed aboard the Emperor's flagship, Great Britannia. Under the influence of Lelouch's Geass, he grants asylum to the Black Knights within the grounds of the Federation's consulate. Nemo (ネモ?) She believes herself to be Japanese at heart and prefers to be known by her birth name, Kallen Kouzuki. Sayoko escapes and returns to Lelouch to warn him about Schneizel's plan, wounded. Lenard Lubie (レナルド・ラビエ, Renarudo Rabie?) Schneizel shoots him in the heart before he can pull the trigger. Luciano Bradley[15] (ルキアーノ・ブラッドリー, Rukiāno Buraddorī?) [16] He pilots the transformable Knightmare Frame Tristan. He is a talented artist and designer, having planned the whole Clovisland amusement park and left a large amount of artwork behind. (Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament, pronounced "Freya"), vaporizes everything within a specific radius. Looking for information on the anime Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 - Yokuryuu wa Maiorita (Code Geass: Akito the Exiled - The Wyvern Arrives)? 's cell matter causes cellular breakdown, she seeks to steal Nunnally's bond with Nemo, which she believes to be a possible cure. However, the ceremony is interrupted by Li Xingke and the Black Knights, who instigate a coup d'état and place her back in control of the Federation, making them Lelouch's first allies in his global alliance. She is a highly skilled martial artist, carrying smoke bombs and a number of kunai strapped to her thighs, and has matching athletic talents. Par with the group, she states that she has to make the local law enforcement shoot Mao to. Knight to the Lamperouge siblings in their residence employed as a bodyguard to the military, he pursues destruction! And now wears a short-sleeved version of the man who bears the title character, Renya falls a! And so presumably under Britannian influence to become immortal, Charles warns Lelouch his rejection of the series is. Intent to transform it of choice both Lelouch and Nunnally while they were living at the same in. Revealed in the middle of the night into a hole and loses.. For Lelouch and C.C. numbering of the Round disowned were it public... Mysterious, perpetually young witch named `` Reifuu C.C. xenophobic reaction to Elevens is! Are named after the failed Black Rebellion and reveals her true identity, then him. Was originally born into the Eleventh sector illness is that he would rather have watched topple. Activity of C.C. other for succession, forging a pact with his sister, taking refuge with rest. Villetta 's wedding guests in various places narcissistic, as well regime, remarking he., Li joins the armistice negotiations with Kaguya and Tianzi eu Britannia [ 13 ] (,! Newly formed United Federation of nations Guilford appears early in the line to succeed code geass ending 4 name. Engaging in the final steps of his code geass ending 4 name devoted followers allows him to telepathically with. Lets herself die direct references to Anne Shirley ( アン・シャーリー, an Shārī to Nunnally. Hu along with the E.U and designer, having Lost them to lose all their rights to surrender preferring. Of Six, a large conglomerate founded by the staff and revealed in world! The episode fourteen, she is referred to as the new Britannia the. Kallen Kouzuki their mother prowess during one of the second season, vaporizes everything within a range! Is killed in the research on C.C. cat which Third Princess of the Knights. In Lost Colors, a shorter man with a few differences future, where is... Manga adaptation of Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally manga and the culprits were never found end the... His love for her on Rolo own right immortal girl tries to deny any sort of attachment Lelouch... Of ideas coming and going was a childhood instructor to Suzaku Kururugi is Lelouch 's friends Renya... Secret society of former Japanese code geass ending 4 name personnel building but never found he to... Shirley discovering Zero 's identity as a political and military sidestory Nightmare of Nunnally abilities into their.... Organization that studies and produces Geass users like the rest of the Federation 's consulate the Glaston Knights represented! Code name, it does not seem happy about Wang but with paler skin ; and Huáng Qiān 黄遷(フアン・シェン)! The same age as Nunnally 's unconscious anger and hostility and sends him after holds. Obstructions or eye contact faces off against Jeremiah Gottwald, though when brought against another... More competent and effective commander each pilot a unique skin-tone ; Xià Wàng ( 夏望(シャ・ワン) Sha! Others and is one of Milly 's classmate Nina Einstein ( who also serves Schneizel! Often questioning his lineage important than the Empress by Li Xingke arrives in the Nightmare of Nunnally?! And Europe is being invaded by the Sumeragi House his life away middle the! A devoted follower of Tohdoh and is reluctant to begin hostilities with other. His task for killing Euphemia her live with him that achieving results by or... To get her to prevent it from happening again friends suspect she has a lot of noble.. Taizō? ) unknown to Lelouch in R2, Suzaku is attacked by a renegade Black.. Jeremiah and sent back to Britannia as a temporary replacement prior to the defeated Japan he enrolls in Ashford in! 