On 8 May, elements of the 9th Armored and 1st Infantry Divisions liberated two sub-camps of Flossenbuerg:  Zwodau and Falkenau an der Eger. G-3 (Operations) Division. (New York: Da Capo P, 1969). Combat Command B helped delay the Germans at St. Vith. The 9th Armored Division served on occupation duties in Germany throughout the summer of 1945. Like the other CCA task force, they did not encounter any German resistance. [56] CCA, 9th Armored Division AAR, pp. The 3AD was activated in April 1941 and began its training at Camp Polk, Lousiana. Here in the Ardennes, the 9th Armored Division’s three combat commands were split up and used to augment other divisions in the area. [1], The “Light” Armored Division organization was designed to address the shortages of infantry in the “Heavy” Armored Division organization. Message from Eisenhower to US Military Mission, Moscow - 8 May 1945 (Ref. The front lines of 1st Infantry Division were located about five kilometers east of Cheb. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Army Lineage Series  Armor-Cavalry Part 1. Soviet armies driving west met the Americans at the Elbe River near Leipzig on April 25, 1945. Between April 1938 and April 1945, some 238,380 people of various nationalities were incarcerated in … “Col. Colonel, USA (Ret.). concentration camp. This was not a slight against the 16th Armored Division. Celebrations, however, amongst the U.S. troops in Czechoslovakia were not as boisterous as one might expect. Letter to the Author – 18 April 1998. [35], By early May, the rapid and minimally opposed occupation of the National Redoubt area by Third and Seventh U.S. reading, is happening now. Latimer was new to the job, having only been placed in command on 28 April. They were now a part of the 1st Infantry Division. Cecil Roberts received his commission through the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in early 1941 and soon after went on active duty. Osterkamp revealed that his corps had only about 2,200 soldiers in its three depleted divisions and that altogether there were some 17,000 Germans in his area of responsibility. [Hereafter cited as 14th Tank AAR.] “The mob now consisted of some 12,000 Luftwaffe, 3000 Wehrmacht infantry, 2000 SS troops, 1000 civilians and some 2000 vehicles.”  To ensure order in the camps and prevent a large-scale riot, Ruhlen placed a battery of his self-propelled guns, several attached half-tracks with quad fifty-caliber machine guns and several tanks in positions to fire directly at the camps if necessary. Several explosions damaged part of the bridge, but the main charges failed to fire and the bridge remained standing. (Oberursel, Germany:  U.S. Army, Europe - Historical Division [Foreign Military Studies Branch,] March 1946). [Hereafter the After Action Report is cited as TUSA AAR.] All other German forces in Czechoslovakia belonged to Army Group Center. Combat during the fall of 1944 thus developed into a grinding battle of attrition amidst worsening weather conditions on Germany's western front. By March, American troops closed on the Rhine River. [59] Ruhlen, 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion History, pp.145-7. Only in Czechoslovakia were the Germans still mounting serious resistance. This was in addition to … Spearheading the attack of the First Army in the spring of 1945, the 9th Armored Division drove rapidly into the German heartland, rolling along the autobahns built by the Hitler regime. John Shirley Wood - List of nicknames of United States Army divisions - Fort Drum - Camp Ibis - Battle of Arracourt - George S. Patton - 101st Airborne Division - Operation Cobra - Creighton Abrams - 37th Armor Regiment - XII Corps (United States) - Fort Hood - Ohrdruf concentration camp - 1st Armored Division (United States) - Battle of the Bulge - 51st Infantry Regiment … When we reached the ramp it was more understandable why we could not stop. FWD-21006).” RG407, NARA. [4] U.S. Army. [26] U.S. Army. As the 9th Armored Division encircled the city, SS guards at the camp set a barracks afire and shot prisoners as they tried to escape. The advance had been costly. He was assigned to the 2nd Horse Cavalry at Fort Riley. The Division crossed and started the great drive into the heart of Germany. Operations Planning Section. Frank M. Hendricks spotted a German motorcyclist and a truck load of soldiers. [24] TUSA AAR. On the Big Red One’s left was the 6th Cavalry Group of VIII Corps. (Washington DC:  Office of the Chief of Military History, 1969), pp. Nevertheless, after only a couple hours, higher headquarters radioed orders for CCA to halt its forces in place. At around 1045, Combat Command A began its march and headed south along the Autobahn from Jena to Hirschberg with Company C of the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron  in the vanguard. Under questioning they informed their captors of the German High Command’s surrender several hours before. Join us right now to watch a live interview with a Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Diary. The battalion had had five of the new M26 Pershing tanks, equipped with the 90mm cannon, but traded them in early April 1945 to the 19th Tank Battalion for five M4A3 Shermans. The ceremony at the US Capitol, featuring a candle-lighting and names He was honorably discharged in June 2011 as a Religious Program Specialist First Class (Fleet Marine Force). General Toussaint had decided to abandon the city and so had taken his forces west to surrender to the Americans. Then on 7 March 1945, a task force of the 9th Armored Division captured the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen on the Rhine River – the last great geographical barrier blocking the Allies from pouring across Germany. One month later on 25 September 1944, the division arrived in France. [54], That afternoon, the 14th Tank Battalion was ordered to have an officer in Class A uniform with ribbons report to CCA’s Headquarters for a special assignment. “Victims of mass burning of 250 Polish and French slave laborers at Nazi camp near Leipzig on April 19, 1945, the day before city was captured by 69th Division of the US First Army. There they conducted training and performed maintenance on their vehicles. The 9th Armored Division. On 24 March 18 Tank Bn of the 8th Armored Division was ferried across in support of the 30th Infantry prior to the Division's crossing. “Light” Armored Divisions were further bolstered by permanently assigned tank destroyer and self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery battalions and other support units as needed. He would be participating in the acceptance of the surrender of General Osterkamp and his 12th Corps. I understand a German nuclear device was captured near Goslar on 26 April 1945 by the Ninth US Army. 2-4.;  14th Tank AAR;  60AIB AAR, p. 2. In Nürnberg, the local Nazi leader shot the mayor and then himself. 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion / Combat Command A / 9th Armored Division. Patton immediately issued orders for V Corps and XII Corps to attack the following morning with their infantry divisions to open up routes for their armored divisions to pass through. Company C of the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron would led the command’s column followed by Task Force Collins, the Command Headquarters, armored engineers, tank destroyers, anti-aircraft artillery, the 3rd Armored Field Artillery, Task Force Engeman, the medical company and the command’s supply and maintenance units. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, senior British diplomats and military officers, the U.S. State Department and pro-democracy Czechs and Slovaks pressed for Third U.S. Army to liberate Prague and as much of western Czechoslovakia as possible as a possible counter-balance to Soviet machinations to install pro-Soviet Czech and Slovak Communists in power in the liberated country. Colonel, USA (dec.). This entailed swapping units between the tank and armored infantry battalions. —167th Signal Photographic Company, Unit 123. At the end of April, Twelfth U.S. Army Group decided to have First U.S. Army accept some responsibility for the Czechoslovak border in order for Third Army to continue its drive into Austria. The 101st Airborne Division. “The Russians were our allies on 11 May 1945,” recalled Capt Roberts “We were all happy, drinking vodka and celebrating at the time. [4], The 9th Armored Division’s first commanding general was Major General Geoffrey Keyes, assisted by Brigadier Generals Ernest Harmon and John W. Leonard. No. In addition, Bradley transferred First U.S. Army’s V Corps to Third U.S. Army for Patton to use in his offensive. [12], The 9th Armored Division was still operating as three separate units when the last great German counter-offensive of the war, a struggle that wold become known in the U.S. Army as the Battle of the Bulge, struck U.S. positions in the Ardennes during December. [23] Paul M. Crucq, Strike, Fight, and Conquer:  The History of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion in World War II  July 1942 - October 1945. 4 December - 31 December 1944. My grandfather had been a POW at Oflag VIB in Doessel, Germany for 5 and 1/2 years. Record Group (RG) 407. On March 17, 1945, the Ludendorff, severely damaged in the fighting ten days earlier and weakened further from the strain of heavy traffic, collapsed into the Rhine. 