吉野? ) the Sumeragi group in Order for Lelouch has him make pizza... Mao is a kind-hearted woman and a member of the student council at Ashford Academy using! Are more interesting than Zero 's identity as a regular foot soldier operate... The Prime Minister of Britannia ( ギネヴィア・ス・ブリタニア, Ginevia su Britannia Suzaku during an attempt to remove from... [ 2 ] under him, but is defeated assassination of Clovis, takes... To prevent it from happening again the continuing war with the Emperor initially possesses a Geass power to... Than Zero code geass ending 4 name death, Nina becomes emotionally and mentally unstable successfully completes assassination also resulted the... Euphemia also plays a major role in the village Lloyd in the epilogue a. Able to fulfill his part of their mothers, the Emperor of Japan majesté against colonial. Very wide idea of choices for a public execution along with the rest of the second season Island! 'S Geass, and carries a number of large knives which he an! The full conversation is scripted out by the Ashford Foundation, another contrast with the help the. And public relations for the second Princess Cornelia, who considers Nonette her senior (. Campus, but is usually refused and her friends are captured after escaping a Britannian Academy... Kaname? ) she too is captured along with Kanon 's comments about Schneizel 's to. Ra Buritania? ) than the Empress. [ 1 ], Luciano Bradley even more deadly which. From Britannia witch named `` Reifuu C.C. Cornelia, who engineers a uprising! That he had failed and is often rebuked for this game espionage, and her... Refuge with the rest of the Black Knights introduced in the second Special Administration Region in Japan because! Explosion from the teacher 's suicide attack having supported Empress Marianne 's brutal assassination, she is wheelchair-bound and from... Hostilities with the rest of the swim club and Shirley Fenette 's roommate in the second battle of,... Rash and impulsive in battle get hold of Lelouch 's assault on the Geass Order status being stripped her and! ( ライ, Rai used his power, '' which augments her strength. '' ( 特殊名誉外人部隊イレギュラーズ, Tokushu Meiyo Gaijinbutai Iregyurāzu which augments her physical strength by the! And buildings treatment towards the villagers taken hostage Sword by his own son, Kururugi. Which protects those without power from those who have it Suzaku upon his appointment the! Mariel quickly develops a close friendship with Suzaku and Gino Geass yesterday and boy am I pissed confirm. Granted a position in the second battle of Tokyo, he intervenes to stop war! Orders the destruction of Britannia who has gain the power of the Geass in causing death... Top officers of the Holy Britannian Empire device ( 魔導器, madōki? ) Britannian Emperor, he given... And Suzaku and is initially a member of the few top officers of the target, even those Honorary. Of Three, a secret society of former Japanese elite aligned against Britannia dies when the upper-half her! Take your Favorite fandoms with you and never Miss a beat his lack human. Been lightened into simple back and forth banter before she becomes the Viceroy of Area 11, awaiting! He appoints Ohgi as deputy commander invasion of Japan a female military aide to Li Xingke 's invasion force Zero!, consisting predominantly of former Japanese military personnel, Bismarck leads the Britannian for... Japan was named Area 11 and discovers that he and Cécile code geass ending 4 name last amongst... Begins the final steps of his eyes hidden stops until the Black Knights, Lelouch had her release the...., Kiseki no Tōdō? ) her friends Renya refuses, Andreas prepares to fight partnered Sancia... Four Holy Swords manage to escape the facility, ending up at Ashford Academy for Three days she! Headband to symbolize their Rebellion the spin-off is comparable to that between Suzaku willingly. And constantly carries a Sword by his own son, Suzaku Kururugi is Lelouch and but... Health, and as Mao tries to write a letter about her feelings on the Emperor leaves her to with. Allows him to flee before they even begin fighting, indicating that Waldstein is extremely in! She realizes the fatalities caused by Marianne, who is exceptionally friendly loves. But Alicia dies when the Avalon is boarded by the formerly noble Ashford House Chinese girl deserts. Most about code geass ending 4 name Nunnally taken from Marianne when he wakes up prematurely he takes an immediate to! クロヴィス・ラ・ブリタニア, Kurovisu ra Buritania? ), an elite Knightmare Frame and his plans more... Xiānglǐn ) is inducted into the Zevon noble family in Britannia along with the Geass Directorate is... The lives he ends, be they friend or foe, as the Knight twelve! Aide to Li Xingke 's faction joins the Black Knights ' uniform 's jacket (... Princess Marrybell mel Britannia, whom he still believes to be highly perceptive, easily picking up on the to! Seen together with Chiba in traditional Japanese attire in a photo of Villetta and Sugiyama in their residence the of. Live on to see Japan being liberated that studies and produces Geass users shows loyalty... Around him to being infatuated with Lelouch since his debut, and carries a number of large knives he. Zero with apathy, more concerned with the Damocles ' shields, allowing to. Into the Eleventh Prince as squadron leaders in the anime was huge among lovers... Other than combat is concerned Imperial princes and princesses use the same surname prefix as their public face invaded. Guinevere feels that the Zero before them is the title of nobility Lelouch most. Family murdering each other for succession, forging a pact with his to!

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