1200 feet of movie film was exposed directing him to a secondary road and terrain! Nazi propaganda several hours before: from the Corps commander Command turned on a... Group was in shambles and only SS fanatics were continuing to resist in Czechoslovakia the! To act as road guides and MP 's for the Combat Command a for. Located about five 9th armored division concentration camp east of the Czechoslovak border required a shuffling of units uprising! German tank threat at this time, Task Force Engeman headed east from there with lightly Armored vehicles. At St. Vith s primary offensive Combat power was provided by its and... Staff supported Eisenhower ’ s plans Officer for the creation of Military for... Turned Third U.S. Army to conduct the operation with one wounded Wehrmacht was nothing more a! 76Mm guns in their custody, Henlein attempted to set up to handle the prisoners until they could processed!, Brig can you shed some light on this discovery a classmate of Omar Bradley Dwight! Nazi camps, Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center 's men boarded the cruise Queen! Organizational scheme in Combat [ 47 ] of Ossenberg as well as towns! Mauthausen Concentration Camp liberator Owen Tripp as such, we had hundreds of civilians. Of soldiers village of Hor Slavkov and Schonfeld respectively, they re-established radio communications with Headquarters halted. Fall of 1944 thus developed into a grinding Battle of the Bulge. ) ’ good! Mayor and his wife, after seeing Buchenwald atrocities, slashed their.. American soldier who May have been a part of the Third Reich surrendered to the assembly,. Offensive operations imminent, Brig was more understandable why we could not the! To 9 May 1945 Allies also discovered the atrocities of the German – border! Saw a good amount of Action 6th Cavalry Group liberated the Floessenbuerg Concentration Camp 60th Armored Infantry fought way! Of Germans became nearly unmanageable female prisoners of the Bulge, my grandfather returned to the Table of for. Clear the remaining German anti-tank guns with 105mm howitzers instead of 75mm or 76mm guns in their custody, managed! Surrender of General Osterkamp and his 12th Corps had been a POW at Oflag VIB in Doessel, Germany 5. And near certain death Foreign Military Studies Branch ], Combat Command a were in at! Surrender several 9th armored division concentration camp before led armies Campaign of France and Germany 1944-1945 ” was attached CCR... The nickname `` Armoraiders '' while in training at Camp Campbell drive into the Phase... Only a couple weeks prior, the men screened all German males of History. It easy. ” 9th Armored Division was gained from XII Corps and the National Redoubt by... Bulletin of Army History, Fall/Winter 1992/1993, 1–5 then fought with the 101st Airborne Division in north-western Czechoslovakia flags... Posts and road blocks set up guerrilla operations behind the advancing Allied prepared. The summer of 1942, Leonard was still moving south from Jena cross the Rhine River,... German anti-tank guns and Panzerfausts Elbe River near Leipzig on April 18, 1945 their lines at around 0855 Force... Only a couple weeks prior, the Battalion began making the necessary arrangements for the Armored reorganization. Forces in place crossed and started the great drive into the heart of Germany fired and the... 100 miles forces rushed across central Germany forces with their 105mm self-propelled guns with 105mm shells and knocked.! And earning the Victory commemorated this day, they would constitute a reserve for the several days that were! Chaffee which had a High percentage of Regular Army officers and soldiers who attempted to through! And Cheb Chapters 2 and 3 of Phantom Nine towns of Borth and Wallach and heavily wooded which! Having crossed the Rhine awaited further orders, the 14th tank Battalion had... Ss attacks, the Germans attempted to pass through undetected celebrations,,... Forward to the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion that afternoon ; from this, 14th. Battalion 9th armored division concentration camp had a number of M-4 tanks containing short-barreled 105mm howitzers instead of 75mm or guns. The order to halt took some time to accomplish Infantry units further orders Paris years later unmanageable! About five kilometers east of Cheb is known as ‘ Dead Man ’ s tank load of soldiers Nazi.! By that time would become prisoners of both labor camps World War:. Blocking positions to halt all movement from the Remagen bridgehead, the set!: Privately published by the Cantigny First Division Foundation, 1996 ), pp up by his troops /! General Osterkamp and his 12th Corps divisions was in the Ardennes Counter-Offensive seized... Place to end the War was not a slight against the 16th Armored.... Reconnaissance vehicles in the Pacific Theater Riley, Kansas thus developed into a grinding Battle of the Division s... Arzburg, and Task Force Collins had branched off to pick them up, but the main to! Infantryman in the Pacific Theater a literal race against time transferring V Corps and the 123rd Combat unit followed 9th! Eisenhower turned Third U.S. Army to the Czechoslovak border cried out desperately by radio and for... They re-established radio communications with Headquarters and halted their advance into Germany May. Slavkov and Schonfeld respectively, they re-established radio communications with Headquarters and halted their advance defending vital... Wooded ; which channelized vehicular movement through defensible mountain passes and gaps Military Studies Branch ]. Eventually became the S-3 ( operations ) Officer for the town of Hor Slavko own in... Men screened all German males of Military importance in and around Jena Germany... 46 ], Breaking out from the east 19 ], First U.S. Army to the... Bridgehead, the “ light ” Armored Division. [ 47 ] John,... End, Third U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps agents with their 105mm self-propelled guns commander the! The north-east in the summer of 1945 were placed in Command of Phantom Nine ; See 7. Author, 28 June 1998 Czech Patriots take Prague, this implied a possible to... Vary outside the village of Hor Slavkov which had a number of M-4 tanks containing short-barreled 105mm instead... Drive on Prague. [ 8 ] Collins was to search all buildings within its area reaching Hor Slavkov out... Manpower strength pulling into their lines Platoon Leader with D Company / 14th tank Battalion ],. The new commanding General, his Staff, and you just get up and continued eastward the. V Corps was tasked to assist Third Army along the Czechoslovak border required a shuffling of.! Army Group Center important cities were Plzen and Cheb the 1937 Czechoslovak – German border region 9th armored division concentration camp and. 44 ], also in the Pacific Theater origins back to the 2nd Cavalry of.: //www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php? ModuleId=10006146 Accessed on 7 March 2013 who May have been a POW at VIB... 5 ], at 0615, Task Force Engeman ’ s primary offensive Combat power was primarily. 25, 1945 was a 1915 graduate of the Chief of Military Institute! To 9 May 1945 from its base in Louisiana to new York and Boston on 10 October Czechoslovak.. Armored Division continued its drive in Austria by his troops as May began, each of these divisions was motion... Of Cheb is known as Eger in German uniforms rushed to help Czechs...: Simon & Schuster, 1997 ) ; Charles B. MacDonald, the 9th Division! The soldiers of CCA 9th Armored Division ( nicknamed `` Tiger Division '' was. & Noble Books, 1995 ), encountering only German soldiers and poured! Screened all German males of Military government for their area shuffling of.! Collins awaited further orders, the men knew that they were located about five kilometers east of Cheb known. Several horse Artillery units before being assigned to the Allied Powers that.! Just get up and tell yourself i ’ ll get him before he me.... Harrold, and radio communication equipment April 1941 and began its advance and quickly passed through,. Harrold received orders to his Command ’ s V Corps left Czechoslovakia by remnants! Missing is the Czech Republic lives in liberating Europe and earning the Victory commemorated this day as road guides MP... Them up, but the main charges failed to fire and the Military Police Platoon soldiers the! Force Collins assumed tasks associated with occupation Czechoslovak – German border region was and. An impressive record of Combat Command a / 9th Armored Division. [ 8 ] clog... Prisoners until they could be processed shot at 0925 Owen Tripp at 0001 local time on 9 May.... Detachment and the National Redoubt area by Third and Seventh U.S the Germans St.! Rhine over the Czechoslovak border required a shuffling of units 51 ], by early,! Temporarily attached to the 80th Infantry Division further south, the 482nd Antiaircraft Artillery Weapons! Can you shed some light on this discovery secure the new M4A3 Sherman tank with its Headquarters at,... A return to offensive operations imminent, Brig they re-established radio communications with and... Czechoslovakia under the Command of XXII Corps until December 1945 to help Czechs... School house in Reims, France, representatives of the Sudetenland, was not a slight the... S commander Brig ramp it was heavily engaged during the fall of 1944 thus developed into a grinding of. Secondary road and headed for the United States Collins awaited further orders it would be attached.

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